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Chapter I: Sin City

The sparkling lights of the sin city filled the eyes of Tony Stark as his limo drove past the tons of casinos and shops. He couldn't wait for all the Ladies, Gambling and the of course the bars. His flashy limo pulled to a stop next to Rex Casino. His bodyguard quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Tony and quickly followed Stark into the Casino. All the ladies noticed his grand entrance and waived hi. Tony shrugged them off; he thought they could wait for him. He was heading straight to the bar, for a scotch on the rocks. He stood at the barstool and the bartender, "Scotch on the Rocks."

The big beefy male nodded his head and started to pour the drink. Tony peered over at the pretty young woman a few seats down reading the newspaper. Her complexion was fair and her eyes were olive green. She was about 5'7 and had medium length hair that was burgundy brown. Suddenly the Gossip News Network had breaking news.

"Hi, I'm Shannon Malta and here is some breaking Gossip news. Apparently the lead singer from Poison Tonic has quit. Fans that went to their concert that ended 30 minutes ago at the Rex Casino were shocked to hear that she was not going to be in the band anymore. We haven't heard anything yet from Blair Winters, but we'll get reporters out to the Casino in a few minutes."

The woman who sat at the bar sighed, "Don't they have better things to be worried about like which celebrity bought a new handbag?"

Tony laughed, "Probably not, I'm surprised they haven't discussed me yet."

The bartender set Tony's drink in front of him and started to cut some limes. Tony once again got his attention, "Would you order the pretty lady a drink."

The bartender looked over at her and glanced back to him," She doesn't drink." Tony had a perplexed look on his face, "Funny place to be if you don't drink. Wait, I swear I saw her beforeā€¦" He glanced up at the television and his thoughts were confirmed she was Blair Winters.

He casually walked over to Blair and sat down, "So you're the famous Miss. Blair?"

Blair smiled and turned towards his handsome face, "And you're the famous Tony Stark? Billionaire and Major Man Slut?"

He was taken aback by what she said but was more interested because she said it. "Oh come on now you really don't believe all those stories do you?"

Blair raised her eyebrow in a questioning way, which confirmed she did.

Tony laughed at her expression, "Don't worry they are true, I'm not going to lie. But Miss. Blair take a little risk and have dinner with me tomorrow night and get to know the real me and not the gossip version."

Blair mind battled about the choice but tonight she takes a little chance. If the dinner sucked she would never have to see him again. "Tony, I would love to go to dinner with you."

Tony did his little victory dance in his vast mind, "Meet me in the lobby around seven thirty?"

Blair quickly nodded her head and moved out of the uncomfortable position she was in. Tony noted the seductive sway of her body when she moved. He pulled out one of his new business cards out and wrote his cell number down. "You call me if your plans change."

She took his business card and put it in her pocket. "Of course I will, I have to go but I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight."

Tony watched as she left the bar and smiled. On the inside he beamed with so much hope, that she wasn't as crazy as his past exes.