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Necessary background info:

Sandaime sealed the Kyuubi in Minato's stead, becoming a revered hero of the village and leaving the Yondaime to stabilize the shaken Konohagakure. Fourteen years later, Minato and Naruto are living on their own, with the latter recently having acquired the rank of Chuunin.

Naruto: 14
Minato: 35

"Mission report, summary of council meeting, mission report, mission report, marriage proposal, complaint, mission report, flyer from Ichiraku's - ohh, there's a new flavor on the menu, mission report, mission report... GAH! Why did I ever want to become Hokage?"

Minato groaned and slumped onto his desk, staring longingly out the window. It was a beautiful day outside, with the sun shining from a clear blue sky and a soft breeze rustling in the trees. He wished he could flambé all these stupid, meaningless reports and requests and apologies or whatever and oh my god, was that a marriage request for NARUTO?!

With a snarl he ripped the letter to shreds, not even bothering to find out who had sent it. He hated the way some of the clans tried to treat him and his son as chess pieces, pushing woman at them to connect their family to the Hokage. You would think that after fourteen years of him refusing to remarry after Kushina's death these stupid people would finally get a hint, but obviously they insisted on being stupid and on annoying him.

He sighed and propped his chin up on his hands, glancing at the clock. It was two in the afternoon and most of the employers in the administrative building were currently on their lunch break. Maybe he should take a break too, go down to Ichiraku's and buy lunch for himself and Naruto. Then again, as far as he knew his son was still on that B-rank mission with his team and could be back any time between today and three days from now.

He wilted a bit at that thought. The house was scarily empty without his little sunshine there jabbering on about kami knows what and tracking mud all over the house, and he missed the days when all Naruto did was boring D-rank missions. At least then Minato could be sure that his son would be home to greet him when he came staggering home from the office. Oh well, nothing he could change about that, he supposed. They all had to grow up one day.

He tried to concentrate on all the stupid paperwork again, but his mind kept wandering back to Naruto, wondering if he was alright, when he'd be back, what he'd want for dinner, how cute he looked when he fell asleep in his clothes because he was so exhausted from a long mission... Then again, he thought, cute really wasn't the appropriate term anymore lately. After that growth spurt a few months back he reached up to Minato's shoulders and where before he had been a little bit chubby, he now had really packed on some muscles and lost the baby fat. He had become rather handsome and - loath as Minato was to admit it - he had caught himself staring longer than was really appropriate lately.

He sighed again and wondered whether the councilmen were right. Maybe he should get himself a new partner to let off some steam, before his thoughts about his son became worse. Although, he smirked to himself, nobody could really blame him for thinking that way, considering that he had caught even Kakashi staring at the teen last week. Of course he would never allow Kakashi to touch his son like that, but-


He flinched as the shout shook the entire Hokage Tower, but the second he realized who had screamed just now he jumped up with an elated smile and casually threw the kunai that had somehow found its way into his hand over his shoulder, where it sank into one of the walls.

He was only halfway around his desk when his door was thrown open with enough force to make a dent in the wall behind it and a blond whirlwind raced into the room. Minato grinned brightly, opened his arms and braced himself, but that didn't stop Naruto from bringing them both to the ground as he jumped his father in a tackle-hug.

"DadDadDadDadDAD! You won't BELIEVE what happened on my mission! We had to protect this lady and Kakashi-sensei didn't pay attention and WHOOSH there were six ninja and I saved her life all on my own, and stupid Sasuke totally sucked 'cause he couldn't beat that stupid Bloodline Limit thing of this one guy but I beat the leader and saved the day and Kakashi said he was proud of me and then Hanako-chan's family threw a party and themmpf!"

Minato chuckled as Naruto pouted at him over the hand he had clamped over his son's mouth and sat up, forcing the teen to get off his chest and straddle his lap. A glance at the door showed him that his usual guards, Izumo and Kotetsu, were trying hard not to laugh at the picture presented to them, and he gave them a sunny smile.

"Please make sure that absolutely noone disturbs us while I debrief my son." The chunin nodded and closed the door, but before it closed completely he could hear his subordinates snickering and sighed to himself. Seriously, one day Naruto would make everyone lose all respect for their Hokage. Not that he minded.


His eyes snapped back to the blue seas mirroring his own and he grinned at the pout obvious in Naruto's eyes. Soooo cute.


His grin grew as he watched Naruto struggle fruitlessly against the hand clamped over his mouth, valiantly trying to dislodge it with both his hands and failing miserably. There was nothing quite as fun for Minato as teasing his little fox.


He snickered and decided to release Naruto in a few seconds, but before he could do so the smaller blond surprised him by opening his mouth and nipping at Minato's palm. The Hokage's eyes grew wide as a sharp zing of heat raced through him, several ideas of what else the teen could do with that mouth springing immediately to mind and ohmygod, was that his tongue?

He hastily snatched his hand away before his mind could get even more lost in the gutter and simply stared at the other with big eyes while Naruto got his breath back, loudly complaining about his father trying to suffocate him. Minato smiled sheepishly at the accusing glare sent his way and took a deep breath to calm down, but then he caught a frighteningly familiar scent and immediately froze.

"-nd seriously, I know you think it's funny to leave me here gasping for air but one day you'll regret that, you... uh... Dad?"

Naruto blinked in bewilderment as his father's amused and slightly guilty look suddenly turned into a deep frown. What was wrong? He squea- uhh... gave a manly cry of surprise when Minato abruptly stood up, lifting Naruto effortlessly to his feet, too, but not letting go of the boy's hips once they were both standing.

"There's fresh blood on you."

It was not a question and Naruto couldn't stop his eyes from guiltily glancing at his left arm as he heard the mix of anger and worry in his father's voice. Of course, Minato caught the look and before Naruto quite knew what was going on, he found himself sitting on the Hokage's desk and being carefully divested of his jacket.

"What happened?"

Naruto hated it when his father got like that. Sure, it was nice to see how much Minato cared about him, but at the same time his father always became so tense and serious, his mouth drawn into a guilty frown... as if he thought it was his fault that his son had gotten hurt. Of course that was a ridiculous idea, since it was Naruto's own fault if he wasn't fast enough to get out of the way, but no matter what he said or how often they argued about it, Minato always felt guilty about being the one to send his son out on these missions in the first place.

