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Chapter III: Bon Appetite

A/N: Just to let everyone know, that this story incorporates both the movie and the comic books. I hope you enjoy the 3rd chapter and I apologize for the slow posting.

Blair waited anxiously in line at the pharmacy store. Know she was unrecognizable because she was all decked out in a disguise hoping the people wouldn't come after her. Today was not a day to get on her bad side. Yeah sure she was excited that a guy actually had the kahones to come up to her, and ask her on a date. Which was weird because she scares men but she was going to be open about the experience. Maybe he was a nice guy on the contrary to all the gossip that bashed him.

Blair looked at the big bland clock on the pharmacy's wall. She had been waiting for forty-five minutes. How long does it take to pick medication up?

Tony finally made it downstairs to the meeting room in the hotel. He was 15 minutes late and Pepper didn't look happy. Tony walked past her and grabbed the Meeting Briefing folder. He pivoted to faced Pep, "Sorry pepper, I'll talk to you later."

Pepper wished him good luck. Just like she did when he went to save the world because she knew the businessmen inside were angrier than a bees when someone messed with their hive.

Tony walked in and the people in penguin suits looked pissed.

The man all the way at the end looked at him with a death stare, "Well, Mr. Stark, it's mighty nice of you to show up."

Tony cleared his throat, "Sorry for being late gentlemen."

The man stood up from his chair, "As you know Mr. Stark I started this company in the 1950's from nothing. I knew your Father pretty well so I'll give you a chance to make you case about joining our companies together."

An hour later a line of men filed out of the meeting room each with a folder explaining Tony's plan.

The two business heads shook hands, "It was nice to see you again Tony. I'll tell you about my decision in a couple weeks."

Pepper walked in after she saw all the men walk out, "How did it go Boss?"

He shrugged," I have no clue, that old man was pissed."

The redhead smiled, "Don't worry boss, I know you got it."

The PDA Pepper owned alerted her about Tony's day schedule, "So what's your plans for tonight? I heard you were hitting on a lady at the bar."

Naturally Tony smirked, "I've got a date."

She gave him a questioning look, "Well, who is it?"

The entertainment news was tossed to Pepper and pointed to Blair's picture," Her."

Pepper had a priceless look on her face," Quite unusual for your taste."

He nodded his head, "I know, but she seems normal."

Pepper rolled her eyes and remembered something she forgot to tell him. She took a missed call note out of her pile, "Oh, Janet Pym called asking for you. Something about Steve's birthday party. If you are going or not."

Tony nodded his head, "Yep, I'm definitely going."

Everyone was staring at Blair when she was dancing to the music playing on her mp3 player in the middle of the dress department in Macy's. She laughed at herself when she realized why they were looking at her and she picked out a lovely black cocktail dress. The line for the register was long so, she played 21 on her cell. The clock on her zebra striped cell phone showed only two more hours until her big date, she was hoping she didn't screw the date up tonight.

Blair had really bad luck with guys, especially when her sister came around. Last time she left her alone with her boyfriend and she slept with him. It's one thing with a friend but someone's sister, that dude went scrambling before she said boo.

Finally, Blair checked out and left to get ready.

2 hours later…

Tony waited anxiously in the hotel lobby, looking to see if Blair was really coming or not. He saw her trotting down the grand staircase; it looked like she was struggling walking in her heels. He immediately went straight to her to try to help blushed, "God this is so embrasing, I never really wear torture devices."

Holding her hand, he helped her down the long staircase, "Hey, at least you can't run away from me."

He heard a chuckled escape from her, "Nope I guess I can't, damn."

It took no less then one minute to be seated at the busiest restaurant in pulled out her chair for her and pushed her in when she sat. Blair was amazed by this,"Thanks. Can I bring you to every restaurant I go to?"

He laughed and sat across from her, " I actually wouldn't mind that. So, what do you plan on doing now that you quit your band?"

Her thoughts hit a brick wall as she ponder what to say," Actually, I'm producing music, now. I want to help these brand new kids in a nice way, not throw to the piranhas. Maybe I'll start sketching again too, since I would have time."

He nodded his head, "How was the music industry to you?"

Blair sipped her water, " Awful, my manager was always on me about useless crap. Blair your singing is awful. Get a Boob Job, plus the guy was the biggest sleaze ball ever."

Tony looked shocked, "Do you want me to take care of him?"

She shook her head no and winked," No, does you have a friend who knows of a friend? But anyway, how was your day?"

Tony loved her classic mob reference and swirled his scotch around, "If I tell you, I'll probably have to kill you. For how today went,I have no idea. I met with Winter Enterprises and they didn't go well."

Blair choked on her water, when he did another classic mob reference back, "That was a nice , you met with them. I wouldn't worry too much, if you made a "good" deal, they will probably take it."

Finally after ordering their food it came quickly to the Chicken Alfredo they ordered looked like it was a piece of art. They both laughed when they saw how ridiculous proportions of the entrée were. Tony wanted to laugh but damn was someone against him about impressing her. A cold hand touched his and it snapped him back into reality.

Blair softly smiled at him, "Don't worry about it Tony, you want to go grab a burger down the street? I heard your nuts about burgers."

Tony looked shocked out of all the dates, he has ever had, his dates have never eaten anything with that many calories. Plus they were all obsessed with counting calories, fat and actually eating something in front of him.

Tony waived the waitress down to give him the check, "Of course, now you're speaking my language. I'll call the limo."

Blair shook her head, "You don't have to do that. We could walk there, it's a really short distance."

Tony struggled to explain why he couldn't. His heart lately hasn't been in the best shape. Sometimes he would wear his armor plate to keep his actually heart beating but recently his arc reactor has been making it easier.

Blair realized the mistake she had made and cursed under her breath," I'm sorry Tony, I forgot about your heart condition."

He squeezed her hand, "It's okay. Are you ready to go?"

Blair nodded her head and Tony went over to her chair and pulled it out, like a true charming gentleman. She was impressed but it he thought he would get him to sleep with her, wrong.

However the burgers at the Iffy Joint were heavenly. They both had fun, throwing fries in the air and catching them. It was totally first grader of them but it didn't matter because they were both joy however was quickly cut short, terror struck Vegas and soon a job for Iron Man came up…