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When Harry had suggested visiting Japan, Draco had been overjoyed. After all, his lover had finally found his way out of a depressed slump, so why should he be upset? There was one reason and it was named Watanuki Kimihiro.

Now Draco shouldn't have been upset by Harry's seemingly out of the blue relationship with the Japanese boy, but he was. Harry was so comfortable around him and he had reason to be, too. Watanuki was the one who had helped–or at least found help for–Harry in his time of need, even when Draco couldn't. He understood that, really he did, but it bothered him. He couldn't help but feel like Harry was replacing him. He couldn't help but to feel jealous.

That was exactly how he was feeling at the moment as he watched Watanuki serve Harry his absolutely delicious–could Draco help it that he wasn't much of a cook?–cooking and all the while he blushed so damned prettily. The conniving boyfriend stealer! Draco had half a mind to curse him, but Harry wouldn't want his new friend to be cursed.

And that damned woman kept smiling at him so strangely. Damn brothel keeper and her stupid Muggle whore. He attempted to hide a scowl when Harry turned to smile at him.

"How are you enjoying Japan, love? It's really beautiful here, isn't it?" Draco wanted to say no, that he didn't like it there and wanted to go home, but he just couldn' was so excited to go on vacation with Draco, and he was finally happy after such a long depression so Draco couldn't burst his bubble.

The young Malfoy faked a smile, giving the Yuuko-woman a glare when she smiled at him knowingly. Harry remained oblivious. "I love it here," He smooshed one of Watanuki's delicately crafted rice-balls in his hand, but Harry didn't notice. "More than you know."

"Great! I was worried you might not like this trip since you didn't get to pick," Draco grumbled audibly and Harry chuckled. "But you can pick where we go next time, okay?"

Draco nodded in assent, what more could he do? Watanuki offered both he and Harry a sickeningly sweet smile and Draco grimaced. "I'm glad you like it here, Malfoy-san," He said it like Maru-foy, which annoyed Draco further, not that he could say anything. "Perhaps tomorrow I could show you and Harry-kun around Japan? Yuuko-san will make me pay for it, but I don't mind."

His eagerness only disgusted Draco further. "Why can't you show us around today?" He couldn't help but snap out, his face twisted in the disgust he could no longer hide. Both Harry and Watanuki looked surprised at his tone, the Japanese boy looking somewhat sheepish afterwards. Yuuko only looked amused, as if she'd guessed he'd snap eventually. Damned woman. Eventually the Japanese boy snapped his mouth shut–as it was opened during his shock–and offered Draco a shy smile.

"I can't today. I'm meeting my b...boyfriend, Shizuka. We're a month today!" Though he started off shyly, he beamed proudly at the end, raising up a victorious fist. Now it was Draco's turn to gape in shock. Yuuko's smile looked like it was beginning to hurt. Harry was the only one who spoke.

"Congratulations, Watanuki!" He said with a wide smile that made Draco's jaw drop further. "You guys must really like each other, huh?"

Watanuki blushed prettily and nodded before seeming to turn angry right before their eyes. "He's gluttonous and stupid and he never learned my name! He speaks one word answers and is good at everything! He treats me like a maid and never says thank you!" And softening again. "But I love that boy terribly. I think it's safe to say I couldn't live without him." He chuckled nervously and Harry smiled as well, reaching under the table they were seated at to take Draco's hands in his own.

Looking at Draco, Harry said: "I know the feeling." The only blonde amongst the brunets smied, ducking his head and flushing. Harry pressed a kiss to his blushing cheek before turning back to Watanuki who smiled kindly at them.

All too suddenly, the moment ended. "Oi!" Someone called and they turned to find a handsome boy with a lean bodyfit from some sort of sport, most likely–and an apathetic looking face. The only emotion Draco noticed within him was visible through his golden eyes, the same shade as one of Watanuki's own, and the emotion was so strong, so deep, that it made the blonde gasp involuntarily. Watanuki didn't seem to notice, only huffing in irritation before offering his foreign friends another small smile.

"That's my cue. I'd better go before he gets too irritated. I'll see you guys tomorrow," Turning to his boss–who Draco honestly thought must be on something, for she was still smiling, even now–he said: "Bye, Yuuko-san. Thanks for giving me a day off." The woman nodded and he ran off, flailing his arms angrily when he came into the taller boy's vicinity and only quieting down when he bent down and pressed a placating kiss to his forehead.

Harry smiled at Draco, watching the disappearing couple. "They make a pretty cute couple, don't they?" Draco nodded, not noticing Harry's mischievous smirk. "But so are we!" He attacked the blonde with kisses and neither noticed the cackling witch, at least not until they saw the flash of a camera.

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