"It's not that bad.", he murmured as the taller blond rolled the sleeve of his black shirt back. Beneath it, his entire left forearm was sloppily bandaged and a red stain was slowly growing on the gauze. Damn, Naruto thought, seemed like his greeting had been a bit too enthusiastic. The wound had reopened.

Minato sighed heavily and made Naruto shuffle back a bit on the desk so that he could get at the drawer in which the first aid box was stashed. The injury must have been really bad if Kyuubi still hadn't healed it...

"Tell me what happened?"

The Hokage's voice was quiet and Naruto nodded at his father's request, beginning to talk as the man carefully peeled off the gauze sticky with blood.

"Like I said, I fought the leader of the team that was sent to kill Hanako-chan. He mainly used wire supplemented with several poisons." Minato grimaced at the barely healed bloody cuts the bandages revealed and wondered what the hell the damn fox was doing. Why wasn't he healing Naruto?

"Kyuubi took care of the more lethal stuff, but for the finishing blow I had to get close to him and let him wrap some wire around my arm to get him off balance. Turns out that on said wire was some kind of chakra blocking poison, and 'cause of that, neither Kyuubi nor Sakura-chan can heal this. The flesh around the wound is rejecting chakra right now, so I guess it'll have to heal naturally."

Minato nodded somberly at his son's explanation and continued to wind a fresh bandage around the teen's arm, having washed most of the blood off. "You really have to be more careful. Some poisons are lethal enough that even with the Kyuubi they could incapacitate you. And even if the poison doesn't kill you, there's still the enemy. It'd be easy to use the time you need to recover to finish you off. Understood?"

Naruto nodded wordlessly, cowed by the harsh truth in his father's words. Of course he knew that he wasn't immune against toxins, but now that he thought about it, he had been rather careless in his fight against that ninja. What if it had been some fast-acting acid instead? The razor wire had wrapped completely around his forearm and the only thing keeping it from severing his arm had been his bones, the steel cutting through his flesh effortlessly. Acid could have seriously harmed the bones, or worse, it could have melted straight through them, and then where would his arm be? He suddenly felt compelled to once again thank fate for his dumb luck.


The teen started and looked down, only to find his arm neatly wrapped. Huh, that had been quick. Meanwhile, Minato sighed and sat down in his comfy Hokage-chair, pushing a stray lock out of his eyes. It could have been a lot worse, he supposed. Maybe now that the wound would take a few weeks to heal, Naruto would even learn something from the whole thing and start to be more careful with his body.

"Hey Dad?"

The man looked back to his son only to find that he had scooted to the edge of the desk, his lower legs dangling comfortably in the air. "Hn?"

"Come here."

Minato raised an eyebrow at Naruto's request and suspiciously innocent smile, but complied anyway and pushed his chair forward so that he was sitting in between his son's legs, for once having to look up at the teen.

"What is it?"

Naruto grinned mischievously and leaned forward, planting his feet on the armrests on each side of his father. He knew it wasn't a very smart thing to do, but the opportunity was just too perfect to resist. Minato wasn't drawing back, only watching him with confused and slightly apprehensive eyes, and before he could even really start to agonize over his idiotic idea, Naruto bridged the rest of the distance between them and licked his father's cheek.

Minato froze, all brain activity being put on hold as he felt his son's hot tongue against his skin. What the hell...? He felt heat spread over his face and knew he must be blushing like crazy, but that didn't stop his body from feeling a pleasant shiver run down his spine as Naruto licked and sucked at his skin. A small part of him wondered faintly why the blond teen was doing this in the first place, but he quickly forgot all about that when Naruto's mouth slowly wandered down his cheek, clearly aiming for his mouth. Would he really kiss him? He couldn't say he didn't want it, but...

The teen paused at the corner of his father's mouth, unsure whether he really should go through with this, before deciding against it. Although he hadn't been pushed away yet and Minato wasn't protesting, it could simply be that he was too shocked to do anything. Better back off and laugh the whole thing off as a joke. Or maybe...

The Hokage blinked as instead of closing that last bit of distance, Naruto suddenly drew back and sat upright again, grinning and looking for all the world as if what he had just done was perfectly normal. Minato opened his mouth to say something, even though he didn't yet know what, but was stopped when Naruto laughed lightly and playfully tugged at a strand of the man's hair.

"There was blood on your cheek. I just got it off for you."

Minato blinked slowly, trying to understand how what his son had just done equaled getting some blood off his face, and failing miserably.

"Are you alright?"

Naruto's question sounded innocent as he leaned forward again, bringing himself at eye level with his father, but his thoughts were anything but. After all, it was pretty hard not to notice the way Minato's breathing had sped up, or the blush on his cheeks, or the way his pupils had dilated...

"Uh, ye- yeah. I'm alright. Why shouldn't I be?"

The older man smiled shakily, telling himself that he was interpreting way too much into what had just happened and that he should best just forget all about it, because surely Naruto hadn't meant it like that.

"I don't know. You tell me."

Minato almost choked on his breath at the husky quality his son's voice had suddenly taken on. And that look he was giving him... he felt another wave of heat run through his body and carefully leaned back in his seat, needing to get away at least a little bit. He couldn't do this. This was Naruto, for goodness' sake, he couldn't feel attracted to his own son. Sure, he was supposed to love and care for the teen, but that did not include dragging him into his bed.

He threw another quick glance at Naruto only to find him still staring at him with that predatory gaze and hastily looked away again, taking a deep breath. He had to break the atmosphere, then the teen could go home and they could forget about this... thing, whatever it was.

"Look, Naruto, why don't you go home already? I still have to stay here for a few more hours, but I'll be home for dinner. Okay?"

Minato flinched when he felt a hand slide into his hair and settle at the base of his neck, gently twisting a few strands of hair between bloody fingers.

"I think I want to stay here."

"Naruto, please..." He wasn't even sure for what he was asking, but he hated how weak he sounded. This was all so wrong.

"Please what?"

"Please- please just go. I have a lot of work to do and I'm sure you're exhausted. I promise we'll talk once I get home, but now really isn't a good time."

"With you, there's never a good time..." Minato frowned at his son's wistful tone and looked up from beneath his lashes, trying to ignore the fingertips ghosting over his cheek. What did the teen mean by that? Did he spend too much time at the office? Hadn't he been there enough for his son lately? Worry and guilt started to gnaw at him.

"I'm sorry I haven't been there enough. If you just wait until tonight-" Minato was shocked speechless as the grip on his hair suddenly got painfully tight and Naruto yanked his head upright, forcing him to meet his son's eyes straight on.

