Title-Oh The Joys Of Being A Married Man

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Chapter One

"Whitman you are the man!" Michael shook his head in envy after he and Max had helped their brother in law carry his new TV into the house and set it up "This is one huge bitching TV!"

Alex puffed his chest out in guy pride and smiled as he and the guys checked out his new plasma TV.

"Oh yeah it was the biggest one Best Buy had to offer. Seventy-two inches with the all-new Mitsubishi digital light to mention it has a multi-format memory card reader for viewing digital photos and portable digital audio playback...(this spot is filled with a whole lot of techno babble that most of us guys don't really when some other guy who does talks about it,we just nod our heads and grunt like we understand what the hell their saying...it's just a guy thing so go with it)

Max had his head buried in the tv's old cardboard box throwing out plastic and foam packing "Where the hell is the instructions for this thing?"

"Instructions?!" Michael rolled his eyes from where he stood fondling the plasma tv's rather large remote "Maxwell we're men! We don't need no sticking instructions!" Michael held up the remote in his hand "This thing here has an on and an off switch,up and down volume buttons and a channel 's all we need to know." Michael turned back to Alex "Just how much did you have to drop for this baby,Whitman?"

"I got a great deal on it" Alex's smile got bigger "Got it for only four thousand!"

"Man I wish I had that much dough to blow on something like you are one lucky ass." smirked Michael,who than noticed that Max had gotten his head out of the cardboard box and was slowly shaking his head "What's up with you Max? I thought you liked the TV?"

"I like it just fine." sighed Max "It's just I can't help but to think Alex might be in some serious deep shit over this."

"What?" Alex turned to give his brother in law a puzzled look "Max if you're worried about the cost of this thing don't be. I sold that computer program I created to Microsoft last year remember? I don't mean to brag or anything but I'm in no way hurting in the money department."

"Well no I'm not worried about the cost or whether or not you can handle it Alex." Max shook his head.

"Than just what's the problem here Maxwell?" asked Michael "If Whitman here says he can take the hit for this beauty than what's got you all worried?"

"The fact that when Isabel finds out he spent over four thousand dollars for this thing without talking it over with her first,she going to kill him."

"Kill him?" Michael rolled his eyes again "Now Max don't you think you might be over exaggerating a tad bit here?"

"No he's not." Alex shook his head slowly,his eyes huge and his face taking on a rather pale look "I was so happy about getting such a great deal on this thing that I didn't even think about he's right when Isabel finds out I spent that much money without talking to her first,she IS going to kill me."

"Oh come on Whitman don't let Max here scare you! Be a man!" Michael slung his arm around Alex's shoulder in a 'Guys United Solidarity' way "When she gets home you just stand tall,suck it up and tell Isabel..."

"Tell Isabel what?" came a very cold voice behind the three men.

All three men jumped and turned to see Isabel standing in the entrance to the living arms were crossed and shooting the men a very serious the three men in front of her didn't answer her question,Isabel repeated herself.

"I repeat tell me what? And while you're at it would someone like to tell me why I have a freaking drive-in move screen sitting in my living room?!"

"Well uhhhhmm sweetie you see..." Alex started stammering as he, Max and Michael took a few steps to the side so they could stand behind the large cardboard box in the movement strategically placed it between them and Isabel.

"Well?" Isabel began tapping her foot impatiently at her husband.

"Well..." Alex continued to stammer and wondering when had it got so hot in here?Because he sure had started to sweat a lot "...that is...well what I mean is...I bought us a new tv hon. Surprise!"

"And just what was wrong with our old one?" Isabel asked in a very low tone.

Oh boy this is not going to be good,thought Alex because he knew and feared that tone in his wife's voice.

"Uhhh well technically there wasn't anything wrong with it per say." Alex explained sheepishly.

"So let me get this straight." Isabel's glare got worse and she pressed "Without discussing it with me,you took out our perfectly fine working TV?"

"Uhhh yeah." nodded Alex,not liking how this was going.

"And than went out and probably spent...what three thousand..."

"Actually it was a little over four." Alex interrupted and than wanted to slap himself in the head for his stupidity.

"Ohhh excuse me over four thousand dollars!" Isabel fumed "And all for a TV we didn't need seeing how there was not a damn things wrong with the old one!"

"Yeah that about sums it up." Alex nodded.

Man he was really going to have to go check that thermostat out because it was still getting hot in here!

Isabel turned to look at her two brothers and said in a very cold voice.

"Thank you for any help you may have gave Alex I really think you guys need to head on home right about now."

Max and Michael didn't have to be told twice and were out the door in a speed that would have made an Olympic sprinter jealous!

Alex went to follow Max and Michael out the was just going to tell his friends bye,thank them for their help and make sure they got off safely is all!

"Oh no not you!" Isabel said as she reached out and snagged Alex's shirt as he went to go by. Giving her husband a smile that reminded him of that shark in the movie Jaws Isabel pulled Alex closer to her "Me and you need to have a real long talk here Mr. I'm A Big Spender."

Alex hoped that the squeak that slipped out of him didn't sound too unmanly.


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