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Summary: Voldemort is dead and Harry is free, but it's true what they say: evil never truly dies. How can Harry move on and have a true relationship with Draco if nightmares of evil are always haunting him? Good thing he comes upon his a new friend who's willing to help.

Pairings: HarryxDraco

Warnings: MxM and possible language.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or HOLiC. If I did, the Deathly Hallows wouldn't have sounded like a crack-fic.

Dedicated to: Animefira001 who has beta'd my Big Brother Sephy story for me for quite a few chapters. Thank you very much, I appreciate you. I was just joking about the Erotica thing...sorry. ;) This chapter is a little different from the rest, I was getting a little bored of the same monotonous feet-leads-to-shop chapters and I'm sure you were too.

E is for Evil

Evil. How could one word make him shiver so? Night after night, while Draco slept peacefully in his arms, he had pondered that very question. What made evil so strong that, even after Voldemort was dead, he still had nightmares of him? Every time he asked Draco or any of his friends, he got the same answer and a worried look.

"He killed your parents and almost murdered you. You can't expect to forget that so soon, Harry." It was their worried looks that made him stop asking–especially Draco's. After all, how could he bear to see the pain in his favorite grey eyes when the blonde couldn't help him? No one could help him, Harry realized that now, and as such, there was no reason to burden anyone with his problems. Maybe if Dumbledore was still around, the old wizard could offer Harry advice, but even that option was taken away from him. All Harry could do now was drift away from the worried gazes of his loved ones and hope for the best. That was what he was doing; drifting and thinking in the one place no one would find him: Muggle London. Even Draco wouldn't think to look for him there since the blonde found the world of Muggle's to be so boring. Harry sighed and wrapped his red and green scarf around his neck tighter, fighting against the chill of the mid-morning day. He had left Draco asleep in bed to avoid any suspicious questions and knew he would get a scolding when he returned back to their new home: 12 Grimmauld Place, left for Harry by his Godfather. Harry sighed again at the thought of Sirius.

'Just another death caused by Voldemort. Just another loved one who I've lost.' Abruptly, he smashed his fist into the wall of one of the buildings on the street he was walking on. The other pedestrians on the street didn't even spare him a glance. Just another angst-filled teen, right? If only they knew, then they'd be shuddering from the same nightmares he, himself suffered through every night. His thoughts turned back to his blonde lover. 'I lose everyone I care about...it's only a matter of time until I lose Draco.' That thought caused tears to prick his eyes and he reached up a hand to wipe them away violently, leaping in the air when he felt a hand touch his shoulder. He turned around to find a boy around his own age with entrancing, mis-matched eyes–one an icy blue, the other a molten gold.

"Are you okay?" The boy had a thick accent that Harry blearily placed as Japanese, though he couldn't be fully sure. Something about the boy, other than the amount of kindness he showed to a complete stranger, was different—magical, almost. Harry was enthralled by him and suddenly found himself unable to answer, his mouth open slightly, gaping at the other boy with abandon. The boy's bi-colored eyes lowered shyly as a flush painted itself on his cheeks and he retracted his hand. "Gomen...er, that is to say, sorry. You must find me very nosy?" The sound of the boy's soft voice pulled him back to reality and he shook his head, unruly locks flying as he attempted to rectify the situation.

"No, no, you're not nosy. There's nothing wrong with you...more, an issue with me." The boy nodded in understanding, hmming distractedly as he appeared to be thinking about something. Finally, his bi-colored eyes lit up and Harry knew that he'd made his decision about whatever he was thinking about.

"Please come with me!" He spoke with a determination that belied his shy appearance and shocked Harry, not that he even knew the boy's name. Almost immediately, the boy flushed again. "I'm sorry, I'm being nosy again...it's just...I think I can help with your problem. Or at least, I know someone who can help. Please come with me..." His voice sounded almost desperate and Harry nodded mutely. They began to walk down the streets in near silence, Harry's hand situated comfortably within the other boy's as he led the wizard to god knows where. Finally, they seemed to reach their destination because the other boy slowed down.

