Story: The prediction of Water and Fire

Chapter 3

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Little rewind

"Yea sure…whatever you want but still it's romantic of him right?"

I clutched the pink flower closer to my chest "It is." I said.

It's hard to love someone who can't love you back…

I looked at the flower again and a sad smile came onto my face.

'Be careful… is that really all you have to say to me senpai?'

As he stood in front of the classroom his eyes met his target. The water princess was sitting in the second row.

(Sasuke Pov)

Her appearance was different from the battlefield. She didn't wear two slim pigtails but her hair hung loose around her face. And her eyes they seemed different here her eyes were an white colour while on the battlefield it seemed to be slightly pink/lavender. But there was another thing different about her eyes she also seemed to have on the battlefield veins placed around her eyes but now they seemed completely gone. Now she had a smooth creamy coloured skin with no veins in sight.

"Sai-kun you can sit down next to Uzumaki Naruto, Naruto raise your hand!"

A blond boy raised bored his hand. He was wearing an commoner uniform but the normally blue tie was replace with a orange one. Sasuke couldn't help but frown in disgust. This boy didn't seemed to have any common sense to replace the normal tie with an orange one. Yuck no sense at all. From only looking at him he had a feeling this might be the biggest baka in the school.

The blond boy looked at him with his blue eye and just grinned at me. I decided to ignore the boy and sat down in my seat.

My eyes seemed to be fixed on the princess who luckily sat 2 rows in front of me. She seemed to be squirming in her seat as if feeling that someone was looking.

'She is a damn well actor.. miss prissy, just looking at her she seems so innocent. Nobody would think she would be just as heartless as I am or maybe even more.'

She seemed to be one of the few girls who wasn't fawning all over me. I smirked I did like a challenge.

Otherwise the fight was over in a second. Now I had the time to get her to trust me and show the best betrayal of all. To let her suffer as much as I did when my parents got killed. I don't know how but she played part in it.

Maybe I do hope she was the one that killed my parents, that my brother had nothing to do with it and was accused wrong. Then maybe he could come home again and become the heir so..

'Stop it! I can't think this way! He is an traitor! he's not my brother anymore! The next time I meet him I will kill him for what he did!'

"You know, when you stare at a girl for so long, it gets kind of creepy.. even if you like her" A voice besides him whispered.

Awaking from my thoughts I looked at the stupid orange tie boy besides me.

I raised an eyebrow "excuse me?"

"Girls don't like to be stared at.. never stare at first meeting." the orange tie boy replied.

"Like them? who said I anything about liking anyone?" I asked.

Orange tie boy rolled his eyes "well why would you stare at someone if you didn't like them? Unless you are some crazy stalker who tracked a girl down at school to kill her or seduce her or anything" Orange tie laughed. "Haha! It must be love at first sight! It's one of the strongest ways to love you know!"

A the boy next to orange tie boy turned around to him "Oi! that you fell in love with bubblegum at first sight doesn't mean love at first sight is strong doofus. Man you're troublesome"

Orange tie boy now also identified as Doofus ignored the boy "You know I can help you! I make sure you can win the girl her heart! I'm a pro if it's about girls!"

"Sigh. You never even got a girlfriend you only got hit by a girl literary!"

"Shut up Shikamaru! you don't know anything! It's a fact that when girls like a boy they get violent! how else could they express themselves without everybody noticing!" Orange Tie whispered fiercely.

I decided that I would play along in his 'game'. "Alright then what do you think I should do?"

"First stop staring because you will freak her out. Just like you are freaking me out with those eyes of you!" Doofus told me.

I turned my head towards him. "How do you mean my eyes are freaking you out?"

The boy looked at me, a bit of sympathy seen in his face "well you're pretty handsome.. but your eyes are cold.. almost lonely.. not many people would notice such a thing. Especially girls they are kind of oblivious if it´s about such a thing."

My eyes widened. This boy.. maybe there was much more to him that I would've thought.. No one had ever read me. Especially if they just knew me. He sure seemed interesting..

A slight smirk came upon my mouth.

"Alright, Let's see how great you are.."

In the break I found out that orange tie boy aka doofus his real name was Naruto. He was loud, annoying and didn't have any experience with girls. But his natural happy personality did give off something good. A way to learn to be more expressive.. or in my case act more expressive.

I looked around the cafeteria. The princess was sitting by a table with the blond girl who sat next to her in class, Shikamaru the boy who called Naruto a doofus, a big guy and a guy with wild brown hair.

"Who are those guys sitting with Shikamaru?" I asked Naruto.

He looked up "Oh big fellow is Chouji, Shikamaru's best friend. And the doggish boy is Inuzuka Kiba he loves dogs a lot and I think he is going to become a vet. Then you have Yuuga Hinata the dark haired girl who is pretty nice but also really weird and shy and Kiba's best friend. The blonde is Yamanaka Ino a real beauty but also a really violent girl. She and Hinata are pretty great friends which was kind of odd because their opposites. Hinata is shy and Ino loud, Hinata is introvert Ino extravert, Ino is violent Hinata is caring"

I looked at the princess, she kept her real name and changed her last name from Hyuuga to Yuuga really can't they be more careful. I smirked.

Maybe I could use Naruto and these friends of her. My eyes focused on the princess.

"Naruto, I think Ino seems pretty interesting."

Naruto's eyes widened and he grabbed my shoulders and shook them briskly. "Guy really that is not such a good idea.. didn't I say she is loud, extravert and violent! She is an hell woman!"

"Well the way you described her it seems to suit your personality pretty well, and till now I've survived you.. so she must not be a too big problem." I replied.

Naruto's mouth opened to reply something but soon he closed it. "Ah.. well it's your funeral.. Especially if she would start to like you.. she can be just as obsessed as Sakura if it's about boys. In grade school they were always fighting over boys, and stalking them. Ino can be pretty creepy if she likes someone."

Naruto then walked towards their table. I smirked, step 1 completed.

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