"I'm sick of waiting and wanting and you feeling guilty." Another sharp yank at his hair.

"Ouch! What do you-" He was cut off as Naruto's lips crushed hotly against his, a slick tongue sneaking into his still open mouth before he could even quite comprehend what was going on. The teen's tongue eagerly explored this new playground and Minato couldn't quite suppress a groan as it made contact with his own, pushing against it and trying to get him to reciprocate.

His hands scrambled for Naruto's shoulders, his thoughts chaotic as his son's tongue wreaked havoc on his control. He needed to- but it felt so-and Naruto wanted- maybe he could- no! He had to- He sharply ordered himself to stop this madness and abruptly stood up, pushing Naruto down onto the desk and breaking the kiss.

"Naruto! What the hell do you think you're doing!", he snappend and gnashed his teeth, anger (that was good, safe, better than confusion, better than lust) bubbling up in him as the blond teen met his gaze with unrepentant eyes.

"What does it look like? I kissed you! And you wanted it!"

"Wante- are you crazy?" Minato pushed down on his son's shoulders harshly, going with force to express his fury as words failed him. Naruto winced as a pencil or something dug into his back, but refused to back down, instead grabbing onto his father's arms.

"I'm not crazy, I'm being honest - unlike you!"

"Honest? God, Naruto, do you have any- don't you see that this is wrong?! You're my son!"

"You can preach all you want, but don't think I haven't noticed the way you look at me!"

Minato wanted to object, to make his son understand how horrible the consequences would be, to get away from his office and forget anything ever happened - but the words got stuck in his throat as Naruto ground his hips against him. The teen's hands grabbed at Minato's collar and yanked him down, flush against the smaller body.

"You can't tell me you don't want this."

Naruto ground his hips against his father's again to make his point, smirking in satisfaction as he felt the other shudder. He knew Minato wanted it just as much as he did, so why was he protesting so much?


He had intended to sound firm and disapproving, but instead the Hokage's voice came out lusty and breathless and he winced at himself. He was supposed to have himself under control, to stop this from happening, and most importantly, to not encourage his son. He tried again.

"Look, Naruto, we can't-"

"Just shut up."

He barely managed to suppress the moan begging to be let out as Naruto's lips sought his out again, the firm grip on his collar preventing him from drawing back. He tried to anyway, attempting to push himself off of his son, but all he accomplished was that Naruto wrapped his legs around his waist to keep him there. He knew it would be easy for him to knock his son out and get away if he really wanted to, but... that was the problem, wasn't it? He didn't want to.

Still, he couldn't allow this. He turned his head away, closing his eyes with an exhausted sigh as he felt his son's hot breath against his face. He needed to make Naruto understand what he was trying to get them into, needed to make him see how far-reaching the consequences could be.

"I'm too powerful for them to sentence me to prison, but I would have to give up my position as Hokage and leave the village. You could probably stay since you were taken advantage of, but you'd have to live with the rumours."


"Also, I wouldn't be able to see you ever again. You'd be put under Anbu supervision, which would make taking missions outside the village impossible for you, provided that they even allow you to let you stay a ninja. The public embarrassment of the village would probably be enough to set you back to genin for several years anyway."

"I don't-"

"Your friends probably wouldn't want to have anything to do with you anymore, no matter whether you tell them you were taken advantage of or say it was consensual. Things like incest are really frowned upon here, despite the clans, so the social stigma-"

"Listen! I don't care what the village would think, if they banned you I would go with you! And I know we can keep this a secret, I mean, you're the freaking Hokage! We'll just have to be careful. And-and you're not denying that you want this, so does that mean...?"

Minato refused to open his eyes, not ready to admit to the truth yet. Once he did, he knew he could never take it back. Once he did, he knew he couldn't deny Naruto's words anymore.

"Dad? I-I love you. You know that, right? This is not some fling where my hormones get the better of me or something stupid like that, I mean-I just. I love you. And whether we go through with this or not, my feelings won't change."

Minato felt like something twisted in his chest at those words, suppressing the urge to answer something stupid like I love you too. Even if- even if what Naruto said was true, even if the teen's feelings were real and not just a little crush mixed with sexual attraction... in the end allowing anything between them to happen would always be wrong. His son was still so young - barely fourteen, for God's sake, it would not only be incest, it would also be statutory rape - he had his whole life ahead of him. How could Minato allow himself to tie the teen down like that?

"M-Minato?" The man jumped to attention at his name, unused to hearing it from his own son, and glanced down at Naruto's somber gaze, belatedly realizing that they were still incredibly close. He had never known that there were tiny flecks of red-tinted violet in his son's sky blue eyes.

"I know that you think this - thing - is wrong. But... but when I'm with you I feel warm and loved and I can be myself without being afraid of the consequences. You make me feel like I'm the most important thing in the world and I want to make you feel the same way, I want to touch you and feel you and just-just be closer to you. I want..." His voice broke as frustrated tears pricked at the corner of his eyes and he added in a whisper, "I don't want to think what I feel is wrong."

Minato felt his determination waver, overcome by the need to kiss the single tear rolling down his son's cheek away. He didn't- he hadn't meant to make Naruto cry, in fact, never wanted to see him cry, but he had and he did and now he felt like the world's lowest bastard.

He leaned down and caught the tear with his lips, nuzzling his cheek against the teen's in an attempt to comfort him. He needed to say something, needed to respond to Naruto practically presenting his heart on a silver platter, but he was starting to ask himself what would hurt his son more - rejection now or what would happen if they were found out later.

"Naruto... I-I just don't know if-" Oh god, where to start, what to say. Minato took a deep breath. "Don't think I don't love you, because I do, and I also... I think you're attractive and I...I... Naruto, look..I just can't! You're barely fourteen and when you're older you'll regret your choices and I don't- I don't want to lose you. You're my most precious person and if I were to lose you after everyone else... I don't know what I'd do."

Naruto's hands, until then clenching his father's collar in a tight grip, wandered behind Minato's neck and interlaced there, giving the man more room to move if he felt the need to. It took him a few moments to find the right words, but when he did, he knew that there really wasn't anything else he could say.

"I'm not asking for us to last forever, Dad. One of us could fall in love with someone else or die on a mission or we could get into a fight and break up. I know that. But I think... I think we should give this a chance. It would make you happy, and it would make me happy. And if it ends for some reason then you wouldn't lose me, because no matter how long ago it was that I fell in love with you, you've always been and you'll always be my father, and that's a connection nothing can break. So... can you- will you give us a chance?"