"This is her shop while she's here in England, I'll take you in with me." The shop in question was situated between two towers and looked completely out of place. It was probably Japanese, just like the boy whose name he still didn't know, and that made Harry realize something very important: he knew next to nothing about this woman, her shop, or even the boy who was holding his hand. That didn't stop him from following him in, however, because his feet suddenly discovered a mind of their own. Once inside the shop, the boy dropped his hand and let him take in the decor. It was only when Harry heard the light footsteps of a woman that he realized he'd been holding his breath. He couldn't help it, though, there was just something magical about the shop and about the boy and, as he gazed up at the woman's mysterious red eyes, about the woman, herself. His whole situation seemed to be magical. The woman apparently read his thoughts because she was smirking smugly.

"My, my, Watanuki-kun, you just seem to draw powerful beings to yourself, don't you? Even out of Japan." The boy–Watanuki, Harry reminded himself–only blinked in confusion, gazing at Harry again with more appraising eyes. "Don't worry, he isn't a ghost, simply a Wizard and quite a famous one, at that." Now it was Harry's turn to blink as he gaped at the woman. Watanuki seemed only mildly surprised, as if he met famous wizards on a daily basis. Maybe he did, who was Harry to ask? He turned his attention back to the woman. "Surprised, Mr. Potter?" She was smirking again and Harry found that it irritated him, if only slightly.

"Yes, in fact, I'm very surprised." She nodded, accepting his honesty with an endeared smile, and led him to a exotically decorated sitting room. Harry was disappointed to find that Watanuki didn't follow them in, instead heading into another door. The woman seemed to notice his longing gaze towards the door the other boy walked into and she smiled again.

"He's very easy to get comfortable around, isn't he? But don't worry, he'll be back. He's only bringing a snack like a good host," Harry nodded again, comforted at the thought that he wouldn't be left alone with the strange woman for long. With that thought, he gave the woman his full attention and found that she, in turn, had directed her full attention to him. He shivered slightly under the coolness of her red gaze and her smile widened, like the cat who got the canary and the cream. "That's the reason I sent him out, you know–or even came to England, if I were completely honest–to find you. I've been sensing you for a while now, Mr. Potter. How lost you feel and how it's affecting your relationship with all the people around you." Once again, Harry found himself shocked by the woman. How could she know so much about him? Again, she seemed to read him mind. "I am Yuuko Ichihara, the Dimensional Witch, Mr. Potter, and I see all."

"Witch? Ah, so that's why you know about me," Now Harry felt a little stupid. He had always known that there had to be witches and wizards out of England and even Europe, but he hadn't quite wrapped his mind around it until now. "And Watanuki?" She smiled at him again, this time it was only a small quirk of her lips.

"Watanuki is...human," He wondered at the pause before she said human, but not for long. "But he is something more as well..." That only piqued his curiosity, though he hid it with a quirk of his eyebrows. The witch smiled again, she seemed to do that quite a lot when around him. "Oh yes, Mr. Potter, you could say I'm very comfortable around you. Let's just say that I knew another British, bespectacled Wizard who I was very fond of."

"Okay..." Truth be told, Harry didn't know what to say to that, but it seemed the witch didn't require an answer from him.

"But enough about Watanuki, or even about me. The person we're here to talk about is you, Mr. Potter. I'm here to grant your deepest desire." Harry stared at her skeptically and she stared back, completely unfazed.

"Are you talking about some sort of illegal magic?" And she laughed, catching the green-eyes wizard completely by surprise. She had smirked at him many times already in the last half-hour, but she had yet to laugh and it was such a magical and free sound that he couldn't force himself to care at the fact that she was laughing at him. He only chuckled along with her, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "So...I guess I'm wrong about the illegal magic, then?" He asked, after the laughter had died down.

"Yes, you are," Her answer was simple, but confused him further and he waited for her to clarify, which she did eventually, her gaze turning a little serious. "The thing you have to understand, Mr. Potter, is that there is no such thing as illegal magic when it comes to me. As long as you can pay the price I ask, you will have your deepest desire granted and no one, not the Ministry and not any other Wizard, can stop it. It's Hitsuzen." Harry gazed at her blankly, jaw on the floor in shock, but she wasn't done yet. "So...what's your wish, Mr. Potter?" Her voice snapped him out of his stupor.

"This is ridiculous! You can't grant wishes, I've never heard of a Witch that could and I've never heard of this Dimensional Witch that you claim to be!" So caught up was Harry in his rant that he didn't notice Watanuki come up behind him. The boy placed a gentle hand on his tense shoulder.

