New York City

Backstage at The Daily Grind

The Green Room

Monday August 23rd, 2007

6:53 AM

Claire and Massie were sitting in the infamous Green Room, backstage at The Daily Grind. The walls were painted a calming soft green and white flowers were in vases all around the room. A large hot pink sofa was in the left corner where they were sitting getting their hair and make-up done. The room was crowded with people that included their moms, managers, personal hairstylists, personal make-up artists, bodyguards, and nutritionists.

When they were finished they stood up and twirled for each other.

"What do you think?" they asked in unison

Claire and Massie were wearing similar outfits. Claire was wearing a plain black short-sleeved t-shirt with a white stretch canvas vest over it and white quilted Stuart Weitzman ballet flats. Massie was wearing a plain white short-sleeved t-shirt with a black stretch canvas vest over it and black quilted Stuart Weitzman ballet flats. They both were wearing dark wash jean mini skirts from True Religion. Their hair was to the middle of their back and curled.

All of a sudden Dylan Marvil walked into The Green Room. She hadn't seen her best friends in three years. That wasn't true though, she had seen them. She'd seen them on magazine covers, in movies, on TV, in ads, and much more, but they had been on The Daily Grind before, but Dylan felt betrayed and didn't want to talk to them. She'd always told her mom a different excuse so she didn't have to do the show with them. They'd left Westchester three years before without a good bye and hadn't even called The Pretty Committee. They were embarrassed and their reputations, everything they'd worked hard for, was trashed after Sky Hamilton's infamous couples party in the seventh grade. She didn't know them anymore than their fans did now.

"We're on in five minutes. Be ready." Dylan told them professionally

"Let's go say hi to Merri-Lee." Massie said linking arms with Claire.

They found Merri-Lee Marvil on the stage. When they walked onto the stage the audience started clapping and Merri-Lee looked up from her note cards and smiled.

"Massie! Claire!" she said hugging each girl "It's so good to see you again! How are you?"

"We're doing great!" Claire said, and it was true.


"Girls we need you to come backstage until the show starts." Sandra, Merri-Lee's assistant said and brought the girls over to the crafts table

"We'll be on in 5…4…3…2…and" the camera man said and mouthed one

The Daily Grind's theme song played and the camera zoomed in on Merri-Lee sipping coffee from a Daily Grind mug. She winked at the camera then set the blue mug down on the coffee table in front of her.

"Good Morning New York! Today we're going to talk to America's sweethearts, Massie Block and Claire Lyons. They'll be talking to us about their latest achievements and later we'll bring out Stacy London to tell us the top ten must haves for the upcoming fall season." Merri-Lee announced "Now, let's welcome our guests. Come on out Massie Block and Claire Lyons!"

The girls walked out as the audience cheered. They walked over to the soft cream-colored sofa Merri-Lee was sitting on. Merri-Lee stood up and air kissed the girls on both cheeks, then they sat down.

"So girls, there were some rumors backstage that you were moving back to Westchester. Are they true?" Merri-Lee asked digging for dirt

"We are coming back to Westchester." Massie said and hugged Claire

"But to do a movie together." Claire finished for her

"That seems like fun. What are your characters like?"

"It's a princess and the pauper type movie. Massie is the rich and famous model, and I'm the middle class social outcast who bumps into her at the mall." Claire explained

"Sounds like it'll be a great project for you two." Merri-Lee said smiling. The conversation went on with various questions about their clothesline, make-up line, and Massie's lip gloss line coming out in October.

"And we're out!" the camera man said

Massie and Claire went backstage and got a glass of iced cold water and reglossed. They left The Daily Grind set forty-five minutes later after talking to some Stacy London, Merri-Lee, and some fans. Not surprisingly they didn't see Dylan the entire show.

Westchester, NY

The Westchester Mall

Level 1


Monday August 23rd, 2007

1:21 PM

Claire and Massie walked through the doors of thee crowded Starbucks and stood at the end of the line. It already had five people in it, but they all stepped aside so Massie and Claire could get their order. Used to the star struck fans the two girls walked right up to the counter.

"One Venti Vanilla Bean Frappaccino for me and a chocolate dipped biscotti." Massie ordered then turned to Claire "Claire what do you want? My treat."

"One Venti Mint Chip Frappaccino with chocolate whipped cream and I'll have a biscotti too." Claire said

"Looks like I'll be seeing you at the gym tomorrow!" Massie teased and poked Claire's stomach. Both girls were toned and didn't have to worry about calories anymore thanks to their nutritionists, but it was too hard not to make fun of each other when they bought something sugary. This didn't apply to gummies though. They were Claire's signature snack and teasing her about them would be like laughing at fashion expert Stacy London's hot new shoes. It was social suicide, especially since Claire was super famous and could take you out of Hollywood with a snap of her fingers. : P

Massie paid for the food and they sat at a corner table. Right when Claire was finishing a story about how she'd gotten a sneak preview of Ralph Lauren's latest designs, in walked Alicia, Dylan, and Kristen. Cam Fisher, Chris Plovert, and Kemp Hurley followed them. They got their drinks and sat at a booth and didn't even notice that Massie and Claire were sitting ten feet away.

"I think we should go over and say hi. Don't you?" Claire asked Massie

"Sure." She said as they got up and walked over to their booth

"Well…well…well. Look what the cat dragged in. Why are you in Westchester? Shouldn't you be in Hollywood?" Alicia asked with sarcasm dripping from her voice

"Actually we're here for a movie. We start shooting September seventh." Claire said acting as if Alicia hadn't just tried to irritate them. "How have you been?"

"You haven't exactly bothered to call, e-mail, IM, or even send us a letter from Hollywood so that means you have no right to know anything. A true friend would've at least said goodbye before they left to the West Coast!" Dylan yelled

"So, where're your boyfriends?" Cam asked

"Conner is still in L.A. finishing up a movie. He'll be here on Wednesday." Claire said

"You mean the Conner Folley?" Kristen asked amazed that Claire got such a hot boyfriend

"That's right" she replied "Where's you girlfriend?" she asked Cam "Did she get sick of your lying too?"

"No actually, I'm right here." Alicia said grinning as evil glints sparked in her chocolaty eyes "How about you Massie? Single still?"

"I patched everything up with Derrick a long time ago and we're still together. True love lasts forever and it looks like bitches never change." Massie said laughing and exchanged high fives with Claire "We gotta go. Our life is too busy to be hanging around you losers!" Massie said and turned on her heel and walked out confidently arm in arm with Claire. She was a true best friend who would always be there by her side.

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