A little voice inside his head still insisted that no, you can't give the two of you that chance, because it's wrong and you know it, Minato, but it was growing more and more quiet and he wondered how long it would be before it was silenced completely. He could taste Naruto's breath on his lips, warm, familiar and a bit salty, with that hint of blood and steel that clung to all ninja, and he asked himself if what they could have was worth the risk.

There really only was one possible answer.

Naruto breathed a silent sigh of relief, his tense shoulders relaxing as their lips met again, his mouth opening to get more of that addicting taste he had stolen minutes ago. For a moment there he had honestly thought Minato would say no and walk away...

The sound that escaped the taller blond as he felt his son's tongue against his lips, begging for entrance, was more whimper than moan and he willingly opened his mouth, finally allowing himself to feel what he wanted all along. Maybe what he was doing was dangerous, and maybe he should have run from the room twenty minutes ago, but it felt perfect in a way he hadn't ever experienced before and he promised himself then and there that he would never regret what he had done and was going to do on that day, no matter what.

Naruto moaned as Minato's full weight pressed him into the desk, allowing him to feel every inch of that sinuous body. This was exactly what he had wanted, what he had dreamed of for so many months now that it had been driving him crazy. He didn't know if something had triggered it or if the attraction had always been there, but when Sasuke had woken him up a few months back because he had a 'nightmare' and kept crying out for his father... well. Denial was really hard to keep a hold of in the face of something like that.

Now that he was finally allowing himself to think about what he was actually doing it became obvious to Minato that Naruto had never kissed anyone seriously before. It made him more than giddy to be the first, but he also resolved to teach his son everything he knew on the subject. Not to say he was bad, but there was always room for improvement. The thought made him smirk lightly as he drew back a bit, not even giving Naruto time for a sound of protest before he leaned in for another kiss, but this time it was clearly him calling the shots.

He softly brushed his lips against the teen's, refusing to open his mouth when he felt his son's tongue until Naruto got the hint and ceased trying, relaxing against the table. Minato smiled again and started to nibble and bite at Naruto's lips, drawing a little gasp from the teen when he pulled the other's lower lip between his teeth and worried it softly. He could see a heated blush crawling over the blond's cheeks as he slowly and deliberately began to map out his son's mouth, tongues moving languorously against each other.

Almost without his conscious approval Minato's hands started to wander down the teen's body and he felt Naruto breathe in sharply as his hands rested on his son's hips, his fingers slipping under the shirt to draw little circles on the smooth skin. For a terrifying moment he thought that he had gone too far, that this wasn't what Naruto wanted at all, but then the teen arched his back for more contact and Minato moaned into the other's mouth at the friction the movement provided.

He left Naruto's mouth at that point and started to lick and bite his way down to his son's neck, delighted by the way the teen turned his head away to give him more room. He carefully worked over every last inch of skin he could reach without actually undressing his son, smiling in satisfaction when Naruto gave a quiet moan as he reached the hollow behind his ear. This was so much better than anything he had ever dared to imagine, alone the taste... Even twenty years from now he would still remember it.

Naruto mewled as Minato bit down on his neck just hard enough to send a thrill of pleasure down his spine, his head still spinning from that mind-blowing kiss his father had given him. God, if he had known how good this would feel he would have tried to do something about their relationship ages ago. He decided that it was high time for him to get active too, and slid his hands from behind his father's neck down his back, Minato's usual coat bunching up beneath his palms. He tugged at it impatiently, wanting to feel skin beneath his hands, but before he could get farther than pushing it down his father's shoulders Minato suddenly stood up.

Some small part of him froze up in dread of what it could mean, but before he could start to protest the taller blond shrugged his coat off and caught it before it could fall to the floor with a practised move. A slow smile grew on the teen's face, but that quickly changed to a frown as Minato ordered, "Sit up."

He wasn't sure what to expect, but since the heat hadn't left his father's gaze he sat up, relishing in the feeling of being once again flush against Minato since the man hadn't stepped back. He leaned around Naruto and- the teen gaped as all the carefully stacked paperwork was sent flying.

Minato chuckled softly at his son's dumbfounded expression and chucked his coat onto the chair, explaining his actions with a teasing grin, "I thought this might be more comfortable for you, but if you are into the whole pain-thing..."

For a moment Naruto didn't understand, caught too off-guard and mind still hazy with lust, but then he got it and screeched in outrage. "You better not be implying that I'm a masochist!"

At that Minato laughed out loud, unable to resist pressing a quick kiss to his son's pouting mouth, but before it could go too far he lightly pushed against Naruto's shoulder, silently telling him that he wanted him to lay down again. The teen followed his directions and grumbled a bit, but that quickly died out when Minato grabbed the hem of his own shirt and pulled it over his head in one fluid motion, revealing a tanned chest riddled with dozens of scars.

Naruto swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. So many times Minato could have died... had almost died. He resolved to find and taste each and every single scar on his father's body, and to get the man to tell him what had caused them. Although he had lived his whole life with him, there were still secrets, and he wanted to know more, get closer.

Minato noticed his son's gaze but didn't comment on it, instead leaning down to initiate a slow and gentle kiss. Naruto's arms came up and around his neck again and calloused hands started to knead his nape and shoulders, following each scar they found with their fingertips. The taller blond shivered at the contact, unused to it after so much time of denying himself anything but platonic relationships.

The kiss was slowly growing frenzied, Minato's need being spurred on by the hands stroking down his back, but he froze when they didn't stop there. Fingertips dipped into his waistband, then wandered around until they were in position to work on his belt buckle. He was jarred back into action when Naruto harshly bit down on his lip, then licked apologetically at the drops of blood collecting at the corner of his mouth. Minato moaned softly at the delicious pleasure mixed with just a little sting of pain and shuddered at the sound of his belt being unbuckled.

His hands were back under Naruto's shirt, slowly stroking up the - thanks to Kyuubi - completely unblemished skin, fascinated by the way the teen's muscles rippled beneath his skin at every touch. His son's shirt had bunched up over his chest and he thought that it was high time to get rid of it, but before he could formulate a plan Naruto's hands dipped into his pants and suddenly, it was all he could do to remain standing. He had to put a faintly trembling hand onto the desk to support his weight, or he wouldn't have been able to keep himself from crushing the teen as his son's hand brashly closed around his erection, ripping something between a mewl and a whimper from his lips.

