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Without I notice

By: sakuraaimier...

Chapter 01

Natsume's POV

One day… without a smile which is must have been in her face. It made me worried. Why? Why I care for that dense little girl? She is not important to me. But… is she really not important to me? Oh... come on Natsume… Why you confusion? The must you did is making her smile.

I walk to the girl whose same ages like me (their age is 6 years old) who is sitting with seeing sky under cherry blossom tree, my favorite place.

"Hey, Mi. Why you wear that expression?" asked me. That little girl faced me with her brown eyes then, she shook her head.


I know she lied. Every time she lies, she always looks beside her like she doesn't dare to face people who are talking with her.

"Tell me… Why you like this?" she quieted. Suddenly, she hugged me tightly. Ehm… I mean… too tightly. Well, she can make my heart jumped because… you know what I mean, right. And then, I felt something wet in my clothes. I noticed it as her tears.

"You are so crybaby. Tell me… Why you cry?" asked me again. I really didn't resist seeing her cry. It makes me feel useless. Wow… its great, right. I am an almighty boy feel useless if I face a little girl who is crybaby, idiot, dense, and must I notice is really make me interested.

"i… I..." sobbed her.




"Nat, I…"

A vein popped in my face. I am not a patient person to face a little girl like her (me: Hey… she has same ages like you). Huh… until when my patience must be tested?

"Nat, I…"


"I will go," huh? Go?

"W… What do you say?" asked me. She faced me with her teary eyes and with her red face because cried (she really a crybaby).

"I…" said her with sobbed," I… I will move from here…"

I quiet. Move? She will move? Move from this village? Why? WHY? Why she can move from here? Why this can happen to me? Why I must loose the people I loved?

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