Their are a ton of Pairings that you can do but I want to see what you can do with this chalange! I have given A list of SEVEN men from the Harry Potter world and Eight differnt catigories for you to use. I would love to see who you think would fit which catigory of character trype. I would like to note to all that if someone takes up the challange, than I will post one chapter of 'Life is Odd' or even write a story for this Challange that I will than post. YOU who does answer the challange gets to decide which I will do, and I will get it done within 48hrs of your inital story post.

The Challange is:

Each of the following men want Harry in their bed. Harry can either fall in love with them or not, BUT you MUST have one male character not listed here(as you can see space is provided for this character) because their are eight diffent catigories. But I would love to see a Happly ever after at the end with Mr. Perfect(whoever that is). If you decide to take up this challange post to me that you have and what you have named the story, so I can watch the progress of the story.

The Men:

Tom Riddle aka Voldermort

Lucius Malfoy

Remus Lupin

Baise Zambani

Sirius Black

Severus Snape

Draco Malfoy

(Character of your Choice)

The Types:

Mr. Perennial Bachelor

Mr. Perfect

Mr. Marry-Go-Round

Mr. Egomaniac

Mr. No-Money Bags

Mr. Mama's Boy

Mr. Control Freak

Mr. Peter Pan

I do hope someone answers this challang. Hope to here from you soon!