Naruto watched in fascination as his normally always composed father screwed up his eyes in pleasure, a dark blush staining his cheeks and low moans tumbling from his lips. The view alone made heat churn in his stomach, but the feel of his hands sliding back and forth over his father's cock was what really set his blood on fire. He wanted to make Minato scream his name, to look him in the eyes as he tumbled over the edge, to touch him and taste him and-

"Oh god, Naruto!" Minato couldn't keep quiet anymore as his son's fingers danced over the head of his arousal, smearing a little bit of precum and making him see stars. He was dangerously close to ending this sooner than he wanted to and knew that he had to stop before Naruto managed to make him come with his hands alone, but it felt so good...

The teen bit his lip as Minato rested his head on the younger one's shoulder, his hot panting breath brushing over Naruto's neck. He could feel his father tremble slightly, the thought that it was him causing Minato to lose all composure like that spurring him on even more and he twisted his hand over his father's cock, shivering at the breathy moan spilling against his throat.

One moment he was about to fulfill one of his oldest fantasies, the next Naruto found his hands pinned above his head and his shirt sailing across the room to God knows where. Although he wasn't complaining, since not a second later a hot mouth attached itself to his chest and he was left moaning and gasping for breath as Minato bit and sucked at his left nipple, sending little electric shocks through his whole body. He dimly noted a hand working to unzip his pants, but he was unable to draw his gaze away from the sight of his father doing wicked things to his chest.

Minato concentrated on the taste of his son's skin, on unzipping Naruto's pants, on the way the teen involuntarily strained against the hold on his wrists, on anything but the painfully hard arousal in his pants, because if he allowed himself to think about it for even one second he was going to lose what little was left of his self-control. His mouth mapped out Naruto's chest, leaving a trail of saliva and red spots in its wake, while his hand dipped inside the now open pants, tugging them down until hip bones and just a tuft of blonde hair were visible. Beneath him, the teen was panting for breath, little mewls and moans tumbling from his lips without even being aware of it.

He took a deep, steadying breath to get some measure of composure back, then he slowly started to wander downwards, his tongue following the dip between Naruto's faintly visible six-pack. He had to release his hold on his son's wrist when he got too far away, but the teen didn't even really notice, instead choosing to clutch at the edge of the desk above his head. He wasn't sure how far Naruto was willing to go, but for now his moans made it blatantly obvious that he approved, so he went even lower and dipped his tongue into his son's bellybutton, barely beating down the overwhelming urge to do something rash (flip him over and just take him, ohgod need it so badly) when Naruto arched against him, groaning loudly.

He did it again, mentally noting the spot as especially sensitive when he got the exact same reaction, only that the groan was even louder this time. He hoped that he would be able to do this several times more in the near future, but because he couldn't be sure he dipped his tongue in once again, then bit softly at the skin just next to it and smiling proudly as Naruto gasped his name, one of his hands snapping down to tangle in Minato's hair.

Still, he left it at that, deciding that as enticing as Naruto's reactions were, for now he had another goal in mind. He wandered lower and to the side, sucking at the hollow where hips met thigh, while his hands started to get rid of the teen's boots and then of the pants. He left the boxers on, unsure whether Naruto would allow it and needing to make sure the boy knew what was going to happen if he didn't stop Minato soon.

"Naruto?" He waited until blue eyes had focused on him and the haze of lust had receded enough for him to be sure that his son was really listening. "Are you... really sure about this? Because if you allow me to go any further I'm not sure I will be able to stop."

The teen snapped to attention at that, noticing the uncertainty in his father's voice, which in his opinion, was completely unnecessary. He frowned lightly and cocked his head to the side, trying to concentrate on the issue at hand and not on Minato's mouth so deliciously close to the tent in his underwear.

"Dad, you do remember that I am the one who came on to you, right? And that I love you and am quite in favour of the idea of you fucking me on your desk, 'cause that's kinky as hell?"

Minato involuntarily made a little sound at the back of his throat at his son's candid words, trying to get past the mental images they had conjured up to actually form a grammatically correct sentence. He blinked several times, then asked the first question that made it past the haze.

"When did you become such a pervert?"

Naruto incredulously raised an eyebrow, a light grin stealing onto his features. "Remember when you made Jiraiya my guardian when you had to go on this long-ass mission to negotiate with the Mizukage?"

Minato growled, immediately drawing all the right conclusions. "I'm going to kill him. I told him specifically not to let you read Icha Icha."

The teen shrugged, figuring that he should alleviate the old pervert's punishment at least a little bit.

"Well, he didn't give them to me at first, I found them on my own. After that, though, he gave me the whole collection 'cause he thought I'd make a good proof-reader. Anyway, could we please get on with it now?" He gave a little thrust with his hips and stroked his hand up his chest, reminding Minato quite successfully of what he was about to do.

"'Cause looking at you down there is giving me all kinds of ideas and I don't know how long I'll be able to hold out."

Minato dropped his head on Naruto's stomach and laughed, the whole situation simply so crazy that he found there really wasn't anything else to do. He continued to chuckle as the teen whined at the sensation of hot breath spilling over his skin and he even kept on grinning as he clasped Naruto's waistband in his teeth and started to get rid of the shorts for good.

Naruto held his breath as he stared at what his father was doing, the picture alone arousing enough to make his head spin. To be honest, he wasn't half as sure as he had just sounded, this was his first time after all, but at the same time, his body was practically burning up with need. He watched as Minato wandered down, down, down... hey, that was too far! He blushed hotly at being completely naked, but still made a small sound of protest as Minato chose to bite and nibble at his inner thigh instead of concentrating on his more than obvious arousal. Not that it didn't feel good... in fact, it felt more than good. He moaned and threw his head back, once again clutching at the edge of the desk with both hands as his father raked his nails up his son's bare thigh.

Minato meanwhile was fighting with himself. On one hand, he wanted to keep teasing Naruto, but on the other, the musky scent of his arousal alone was enough to make him dizzy. He sucked at a spot on his son's inner thigh, leaving a dark red hickey, then went inwards, raking his fingertips up the teen's lower leg once more and enjoying the way a shudder went through his whole body.

