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I'd seen nearly everyone this summer: Lola lived in a town not far from mine, so we met up one day in July and went to the amusement park. Michael had been in town one weekend when he was visiting his uncle. And my dad shot a movie on Maui for a few weeks, so I even got to see Chase and Zoey.

The only person I hadn't seen since the school year had ended in June? That would be my girlfriend, Quinn.

Which means I was seriously make-out deprived. Plus, you know, I missed her. (I do like her for something besides her amazing lips, thank you very much.) And I'd like to know how Michael would feel after having not seen his girlfriend for two and a half months, let alone Chase, who hadn't left Zoey's side once since returning from England.

So the taunting really wasn't necessary.

"Oooh, Chase," Michael said in a girly high-pitched voice, doing a ridiculously inaccurate imitation of me. "Do you know where Quinn is? I've been back at PCA for all of five minutes, and in this room for about five seconds, and I neeeeeeeeed to see my girlfriend nooooow so we can kiss."

Chase, who is not a very good judge of when something is funny and when it's not, was laughing pretty hard at this. Michael started making little kissy-noises.

"Please," I said, rolling my eyes in a superior manner. "As seniors, don't you think we can be just a little more mature than this?"

"You're right," Michael sighed. "I'm sorry." He looked over my shoulder at the doorway. "Oh, hey Quinn!"

I spun around. The doorway was empty.

"Ha!" Michael cried, cracking up. "That was priceless, man. That was seriously priceless."

So I tackled him.

We wrestled on the floor while Chase cheered us on. I had the upper hand the whole time, of course, since I'm a way better wrestler than Michael, and I nearly had him pinned when I heard Chase say, "Oh, hey Quinn!"

"Very funny," I grunted from the floor, sticking my knee into Michael's gut while at the same time attempting to get my arm out of his grasp.

"Is that any way to greet your girlfriend?" asked a much different voice from behind me. Quinn's voice.