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Fang POV

I have to admit, I was confused. On one hand, I had finally gotten somewhere with Max in the romantic department, and about that, I was ecstatic. I mean… I've been in love with her for a long time. Not that I actually realized it until fairly recently. On the other hand, she's in a miserable state and we are about to commit several felonies in an effort to cure her. But despite all of that, at the moment I was just amused.

"Oh for the love of GOD, would you all please SHUT UP!" Kelsey finally burst out. The room was quiet for a moment before everyone once again burst into heated argument. Snippets of the conversation could be heard.

"Why can't we use a bomb?! I mean… It would be a great distraction!" Iggy.

"Can I be the paramedic? Just because Fang's oldest doesn't mean he should get to do it. I mean… I'm sure that I could act very professionally. I'm going to be a famous actress someday! No one will have any idea that I'm just…" Nudge.

"I know! I could eat a few burritos right before hand, and when I walk in I'll just…" Gazzy.

"EW!" Everyone.

"Listen guys, all of these ideas are great and all, but do we really need them if I could just use mind control on anyone we run into?" And that would be our sweet yet creepy youngest member, Angel.

"Well, that might work except for the fact that there will be a lot of people there, and personally I'm not sure you're quite that good yet. Plus Max doesn't like you doing the whole 'messing with peoples' minds bit. AND what if you missed someone and they called the police and because it was obvisous that something weird was going on, then someone from the school might find out and…" Nudge again.

This whole time Kelsey had her head in her hands, rubbing her temples and occasionally groaning in annoyance. It looked as if she was on the verge of repeatedly banging her head against the wall behind her for good measure. I decided to take pity on her. I cleared my throat, and gave everyone the 'hush now!' look. And they did. I looked around. "Everyone, I know you want to help. However, the most helpful thing right now would be to follow orders, so this can be finished as quickly as possible. We have a plan, let's stick to it." I said quietly.

They all looked appropriately solemn. Kelsey breathed a sigh of relief.

"As Fang said, we have a plan that has been discussed with Max, and she, Fang, and I all agree that this is the easiest way to get this thing done without causing a big ripple. The thing is, in order for this plan to work, we are going to need costumes. Fang and I both need very specific outfits, and the rest of you need to look the part too. Since we obviously can't take Max on a shopping spree," at this, Nudge squealed so loudly that Kelsey paused for a moment. After looking at her with a raised eyebrow, Kelsey continued, "Since we obviously can't take Max with us, and someone needs to stay here to look after her, we need someone to stay here."

"I will," I volunteered easily. This was the part of the plan I was most uncomfortable with, and if I could be the one stay with Max, I would feel much better leaving her basically alone. But Kelsey was already shaking her head.

"No, we need you to come. You need a lot of specific things that have to look just right. Really the best person to stay would be Iggy. None of his things have to fit particularly well, plus he's old enough to look after things well."

Iggy looked offended and disappointed. "Um… hello! Blind! I can't 'look' after anything!"

Kelsey had the common decency to blush. Not that it consoled Iggy. "I'm sorry. That was bad wording, but from what I've seen you are a very capable young man, and it would probably be more enjoyable for you to stay here anyway. We are going to be in a lot of different, unfamiliar places." When Iggy's scowl didn't change, she threw him a bone, "Plus, we need you to stay here so you can work on some smoke bombs in case something goes wrong and any of us need a fast getaway." At this, Iggy brightened considerably.

"Okay, sound good? The rest of you be ready to leave in ten minutes. And, for the record, we are going to drive. No flying."

Since I was already ready to go, I decided to poke my head into Max's room for a few minutes. Quietly opening the door, I glanced in to see if she was asleep. I was instead greeted with a tired smile. "Hey," I said as I entered.


"In a few minutes we're all going to get our gear for the various crimes we plan on committing. Iggy's gonna stay with you. He might be a little distracted though. Kelsey's letting him make smoke bombs."

Max rolled her eyes good naturedly. "I supposed we can't deny him some sort of explosion in this whole thing. How long do you think you'll be?" She patted the bed beside her, and carefully crawled beside her. I put my arm around her, and she snuggled up to me. Although if she ever knew that I had just thought of the word 'snuggle' in relation to her, my ears would probably be ringing for a week.

"A few hours. Nothing too long, but apparently we have quite a lot to get. Kelsey made the mistake of using the phrase, 'shopping spree.'" I chuckled, and Max joined in.

"Let me guess, Nudge went slightly crazy." Max said with a knowing grin. I nodded.

We were quiet for a while after that, just enjoying each other's company, and both slightly awkward. Ever since what I have come to think of as 'the talk,' we had both been intentionally avoiding any serious topics, but being as the situation kind of lent itself to seriousness, it did leave us with more than the occasional uncomfortable silence.

Glancing at the clock, I groaned. "Gotta go," I said, but didn't move.

"Isn't that phrase usually said right before, you know, going?" Max asked jokingly.

"Yes," I sighed, and finally extracted myself from my position next to her. After giving her a quick peck on the lips, I moved towards the door. "See ya soon."

Max gave a half-hearted little wave before sinking back into her pillows. I headed towards the front of the house.

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