"Please, let her help you, okay? She can do it, please trust me," His voice was soft and soothing, as if Harry was some sort of wild animal, and maybe he was, Harry just didn't know anymore. The Japanese boy then placed a hot cup of tea before him, along with some warm, freshly baked scones. The boy gave his shoulder one final squeeze before leaving again, throwing a warm smile over his shoulder. "Let her help, okay?"

"You heard him, right?" The witch asked with a smug smile. Harry turned to glare at her, but then sighed, melting into his seat out of resignation. "You're going to let me help you, aren't you? After all, no one can deny someone who is honestly trying to help them and Watanuki will be very upset if he can't help you..." She let her sentence hang in the air and Harry sighed again, relenting to her whims.

"Fine, oh Dimensional Witch, grant my wish." If she noticed his sarcasm, she didn't show it, instead smiling widely in victory.

"Alright, then. Tell me what you want." Harry had a feeling she already knew since she did mention his 'lost feeling' earlier, but she just wanted to make him say it. That irritated him so he took a sip of Watanuki's tea, hoping for it to soothe him, and found that he could no longer hold his pain inside him.

"It's just...I've saved the world already from Voldemort, but I can't save...myself. I've lost everything already, but every night I dream of losing more and I'm afraid...I'm afraid that I won't last through this...that Draco won't last through this and...all I want is to be with Draco and...to forget all about the last few years." The witch nodded in understanding, reaching out a long-fingered hand to stroke his hair, something he found comforting, oddly enough.

"So you want evil–your inner evils–to disappear?" Harry nodded yes, too weary to say anything else after letting out so much already. The witch smiled at him gently and, suddenly, pulled him to her bosom, making the last Potter flush brightly.

"If anyone deserves that, it's you...Harry." She whispered into his ear and Harry found his blush vanishing as he began to consider the woman's motherly nature—no matter how strange she truly was. With one last squeeze, she released him and Harry noticed that she had something in her hand: pieces of his wand, shattered during one of his horrifying experiences against Voldemort. "This will be your price. You will notice that things will be better from now on." And Harry did. He felt like a weight was lifted off of his shoulders and knew suddenly that he would no longer have nightmares.

"Whatever you did, it's working." He said with awe and she smirked at him again, as if rebuking him for ever doubting her, which he did regret doing. After that, they chatted and snacked on more of Watanuki's delicious cooking, while said boy ran around pouring tea and wine(For Yuuko who, Harry soon figured out, was a bit of a drunkard.) Too soon, he noticed it was getting dark outside and knew Draco would worry and so, he turned to the witch and her not-quite-human apprentice to say goodbye. "Will I ever see you again?" The question embarrassed him, but he knew it was the right thing to say because Yuuko gave him an approving look while Watanuki beamed.

"If you need us, you will find us." Hearing that, Harry walked out of the shop with a spring to his step that hadn't been there since he'd asked Draco to be his life-mate and the blonde wizard had accepted.

When Harry finally arrived to 12 Grimmauld Place, he found Draco pacing, which the blonde thought he had valid reason to do. As soon as the last Potter walked through the door, however, Draco pounced on him, grey eyes full of worry and anger. At that moment, Harry knew he would get it.

"And just where have you been?" Draco commanded as soon as his initial check-up to make sure Harry was fine was through.

"I was just out, thinking—" That answer seemed to anger the blonde further and he cut Harry off.

"Thinking? Thinking? Oh, I know you've been thinking! Thinking about what, that I don't know!? But do you know what I do know?" Harry shook his head, swallowing dryly.

"I know that you're hurting, Harry, and that, in turn, is hurting me too! I know I can't help you, everyone–including you–keep on telling me that, but Harry, I love you and, because of that, I think I bloody well deserve to know!" Harry remained silent, letting his lover get everything out in the open just like he, himself had done so recently, before cutting him off with a kiss. The kiss caught Draco by surprise, but he soon melted into in, reaching up to place his arms around Harry's shoulders. After that, they pulled away from each other, Draco looking dazed while Harry looked immensely satisfied. "Well...that was different...You haven't had that much passion in...well..you've never had that much passion." That made Harry laugh while Draco pouted. Soon enough though, the blonde was laughing too. And, pulling Draco into his arms once more, Harry whispered the words that they both needed to hear for the longest time.

"I'm going to be okay, Draco...we're going to be okay." His favorite grey eyes misted with unshed tears as their lips met once more.

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