This is my first fan fiction so please R and R honestly. The ADHD plot bunnies ran wild inside my head at work today! Enjoy!

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Black Rain

The hitokiri Himura stood surrounded by enemies on all sides. The enemy samurai were clothed in red gi and red hakama. Almost the same blood red as the hitokiri's long dark samurai topknot. He stood still as a statue, in his dark blue gi and white hakama, and gauged the enemies' stances, mentally planning out his first move.

He would not hesitate. These red clothed villains must be stopped. He might be outnumbered, but he fought for a just cause and would not be the loser this morning. The combatants stood in the middle of an open field, muscles tensed as they all waited for the one sign that would start the battle.

A single leaf slowly fell toward the ground. As it touched the ground a great battle cry was heard across the meadow. Moving with God-like speed, the hitokiri moved as a red blur, drawing his katana and slashing the nearest warrior, gutting him where he stood. Blood as black as the night spilt forth from the stricken fighter. The hitokiri called out Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ryu Kan Sen (Dragon Wind Up Flash), and three more of the blood red clothed fighters fell amidst a shower of black rain.

'Just more proof of their evil souls!' the hitokiri smirked to himself. With a whirling upper hand and a downward slice with both katana and wakizashi, Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Sou Ryu Sen(Paired Dragon Flash), he gutted two more of the would be fighters as they tried to enclose and surround him. Moving with his God-like speed again, Himura became nothing but a blur of red as he streaked across the field, slashing and slicing as he went, felling the enemy samurai and sending forth more showers of black rain.

Finally after what seemed like hours but was actual mere minutes, Himura stood facing his final opponent. His glowing ember eyed glittered in the early morning light.

"Who sent you?" he growled at the warrior before him.


"WHO SENT YOU!?" he growled again as he flicked his wrist to shake the last of the black blood from his swords.

"Uhm...our BOSS!" came the sarcastic reply.

"Whaaaat!?" sputtered the confused hitokiri.

"GEZZZ Kenshin, no coffee this morning?"

Kenshin shook his head and blinked furiously several times. His vision finally cleared as he gazed up at his co-worker who stood at the entrance of his small cubicle.

"Sorry Sano", he said sheepishly, as a pink shade of embarrassment crept up his face. As he ducked his head he continued, "Didn't sleep well last night."

"No problem, Ken", came the snickered reply.

A pause...Kenshin knew just what was coming next and sighed tiredly.

"So...when are you going to get up the nerve to ask the 'Little Missy' out and put both of you out of My misery?", came the teasing question.

Violet eyes met teasing brown ones as Kenshin's head shot back up to look at his long time friend who stood so close to the ceiling, if one counted his bushy blackish brown hair.

"So-oon!" came the stuttered reply.

" better not wait too long or she will be taken Ken!" Sano smirked knowingly.

"I know that..." came the soft reply.

"Well, there is a meeting in an hour, ok?" Sano said as he passed along the boss' message.

"K, I am almost finished here." Kenshin said as he glanced down at the accounting forms of one of his clients spread across his desk. The papers were covered with red and black ink. More black than red, which was the goal here.

'April 15th can't get here soon enough!' he thought gloomily to himself. He sighed again as he started back to work with a black pen in his hand.