He finally gave Naruto what he wanted and clasped his son's cock in one hand, pressing the other flat against the hipbone to hold him down and carefully licked at the head. The teen's body gave a jerk and Minato had never been more glad for the silencing seals inscribed in the walls of the Hokage's office than he was now. He started moving his hand up and down in a slow, firm rhythm, eyes fixated on his son's face to take in every little change in his expression.

Naruto bit his lip, trying to keep his voice down after that initial embarrassing almost-scream, but it was rather hard to do so, considering his father's calloused hands kept stroking him, a tongue occasionally flickering out to lick at the sensitive skin and driving him crazy. Little groans and gasps escaped him, but even as embarrassed as he was he couldn't help but look at Minato from beneath lowered lashes, the heat in that gaze expanding to the whole room and making him breathless.

"God, Dad, please! I need..." His voice trailed off, unable to finish the sentence as the hand around his cock tightened, stroking up and down faster.

Minato could quite honestly say that he'd never seen anything as hot as his own son panting and moaning his father's name, pleading for more. His free hand began to draw circles on Naruto's lower stomach, unable to keep still, while he leaned forward and closed his mouth around the teen's arousal, forcing a guttural groan from him. The only clear thought that went through his head as he slowly slid downwards until nothing more would fit, Naruto nearly sobbing above him, was that the taste was absolutely addicting. He started to suck up and down, varying the tempo and pressure, sometimes using just his tongue, sometimes scraping his teeth against skin.

Naruto was writhing on the table, his whole world reduced to that deliciously hot mouth on his cock and the pleasure coursing through his body. He wanted this to last forever, but he was rather aware of his climax approaching rapidly. He subconsciously started moving his hips with Minato's movements as much as he could, considering that his father's free hand was still mostly holding him down, and moaned loudly as their bodies worked together. He couldn't think of anything that had ever felt better than Minato's tongue on his cock did right then, and if the price was to be shunned by their village one day, then he would gladly pay it over and over.

Minato was getting breathless when the teen started moving with him, his own pants painfully tight. He needed release, and badly, but he had to prepare Naruto first, or he could really hurt him. With that in mind he drew back and released his son's arousal, ignoring the teen's distressed whine, and instead sucked his middle finger into his mouth until it was dripping with saliva.

Meanwhile, Naruto was confused about why his father had suddenly stopped. Panting, he propped himself up on his elbows to be able to look down, only to nearly fall flat on his back when he saw Minato sucking on his own fingers and understood what was going to happen. He had never touched himself there, although he had been curious after he had seen some of the stuff in Jiraiya's books. He waited with bated breath as Minato put the finger against his hole with just a little bit of pressure, gasping silently at the strange sensation, but suddenly the mouth was back on his cock, hot and wet and perfect, and he choked on his own moan as he felt the finger push inside him. A whole barrage of new sensations crashed upon him and he screamed as he felt what little control he had had left in him snap, making him arch up sharply as his release hit him.

Minato groaned as he felt Naruto constricting around him and tasted his come in his mouth, his eyes half-closing without his conscious consent as he swallowed and tried to etch the expression on his son's face into his memory. So hot... He carefully thrust his finger in and out of the teen, making him arch his back again and again even after he was spent, his now quiet moans and whimpers sounding through the room like the calm after - or rather, before the storm.

Bliss coursing through his body like thick molasses, Naruto blankly stared at the ceiling, waiting for the room to stop spinning as his body was assaulted again and again by the sensation of something moving inside him. It felt strange, and unusual, but also really, really good, and he couldn't help moving against the intrusion, enjoying the way his father's finger slid over his muscles. He was getting closer to being able to think again, the idea of what was still before them slowly coming back and making that simmering heat in his stomach reappear, when Minato suddenly stood up and pulled his finger out, then walked away.

"Hey! What're you doing?" Naruto cringed a bit at how whiny he sounded, but his father only laughed and started to rifle through two shelves of random trinkets that had likely been gifts from ambassadors at one point in time.

"I'm sure there's some lube here somewhere. Jiraiya always plants a few bottles in here, says one has to be prepared for anything, but I know he just likes how embarrassed the secretaries get when they find a bottle."

The teen guffawed at the mental image of uptight Nanako-san, the fifty year old secretary, blushing as she found a bottle of lube while searching for new paper clips. He could definitely see why Jiraiya was doing this.

"Although it does get annoying. Some kunoichi think it's a subtle way of propositioning them, so I sometimes find myself with a lap full of naked woman before I even know what's going on."

Okay, suddenly the whole deal wasn't as funny anymore.

"That's why I usually try to get rid of all bottles, it's embarrassing as hell for everyone, but he always slips some in anywh-Aha! There's one!"

Naruto perked up as Minato waved a small green bottle around victoriously, curious to see the stuff that was going to be... well, inside him. He was disappointed, since his father was back and kneeling between his legs again before he could get a good look. For the first time in what must have been twenty minutes or more he became aware of just how shamelessly he was presenting himself to Minato and flushed a bit, trying to close his legs, but hands on his inner thighs stopped him and he blushed harder as he caught his father's wicked smirk.

"Nothing I haven't seen before." The grin grew brighter, just as Naruto's blush did, and the teen averted his gaze with a pout. He wondered where his confidence from earlier had vanished to, but quickly forgot about that train of thought when he heard the cap of the bottle pop open. He watched spellbound as Minato let a clear fluid smelling vaguely of limes trickle over the fingers of his right hand, his breath speeding up in anticipation of what was to come.

Minato himself wasn't faring half as well as he seemed to on the outside. The only thing keeping him from simply jumping his son and fucking him senseless was an Anbu meditation technique and his hand shook slightly as he carefully pushed two fingers inside Naruto. At first the teen tensed, but after a few moments he got used to the slick intrusion and relaxed, allowing Minato to start thrusting his digits slowly in and out of that tight body. His ears picked up on the way Naruto's breathing hitched and sped up again and he smiled, pushing his fingers a little deeper, twisting them just like that and- "OhmyGODMinatooo!"

The man bit his lip as Naruto arched up, his body tense like a tightly coiled spring, before he slumped back on the desk, panting for breath and eyes unfocused. He dribbled some more lube on his fingers and carefully pushed a third in before twisting them just the same way as before, making the teen scream once again, although he couldn't move too much since Minato's left hand was back on his hip and holding him down.

He leaned forward and took his son's arousal in his mouth, eliciting simultaneous groans from both Naruto and himself as he tasted the remnants of the teen's come on the slowly hardening flesh. He started to thrust his fingers in and out in a slow rhythm, sometimes scissoring them to further stretch the tight hole while licking and sucking on the teen's cock. Soon, Naruto was back to moaning incoherently, moving his hips to work with Minato's rhythm and writhing on the table.

