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Without I notice

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On the previous chapter

I closed my eyes, inhale fresh air and heard laughs that seems familiar to me. Huh… I hope it's not that perm and her fans club or whatever it is.

I saw there and found who they are.

There, I saw four laughing girl walked. I knew them. A freak cooker, an idiot chemist, blackmailing queen and… that cold girl…

They looked so friendly and what I didn't believe is I saw that odd inventor with little laugh (if I remember, that girl never showed her emotion) and that ice girl laughed with a gentle laugh. Wow… that far from her first appearance.

Her laugh was soft, warm and beautiful. Honestly, she was better with laugh and smile like that. That smile and laugh can make her more cu— WHAT THE HELL I WAS THINKING?

I sighed. I shouldn't like this… no… this must not happen. If not, everything will suffer

Chapter 05

Normal POV

"Hotaru, Anna, Nonoko… you can go to my room before. I want to do something," Mikan said.

Hotaru, Anna and Nonoko walked away from Mikan. Mikan sighed and then, she walked towards a cherry blossom tree where Natsume sat on high branch. Mikan walked and never noticed if Natsume was there.

She sat under the tree with peaceful smile on her face. Then, she raised her hands and made something from ice in her palm. Those ices had different color. Ice from her left hand had black color while from her right hand had white color.

Natsume realized if those ices had similar shape and made those different just from those colors. Then, the ices blended just liked those glued by glue. He focused his sight to those ices and what he saw made him shocked.

C… cat? He thought. She put that thing inside her pocket skirt and she stood quickly before she left that cherry blossom tree. But, she didn't notice if that thing fell from her pocket and he saw that thing fell.

He jumped to earth and took that thing. He stared that thing with shocked face.

So, ice alice, huh… but, this shape…

He took out his necklace. There had a cat shape that similar with the shape she made.

Is she …

Mikan's POV

OMG… where is it? Where is that little thing that I made this afternoon? May be… yeah… may be it fell under that tree. Yeah… may be.

I ran to school's yard and my feet took me to that cheery blossom tree. I was panting when I reached there. I took out my flashlight and began to search that thing inside this darkness.

"Where is it?"

I searched behind the bush and praying if I can find it. But, I didn't find it. Why I must lose it? I wanted to make that thing for my accessory because I made that full of my feelings.


"Who's there?" I whispered. I pointed my flashlight to where that sound was. What I saw make me shocked. A man with all black materials except his white mask stood there. He has black hair and some weird accessory that I know if that were limiter items.

"Persona," I whispered again and threw glare at him who wore that smirk on his face.

"What do you want?" I asked. He laughed, the laugh which is full of dark aura. Tch… he was really an evil.

"I think today is very wonderful day for your first class in this school," he said. I still glared at him.

"And I heard… you make a good relationship with kuroneko. That's incredible," he whispered and smirked evilly that can make common people thrilled (and I am not a common people).

"What. Do. You. Want. I am busy," I said coldly. He walked towards a little yellow flower and touched it and suddenly it became ashes.

I quieted and bit my lips. I glanced at him and now, I was feeling scared. I was scared when I saw him used his alice. Mark of Death. Even I knew that I can be saved from that alice, but still I scared if I saw him used that to something likes flower, or maybe human.

"You... you didn't hurt him, right," I said almost shouted at him and he still wore that evil smile.

"Don't worry, hime. I will never hurt him. I had never done that," he muttered.

"lie... I saw him suffered." He still smirked at me and shook his head.

"If I didn't do that, he must have done whatever he wants," he said.

The atmosphere turned silent. I glanced at my wristwatch. 06.45 p.m. fifteen minutes again, I will fight with that Hyuuga, and I walked pass Persona to Northern Woods.

End POV.

Persona glanced at Mikan who walked away from him. Then, he felt an aura that had companied their little talk disappeared. He smirked and said in his mind, I think I want to see his reaction after that fact revealed.(?)

And he walked to shadow and disappeared with a single sound.

Northern Woods

Mikan stopped near lake. She glanced at full moon which is shining in the black sky. She looked at her wristwatch. 06.57 p.m. three minutes until that duel.

Mikan looked around her. She didn't find any clue if Natsume was there.

"tch.. Where is he," she whispered angrily. She checked the time again. One minute until 7.00 p.m. and there is no sign of him. She stomped with full of anger.

Ten seconds again… he didn't there. She stomped hard and pouted with her hands in front of her chest.

Five seconds again… he still didn't show himself. Her eyebrows down. Her head was boiling. He is really late, she thought.

a second until 7 p.m. her small hand faced down to earth. Her eyes concentrated to ground and she already in her stance.

7 p.m. Mikan jumped high to avoid fireball that attacked her. She eyed a huge tree and her eyed showed that she was really angry. She landed smoothly without fall or scratch.

"freak…" she cursed not leaving the sight of that huge tree. There, stood Natsume who leaned on with a smirk that can make Mikan felt annoyed.

"nice move," commented Natsume with teased tone in his voice. Mikan threw a glare at him and she did a summersault before jumped to thick branch to avoid all his sudden attack. Natsume raised one of his eyebrows when he looked how she can avoid all his attack easily.

He stopped to lean on tree and began to summon fire on his hard hand. His crimson eyes glanced at her that always threw glare at him. He jumped as the fire ball ran to her and she jumped to avoid that. That happened again and again until his patience faded away.

"Use your alice. Don't just avoid all my attack," shouted Natsume as he threw his fireball. Suddenly, Mikan stopped and began to think. She looked like not realizing the fire that fly fast to her. Natsume's eyes began wide. He didn't know why she suddenly stopped like that with his fireball ran fast toward her.

"You... RUN AWAY FROM THERE!" he screamed with panic in his crimson eyes. He ran fast to her to help her from a nearly death experience. Mikan snapped out from her thought and knew how dangerous situations she was in. She ducked to avoid the fireball that almost burns her head away. Natsume stopped himself from run. He panted and his sweat ran on his body. He sighed when he knew that he didn't kill that brunette haired girl. (Natsume isn't that mean to kill someone he doesn't know if in this case, he didn't think to kill Mikan).

Mikan stared at Natsume with non expression face. In her heart, there is a feeling which is difficult to understand, maybe like guilty but more complex.

"You mustn't have invited me on duel. I know you're not a person that can hurt anyone easily," Mikan said softly. He didn't say anything as he stares at her gentle face and his eyes widen shockingly to see Mikan smiling sadly. He felt that he can read her mind clearly. Yeah... without something covering it.

Mikan walked to the burned tree. She touched it and in one second, it was covered by thin ice. Then, she snapped her fingers and makes that thin ice melting. The tree looked so fresh after burned by Natsume's fire.

"Now, you know my alice, right. So, don't do that again to make me show what my alice is," she said coldly as she left the silent Natsume thinking what she says. He sighed and then he walked towards the big tree that has a big burned part on (of course because his alice...).


"Shit..." he cursed and still punched the poor tree.

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