Attention Readers!

I am looking for a Beta. I do have requirements though.

You must be a registered Beta on

You must be active

You need to have good writing skills

You need to have good proof reading skills

You must like The Clique (or at least my story)

You need to be helpful (of course) or it won't work out

I would like to have a Beta that will do more than stuff like proof reading. I want someone who will write my story with Young Hollywood with me. Sort of like being partners, co-authors, co-writers, or whatever you want to call it. I prefer co-authors.

Anyways, I already have an outline for Young Hollywood typed up. I made it earlier this year and just don't seem to find the time to actually write and finish this story. I made the outline of the rest of the story based on what I want to happen, reviews, suggestions, and what others want to happen. I would like to find a Beta who can help me write and finish this story. Of course I would send my outline to my Beta.

If you are interested in being a Beta or co-author for my story Young Hollywood all you have to do is PM. Please don't send a review!

Tell me why you want to be my Beta.

Have you been a Beta for anyone else (You don't have to be, but I'd want to know.) If so what is the name of the story?

Do you have any ideas for the story? (Even though I already have an outline it can be changed or fixed.) Remember: I give honest opinions and I like it when others give me their honest opinion too, so if you have an idea (and do become my Beta) expect to receive honest opinions. I wouldn't expect anything less than honest opinions about my ideas either.

Thanks everyone!