The teen's head was spinning as he gasped for breath, hardly able to believe that he could feel even better than he had just minutes ago. But the way those fingers were twisting inside of him... He gave a piercing whine as Minato brushed his fingertips over that spot again, dissolving Naruto's world into spinning lights and suffocating pleasure. He wondered how people ever managed to do anything else when sex was so unbelievably awesome, and then came to the conclusion that they must all be crazy as he felt his father's teeth scrape against his arousal.

When Naruto started to adapt to his rhythm Minato deemed him as prepared as he was going to get and withdrew both his hand and mouth, making the teen growl in protest. He stood up and pushed his pants down just enough for him to get his erection out, biting his lip as he imagined Naruto's tight heat around him. He was extremely aware of the teen's eyes following his hands as he squirted a liberal amout of lube onto them and slicked himself up, quietly moaning at the sensation of his own calloused hands on his cock.

"You are really, absolutely, a hundred percent sure about this?" He hesitantly looked up to meet Naruto's gaze, almost afraid of finding doubt or fear there, but all he encountered was lust mixed with eagerness and need.

"Definitely." Naruto smiled at his father's hesitancy, trying to tell him everything was alright with that gesture alone. He knew he probably should say more, or try to be more convincing, but all he could really think about was that his father was really going to fuck him any moment now and the wait was driving him crazy.

Minato took a deep breath and positioned his arousal at his son's entrance, quietly whispering to himself, "I'm so going to hell for this." Then, in an agonizingly slow and careful movement, he pushed forward, his grip on Naruto's hips becoming almost painful as the heat and sheer tightness of the teen's hole assaulted his senses.

"Oh god...", he panted and stopped halfway, putting his trembling hands on the table as he clenched his eyes shut. Beneath him, Naruto whimpered and bucked his hips, making Minato clench his teeth. He needed to get a grip on himself, but it had been so long since he had done anything like this that now he already teetered on the edge of his orgasm, and wouldn't it be embarrassing as hell to come after barely three minutes? He leaned up and captured Naruto's lips with his own, initiating a slow kiss designed to distract and calm him down a bit.

The teen mewled against his father's lips, bucking his hips once again to try and get the older one to move. Minato was definitely bigger than his fingers had been and it was just a little bit painful, but at the same time the pressure inside him was simply delicious. If only he'd freaking move already...

Finally Minato felt like he had himself under enough control to draw this out a bit and released Naruto's mouth, standing up straight and gripping his son's hips to tug him closer to the edge of the desk. The teen moaned as his father slid deeper inside of him and closed his eyes, turning all his attention to the mind-numbing pleasure as Minato carefully drew back and started to thrust inside of him, setting a slow but intense rhythm that was sure to drive Naruto mad in a matter of minutes.

He threw his head back and almost sobbed at a particularly deep thrust, trying to rush words past his panting breath. "Oh god, Dad, so good, please-more, please!" He wanted to say more, to beg Minato to fuck him harder, but every time his father sank into him with that horribly deliberate slowness his world did a funny twist and it got more and more difficult to concentrate on what he was saying until suddenly, his father broke the rhythm with one especially sharp thrust and Naruto gave a short scream, all words forgotten.

Minato was panting as hard as Naruto, the incredible heat and tightness surrounding his cock making it almost impossible to keep the agonizingly slow pace up. The expression of utter pleasure and wanton abandon on the teen's face made him want to go faster and harder, fuck his son into the table until he was screaming his name for all the world to hear, but he also wanted to make this last. Naruto's words kept arousing him even more and he had to give a sharper, irregular thrust to turn them into incoherent moans instead.

He leaned back a bit and looked down, involuntarily breaking his rhythm as he watched his arousal slide in and out of his son's tight hole. Minato gasped for breath, deciding that he definitely needed more, now. He grabbed Naruto's right leg and lifted it up so that it was laying over his shoulder, biting his lip as he leaned forward and used the new angle to reach even deeper inside the teen. His hips sped up, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh supplementing Naruto's constant moans and cries beautifully, and as he leaned down to capture the teen's lips in a heated kiss the movement forced his son's hips further up and suddenly Naruto was wailing, his whole body writhing against the table in an effort to match Minato's rhythm.

Naruto was in heaven. Yeah, the position was kind of uncomfortable, beads of sweat were running down his arched back and tickling him and he was pretty sure that if it weren't for Kyuubi, he'd have bruises from the hardwood desk, but all that paled in comparison to the sensation of his father fucking him, his cock moving inside his ass and reaching so deep, so hard, so utterly perfect...

Something shifted again as Minato leaned down to kiss him and suddenly there was a whole new level of intensity as his father's cock brushed up against that amazing spot inside Naruto again, and he couldn't be quite sure but thought that maybe he was screaming. He couldn't bring himself to care though, not when a hot tongue plundered his mouth, it's movement mimicking Minato's rhythm almost perfectly and he tried to get enough leverage to meet his father's thrusts but couldn't.

He made frustrated sound and wrapped his arms around Minato's neck, using the hold to buck up against the larger body and moaning loudly as he was lucky enough to fall into his father's rhythm on his first try. Above him, Minato was constanly groaning and gasping too, his eyes clenched shut and his face flushed with pleasure as he panted out words, all inhibitions long since forgotten.

"So hot, god Naruto, wanted this for so long, so perfect-" Lips and teeth against the blond's collar bone and he buried his hands in his father's hair, a broken moan in his throat as he gasped for breath. "-love your tight ass, fuck, so tight-"

Then Minato was gone from his reach and standing upright again, Naruto's left leg suddenly over the other shoulder and the teen thought his voice might just give out on him as his father sped up even more, pounding into the younger body with all his might. His hands clutched at the edge of the desk again, his firm hold the only thing preventing him from being shoved clean off the desk by Minato's powerful thrusts and he was sure his nails must be leaving gauges in the wood.

He threw his head back at a particularly hard thrust that made his stomach tighten in anticipation and wondered hazily when he had started moving in perfect synch with his father, but forgot all about that again when one of Minato's hand's left his hips and trailed up his leg until it clasped his foot. He blinked dazedly, meeting his father's burning gaze and mewled incoherently as the man turned his head to the side and started to bite and nibble at Naruto's ankle, his smouldering eyes never leaving the teen's.

