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P.S. This is set in the movie verse and if I do decide to continue the rating may go up.

Chapter 1: Morning Conversations and Surprises

Pepper slowly made her way downstairs and towards the garage. Following the sounds of ACDC'S Back in Black, which was blasting throughout the house, Pepper could only guess where her boss currently was. "Working on his suit no doubt," she thought.

She was careful to avoid any of the glass lining the floor from her boss's recent outburst. His temper, still managed to surprise her, even given her years of service. At times he could be so laid back, calm, and even caring. Then, like the flip of a switch, he could be so indifferent and harsh.

She gave a slight smile at the sight of her boss working on his metal suit. She still had had her doubts about this whole superhero business, but she hoped those doubts would fade away. She knew that is was what he wanted. And what he wanted was what he got. Pepper would never tell him, but she found that part of him to be quite charming. His tenacity, and stubbornness was what made him, him.

"Please don't turn my music down," he said without looking up from what he was doing. He always was able to catch her sneaking up on him.

"It's a little loud don't you think?"

"No, not really."

"Did you hear my calls?" She asked knowing full well that he didn't.

"You called?"



"Miss Potts called a total of nine times sir."


"Point taken. Jarvis music down," he said while continuing to work on his suit. It had sustained quite a bit of damage during his fight with Obadiah.

"Right away sir."

"You have a busy day today," she added. His schedule had always been a little hectic, but now it was nearly beyond her control. His announcement the other day made her job even harder. Who would have thought that playboy industrialist Tony Stark was a superhero. Sure the press suspected it, but they never had enough evidence to support their claims. That is until he decided to forgo the speech given to him, and tell the truth.

"That's nothing new."

"You have a meeting with…"

"Yeah, I don't think I'll be going," he said while cutting her off. He was, after all a busy man.

"Will you be answering any of the 600 plus messages your office has received?"

"600 huh. That's disappointing," he said finally turning to look at her. "I was expecting at least 900."

"Well, calls are still coming in."

"Anything interesting?" He asked. He knew there would be. You can't expect the ordinary when you tell the whole world that you're a superhero. Then again, when was his life anything less than extraordinary?

"Nothing out of the ordinary." He chuckled at that one. "There's the usual demand for interviews, book and movie rights, and my favorite of course, you're new found fan base."

"Good god I have a fan base," he said, clearly delighted.

"A fan base that surprisingly enough consists largely of women."

"Not entirely unexpected," he added with his usual playboy attitude.

"Women who happen to have your office phone number."

"I probably shouldn't have given that out."

"No you shouldn't have," she said with just a hint of distaste.

"Anything else?"

"How many of those have you had?" Asked Pepper noticing the buildup of Monster energy drinks in the trashcan.

"Not enough," he remarked as he took another large swig of his drink before handing it back to the robotic arm nearby.

"Have you slept at all?"

"Sleep is overrated."


"Jarvis don't answer that."

"Jarvis?" She asked once again. Her gaze never leaving Tony's as they awaited the inevitable reveal of truth.

"I like this new side to you," he said. "It's very aggressive, very…"


"2 hours Miss Potts. Will there be anything else sir?"

"No," he said as Pepper's scrutinizing gaze increased tenfold. "Traitor."

"I heard that sir."

"Tony you need to rest," said Pepper. She knew he would pick up on the small quiver in her voice.

"I will… later." Is that worry he thought to himself? Is she worried?

"Sooner would be better."

"I'm busy," he said with his best poker face as he returned to working on his suit.

"You nearly died."

"Which is something that hasn't escaped me," said Tony. Like I could forget, he thought dryly to himself. His plan nearly did kill him. By all means it should have, but as time had proven before he wasn't meant to die. He was meant for something more. He was meant to live.

The silence was practically killing Pepper. She knew she had struck a nerve with that last remark, but he wouldn't allow her to see it. And as usual, he continued to work on the damaged suit of amour before them.

"What are you working on?" She asked tentatively.

"The suit."

"This entire time?"

"No. I finished upgrading the security system a couple hours ago. Two many unexpected guests are finding their way in here. Needed to put an end to that."

"Is that all?"


"No?" She asked sounding a little hopeful.

"I got you this," he said while pulling a crudely wrapped box out from under the box of tools.

"When did you find time to go shopping?" She inquired, clearly surprised.

"When I went out to get supplies for the upgrades."


"I know, blame it on cabin fever," he said. "Just open it."

Pepper studied the box in her hands for a few seconds before deciding to carefully pull away the paper covering her gift. She hadn't even noticed the large grin covering her boss's face as she uncovered the mystery of the box he had given her. "HAHA. You're hilarious," she said sarcastically while holding up the game Operation.

"Think of it as practice."

"Thank you," she said softly while watching him go back to his work. He really did care. Beneath it all, Tony Stark had a heart. She mulled over the thought before deciding to head back upstairs. "Thank you," she said again while placing her hand on his shoulder. She let it linger there a little longer then she should have, and smiled when she noticed that he had stopped working. Today was going to be a good day she thought as she moved away and out of sight.

Tony upon hearing her heels click on the steps turned to look after her. He watched her disappear from his view and couldn't help but think that today was going to be an interesting day: a good day. "Jarvis?"

"Yes sir?"

"Music please."

"Right away sir."

Tony turned his attention back to his broken amour as the sounds of Black Sabbaths Iron Man filled the room.