Chapter Twenty-Four

Buffy's eyes were practically glowing as she licked the fluid of Willow's climax off her fingers, watching Tara closely, "Hmm, was it good for you too?"

Tara blushed brightly, realizing that Buffy knew that she'd orgasmed in sympathy with the now unconscious redhead. She laid her head back against the chair as her body continued to pulse, her arousal not even slightly abated. A sound opened her eyes, and she watched in silence as Buffy carried Willow inside and slid her into the bed next to Sera, who immediately curled around her bed-mate.

Buffy turned back to the balcony and extended her hand. "Let's join the others, shall we? I believe that you brought up some concerns that need to be addressed."

Still trembling slightly, Tara took Buffy's hand and followed her through the house. She had no idea when the others had returned, but as they approached the stairs, she could feel the distinct sense of her mother's presence.

The four women looked up as Buffy and Tara entered the room. Faith grinned at the look in Tara's eyes. Diana frowned faintly, but didn't remark. She had spoken at length with Callista during the day, and one thing that the Na'Gash had assured her, was that Buffy wouldn't do anything to Tara that her daughter didn't want, regardless of what the demon inside her might want.

"Calli, Tara brought up an interesting concern." Buffy said. "We need to make sure that we have enough room to accommodate the entire clan when they arrive tomorrow."

"I've already spoken with the real estate agency about buying up the nearby properties since they are still empty. It seems that prospective buyers have shied away from the houses once they were told that all of the the previous occupants had been brutally murdered in the space of a few months."

"Why would they tell that?" Buffy asked, confused.

"They have to give full disclosure if the prospective buyer asks." Callista explained. "It's the law."

"Bet they weren't expecting to be told that everybody was slaughtered like pigs." Faith commented. "Those are some nice places. Considered squattin' in one when I first hit town, but didn't want somebody gettin' freaked and calling the cops on my ass."

"Buy the properties." Buffy decided. "Once everyone gets here and gets settled, we'll decide if we want to keep the houses, or tear it all down and build a more secure compound." With that temporarily settled, she turned to Diana. "What is your prognosis on Will? Can you help her, or do you need to make other arrangements?"

"Her inner wellspring of power is very deep and almost completely untouched. With or without training, she could easily become the most powerful witch of this age."

"What are the dangers?" Buffy asked.

"As you mentioned before, because she grew up practically on top of a Hellmouth, her power is rooted more in the Dark than in the Light, like mine and my daughter's. Because she has barely begun to scrape the surface of her capabilities, she is still in no danger of her power overtaking her, but she must begin to learn the correct teaching and control immediately, now that she has accessed it."

"I would rather have you do it, if possible."

Diana was quiet for a moment. She liked Willow. The girl was enthusiastic to learn about her growing abilities. She was eager, and the elder witch knew that she would soak up her teachings like a sponge in water. Almost grudgingly, she admitted that she liked Buffy Summers as well. Demon or not, the former Slayer truly cared for those that she considered 'hers' and those that she had taken under her protection.

"I will teach her meditation and control, and as much as I am able without compromising either my own inner balance or hers." Diana finally answered. "However, I believe that Willow will benefit from either another Dark practitioner, or even yourself. I would also like to speak with this Mr. Giles, who would foolishly allow her to attempt to self-train despite knowing the pitfalls of such idiocy."

Buffy grinned at her outraged tone. "That can be arranged. Scooby meetings are held at my mother's house during the weekends." She exchanged a telling glance with Mala. "There, you will all be introduced to Giles, Xander and Cordy. I also think it is time to tell the truth about me to Faith, Giles and my mother. What's wrong, Calli?"

"Are you sure that telling the Watcher would be wise?" She asked. "I do not think letting the Council know that a Slayer has merged with a demon is wise. What if they try to have you eliminated? They could even try to order Faith to do it."

"Giles, I think, will be okay. From what Willow's told me, he's already guessed that the demon I merged with is an extremely powerful one. It just hasn't occurred to him that it could be an Old One since, as far as anyone knew, the Old Ones had already been banished by the time the First Slayer was made. If he hasn't told the Council yet, then I doubt he will because of this one little fact, but if he does, we've got a few tricks up our sleeves that they won't be expecting.

"The rest of the clan will be here sometime tomorrow, so Calli, I want you to call the real estate offices first thing in the morning. Pay whatever you think is necessary, but I want those houses. Mala, I want to get everything settled here before I contact the other Matriarchs. You, however, can let them know that I definitely will be contacting them myself in the near future. For now, let them know that they should stay where they are if they are safe. The ones being enslaved have my permission to kill their 'masters' and make their way to one of the other clans. Anyone in real trouble should let you know, and I will take care of it personally."

"Yes, Mistress." They answered in unison.

"Diana, Willow will be ready to begin her training whenever you are. Her school schedule is really the only thing that can't be changed. Everything else can be worked around, but I figure she'll want to at least be kept in the loop in regards to Scooby meetings, which are usually held in the library right after school."

"I believe that we can work around that." Diana told her.

"Excellent." Buffy grinned as she dropped into a chair. "Well, ladies. Tomorrow's Saturday. I expect that we'll have everything settled by Monday, but we gotta have some fun during the weekend. We need to find some place to have some real fun. The Bronze has too many teenagers in it."

"There is a place on the west side of town." Callista told her. "It's called the Seraglio. I have been there a few times. As Faith would say, there is all kinds of fun to be had there."

"Hmm, really?" Buffy purred. "We'll have to check it out." She reached out and pulled Mala into her lap. Her fingertips moved up smooth thighs and teased along darkening spots. "So, Mala, tell me more about these toys that you make. Did you bring any with you?"