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Chapter Two

Michael was standing in front of the full length mirror,giving himself the once was freshly shaven,showered and looking very good if you asked his thumb and finger Michael pinched the front of his shirt and lifted it up to his face for a smell a deep whiff he couldn't help but to grimace at what he received.

Damn Maria and her making him wear that sissy ass girly smelling cologne she picked up in the new store at the mall.

He can still remember the big fight he had with his wife when she brought all this fruity smelling crap home.

"Look I don't really care if all a real man needs is a bar of soap,a stick of Rite Guard and a splash of Old Spice! You're going to start using this new body wash and cologne I got for you mister and that's all I'm going to say on it!"

Michael shook his fight had landed him sleeping on the sofa for almost the whole weekend!

Well I'll just have to make damn sure to not get to close to Kyle he were to get a good whiff he'd spend the whole night making fun of me for smelling like the fruit section of a grocery store.

Giving himself one last look over Michael headed out of the bedroom in search of his found Maria in the bathroom,face right up to the mirror,trying to put on her mascara.

"Hey baby I'm ready."

Maria turned at the waist to give him her once over her mascara holding arm still in the up position Maria could only shake her head.

"You are not seriously thinking of wearing THAT shirt are you?"

Michael frowned and started looking back and forth between his shirt and Maria.

"What's wrong my shirt?"

"Where do I start?" Maria sighed as she dropped her mascara holding arm down to her side "First off it so does not go with those khaki pants you have on."

Michael looked down at his pants,but to be honest he still was not seeing what the big deal was here.

"And second." Maria continued "Don't you think that shirt is a little to faded?"

"Well yeah but it's my favorite shirt." explained Michael "I've had it for only reason it's faded is because I've probably washed it like a thousand times."

"Well don't you think than it might be time to be getting rid of it?" Maria gave her husband that 'what are you dumb?' up shrug of the shoulders.

"Get rid of it!?" Michael almost shrieked in outrage "Why would I do that? I just told you it was one of my favorite shirts!"

"Look we'll talk about your shirt later,alright?" Maria sighed (for all you unmarried men that's female talk for 'I don't feel like arguing with you right now over this,but don't be to surprised to come home one day to find that your favorite shirt has suddenly gone missing.')

"What's up with that belt?" Maria suddenly shot out.

"What do you mean what's wrong with my belt?" Michael looked down at his belt finding nothing worng with it from this veiw than began turning around at the waist trying to see behind him "Did I miss a loop or something?"

"No you didn't miss a 's just...well that belt is black and you're shoes are brown." Maria pointed out the facts.

"Uhh yeah so?" Michael was getting more and more lost by this conversation.

Maria rolled her eyes "If your belt is black and your shoes are brown that means your belt and your shoes doesn't match."

"My shoes and my belt are supposed to match?" Michael's forehead shot up in that way that only confused husbands can do.

"Yes! God!" Maria shook her head in exacerbation "Lord Michael don't you know anything about fashion?"

"Well to be honest I don't have 's why I married you." Michael grinned,but the grin quickly disappeared when he saw the glare his wife was shooting at him."Now come on pixie girl it was just a reason to be getting all upset over this."

"Look I don't have time for thie! I'm almost done here so why don't you go and sit down on the bed and wait for me!"Maria pointed her finger back toward their bedroom. "I'll be in there in a second and than I'll pick you out something that's right to wear."

"Yeah fine whatever." Michael rolled his eyes as he turned to head back down the hallway muttering under his breath the whole way "...act like I don't know how to dress dressing myself for years before I met cause she thinks she's Little Ms. Fashion Queen she can..."

"What was that?!" came the shout from the bathroom.

"Nothing dear! Didn't say a word!" Michael yelled and quickly made his way back to the bedroom shutting the door behind him as fast as he could.


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