"Kiss kiss fall in love

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"Kiss kiss fall in love!" sang Kim, with her radio turned up and singing to "Sakura Kiss" with the volume at its highest. The music rang out through Overlord Laharl's castle.

"Kim!" yelled Robin, entering her room.

Kim waved at her, because she couldn't hear over the volume of the radio.

"Laharl says to turn off that shit!" yelled Robin.




"I SAID TO TURN OFF THAT SHIT!" Laharl said, entering the room just as Robin was leaving.

Kim turned off the music. "Why?" she asked him. "It wasn't that high. Are you losing your hearing or something? You were yelling at me like I lost my hearing. I don't think I did. Did you lose your hearing? Are you getting old?"

Laharl wanted to smack the shit out of her but went over his anger management class instructions by counting to ten instead.

"Look…Kimberly…" he slowly managed to say.

"Yes?" she said innocently. "It's Kim!" She knew, though, that he used her full name when she was in a lot of trouble.

"Kim…I need you to stop playing that dumb ass music."

"Why? I don't think it's dumb! You're insulting what I like again!"

"Look, Kim, nothing personal, but…you need to get back to work!"

"Oh, I'm sorry." She sniffed, leaving the room.

Laharl smashed her radio to bits before leaving.


Kim entered the workspace (Maggie's portal place and the shops). "Hey guys!" she called.

Everyone looked at her like she was crazy.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" asked Nick, who was sweeping the floors.

"I needed a break, so I took one!" she said cheerily, as though she had done nothing wrong.

Everyone stood there looking at her.

"Back to work, idiots!" Laharl barked, pushing Kim over to her job, which was scrubbing the floors of his throne room.

Kim scrubbed and scrubbed, given the extra hard tasks of cleaning his throne, tending to the fires around there, attempting to clean the ceiling of the throne room, vacuum the rugs, and cleaning Laharl's room (which wasn't pretty). After she was done she was exhausted.

"Done…sir…" Kim said, almost falling on the floor when she reported to the place near the shops and Maggie's portal. She was pretty sure it was punishment for her listening to the radio. Usually, different people did different jobs, but that day, she did all the jobs to the throne room area, which, Kim thought, was not fair.

"Alright," said Laharl, turning to look at her.

Kim's face was smudged and dirty, her clothes got tattered and some of the parts were charred from the fires she tended to.

"Good job," Laharl said, actually smiling, after checking on her work in the throne room. "I can see my face in the floors! And my bed, too…"

Kim smiled.

"Okay, everyone, you get a break!" Laharl announced.

Everyone cheered.

"Break over!" Laharl said, his mean face back on.

Everyone groaned, blaming Kim for Laharl's particular bad mood that for day.

Yumi walked over to Kim and put her hand on her shoulder.

"Yes?" Kim asked, turning around.

"I think you deserve more…" she said.

"It's alright." Kim tried to smile.

"I'll go talk to the Prince, I mean 'Overlord,'" Yumi reassured. "Although right now he's acting like a baby."

Kim blinked. 'Yumi's talking about Laharl like this?' She wondered. "But…"


"I can't believe Laharl threw you away…you saved my life earlier, in the Cave of Ordeal…" Kim said.

"It's okay…"

"You know what?" said Kim, suddenly bursting with determination.

"Hmm…?" Yumi asked.

"I'm going to be your…" Kim did some flashy hand signals. "Personal trainer!" she exclaimed.

"Have you been hanging around Gordon?!" Yumi asked, shocked.

"NO!" Kim said, a look of disgust on her face at the mention of him. "I want to help train you so Laharl would have to let you back in the Guardians! We'll shove it up his ass!"

"What, exactly, are you going to 'shove up my ass?'" Laharl asked, standing right behind her.

"Oh, it's a joke!" Kim said, turning around. Yumi had a worried look on her face.

"Hmm?" Laharl asked skeptically.

"It means, we're going to do our best today!" Kim said, pointing her pointer finger to the ceiling.

"Have you been hanging around…what's-his-name?" Laharl asked Kim.




"Oh, okay." Laharl replied, turning around to leave.

"I can't believe he bought that!" Kim said, although too loudly.

"Bought what?!" Laharl asked, turning back around.

"If you must know, Mr. Nosey, I was wondering where you bought your awesome cape!" Kim lied.

Laharl was obviously tricked, but looked happy to be hearing praise. "Get back to work!" he barked, quickly changing to his evil face again.

Yumi and Kim slumped back to work, along with the others, who watched the spectacle and were laughing behind Laharl's back.


"Anata wa docory…iru da wo dare wa a mo day ru mm…Na ha…You were always gonna be my love…Itsuka arigato mata koi ni wo shitte wo…I remember to love, you taught me how…You were always gonna be the one… Ima wa, mada, kanashii…" Kim was singing softly in her room, with her new radio.

She heard the door open. It was, of course, Laharl.

"The radio isn't that loud! I swear!" Kim was shouting.

"I didn't come for that!" Laharl said.

"Then what…?"

"I wanted to tell you…"


"You did a good job today…"

Yumi must of given him a good lecture!


"No problem…By the way, that's a pretty song…"


Laharl then turned and left without a word.

'Strange,' Kim decided. 'But then, that kid's always strange,' she thought, shaking her head. 'Isn't he?'

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