Massie Block: After Skye Hamilton's party in the seventh grade she lost Derrick Harrington. Her social status fell. She was a B-Lister before school ended. Wth her friends by her side she barely made it through the summer. She ended up with Derrick again by the time Halloween rolled around. Massie's life, even though she had Derrington, wasn't great. School sucked and The Pretty Committee was slowly weakening. Before she became an LBR Massie left Westchester. She left to go to Hollywood with Claire, her mother, Judi, and her own mother, Kendra and pursued her childhood dream of becoming a singer. Claire and Massie are now one of the hottest young girls in Hollywood and the best of friends. They're all over t.v.. They're in commercials and in movies. Their faces are plastered all over magazine covers and life couldn't be better!

Alicia River: She still has Josh and was very upset when Massie left. Instead of mourning she took it to her advantage. She soon became 8th grade alpha and now rules Westchester High. Is the new leader of The Pretty Committee. She made sure she became the news reporter in high school. Was so shocked when she found out that Massie's first album went platinum and that Claire's movies were all sold out at the theatres! How could she have let Massie leave! She might be an alph in high school, but they were world famous stars!

Dylan Marvil: Finally is a size two and happy with the way she looks. Diet fads are so middle school! She helps her mom, Marie-Lee Marvil on the Daily Grind, but only part time. She wouldn't call it a job, even though she's paid, but fun because she works with famous celebrities. Is now Alicia's beta. Was the first one to know about how famous Claire and Massie had become. The Daily Grind has really helpe her with gossip!

Kristen Gregory: Still loves soccer. Is the captain of Westchester High School's soccer team. She and Dylan finally got boyfriends, but dumped them after a year and a half. They were sick of them. Are now boyfriend less and happy. They are more independent without them. Can't believe Claire and Massie left! Afterwards joined Alicia's clique.

Claire Lyons: Forgot about Cam, I mean there's plenty of other fish in the sea! Especially since she can have anyone else she wants! She dropped her annoyinghabit of biting her nails when she got over him. After two years of being in Hollywood she finally got another boyfriend. Is excited for her new movie! Can't wait to start on it! When her and Massie left Westchester with their moms life seemed perfect. Both the girls' carrers were blasting off and they stayed in touch with their families. Their Dads and Claire's brother stayed in Westchester. They visited and Massie brought Bean and Brownie to Hollywood with her. She taught Claire how to ride a horse and Claire soon bought her own. She named it Mocha. About a couple months later Massie's dog, Bean got pregnant. Bean was hang around with Abby Boud's dog too much. :) They gave the puppies away, but Claire kept one of the little pugs and named it Vannilla. If you put the two dog's names together you get Vannilla Bean, the girls' favorite ice cream flavors!

3 years later!

Check it out! This is my second story! It's going to be good!