He wasn't sure exactly what about the action was so sexy but every flash of white teeth against his sunburned skin brought him closer to his orgasm and he closed his eyes, wanting, needing this to last just a little longer, every second more precious than he could ever have imagined. He felt like he was on fire, every last nerve in his body screaming with pleasure and the air was so heavy with the scent of sex and sweat and limes that he thought he should be choking, but all he could do was moan his father's name over and over again.

"So good, Dad, love you so much, please more, oh god, please give me more-" Naruto's hand lost its grip on the wood as Minato's body curved forwards, the thrust becoming shorter but harder, faster and ohGodhewaslosinghismindbecause- "DAD! Fuck! Oh goooohhhd..." He was dimly aware of tears mingling with the sweat on his face and that he couldn't get quite enough breath as his voice broke down into sobbing moans, but all that didn't matter as an intense, curling pressure began to expand in his stomach, chasing all coherent thought away.

Minato wasn't sure how he had managed to last this long, or even how he was still standing. His head was swimming, the salty taste of Naruto's skin against his lips, his hands clenching around pliant hips, his son screaming his name over and over again, begging for more in between sobbing breaths, his cock plunging in and out of that tight body -soblissfullytightneverwantthistostop- it was robbing him of his sanity.

His eyes drunk in the sight before him, Naruto's dazed eyes, his full lips spilling moans and pleas into the room, a few tears making the teen's lashes darken and stick together before trickling down his heated cheeks. He would never forget this. Even if for some reason they could never be with each other again, he would never forget this moment, this feeling. The way Naruto's fingernails left deep gauges in the desk, the sensation of their skin sliding against each other, their bodies connected on the deepest and most intimate level possible, the smell of lime mingling with everything else.

He was chanting his son's name, an endless mantra meant to tell the other all that he thought and felt and blending in seamlessly with the teen's gasps and moans, their combined voices creating a steadily rising (neverfalling,alwaysmoremoremore) melody that made his hands tremble and knees weak. A small part of him still able to think clearly marvelled at the fact that Naruto's lithe body could keep up with his thrusts, meeting them time and again without tiring, which sparked the thought that they could probably keep this up for hours. The idea alone nearly toppled him over the edge and he gave a gasping half-scream, abruptly placing his hands in the hollows of his son's knees and forcing them up until they nearly touched the teen's shoulders.

Minato was dimly aware of Naruto's voice rising in pitch, getting even louder as each thrust suddenly reached deeper than ever before, but he couldn't pay any attention to it as he felt his cock plunge all the way inside again and again, his balls slapping against the teen's butt. He was so painfully close, just a little bit more, oh please- Naruto's whole body gave a sudden jerk and the scream forced from the teen's throat might have hurt Minato's ears if he weren't so distracted with the body arching up against him, his son's hole clenching around him so tight that it was almost painful as the second orgasm of the day ripped through the younger blond.

He tried to draw it out, to hold on to his control for just a few seconds longer, but after barely four thrusts Naruto's hands came up to cling to Minato's shoulders, leaving stinging nail marks in his skin even as the teen gasped a desperate "Shit, Dad!" and that's what did it. He might have sobbed, he might have screamed his son's name, either way it got drowned out by the sound of blood rushing in his ears while he went completely rigid, his world temporarily going black as a wave of pure bliss crashed into him.

Minato felt his knees give out beneath him and luckily had enough presence of mind left to catch himself on his elbows before his weight could crush Naruto. He rested his temple on the teen's chest, listening to his son's heart beating just as fast as his own and gasping for breath, revelling in the post-orgasmic bliss paralyzing his body. He opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn't come up with any words and so instead he forced himself to lift his head and started to lick up the salty tear tracks left on his son's cheek.

Naruto knew that he was lying on a hardwood table that under no circumstances should have been comfortable, that there was sweat trickling down his legs now dangling relaxed over the edge of the desk and that his father's hot and sweaty skin sticking to his shouldn't have felt this good, but the hot prickling aftershocks were till traveling through his body and he just couldn't bring himself to care. His eyes felt heavy and he allowed them to fall closed as he felt Minato's tongue on his cheeks, a faint smile tugging at his lips at the sensation.

He wasn't sure how much time passed before he decided that skin sticking to wood was just not cool, but when he did he grumbled a bit and wriggled around, trying to dislodge himself from the hard surface. He stopped, however, when Minato made a weird choking noise and tensed above him. He blinked.

"Dad? What's wrong?"

Minato gave him a sheepish smile, a light blush dusting his cheeks. "Uh, you know that I'm still, err... inside you?"

For a few long seconds Naruto stared at him with wide eyes, his mind going through several responses ranging from 'Yeah, it's rather hard not to notice' to 'You're welcome to stay there', but then he grinned mischievously and purposely clenched his muscles, drawing a shocked gasp and a slightly aroused look from his father.

"What do you think you're doing!", Minato squeaked as Naruto did it again, a teasing smile on the teen's lips.

"Right now? You." He snickered as his father gave a pitiful moan and slumped onto the younger blond's body, mumbling something about being 'too fucking old for this'.

"Aww, you're not old." He lightly grasped Minato's mussed up hair in between his fingers and tugged his head up so that he could plant a chaste kiss on the older's pouting lips. Then he gave them a playful lick and chuckled, "Only a bit rusty."

"Rusty?" Minato gave his son an incredulous look followed by a cocky smirk. "I'll show you rusty, you runt."

Naruto moaned in delight as his father initiated another of his mind-blowing kisses, the tongue sneaking into his mouth reminding him of other things moving inside of him. This was definitely the best day of his life. He wound his arms around Minato's neck to bring them even closer together, the warmth of the body above him warding off the chill of his cooling sweat. He slowly undulated his body, the pleasant shiver running up his spine enhanced by the way his father's breath hitched and a trembling hand found its way under his head, acting as a cushion.

He mewled in disappointment when Minato drew back, turning his head to the side when Naruto tried to follow. What was wrong now?

"Sorry, but if we don't stop this..." The older man nipped at one of the deep red marks on the teen's neck and smiled lopsidedly. "...then we're not going to leave this office for another hour. And I for one would rather continue this where we're not under constant threat of being walked in on."

Huh, that was a rather good argument. Still, Naruto grumbled a bit as he allowed Minato to get up and step away, both of them groaning quietly when the older blond drew out. He remained lying on the table lazily, following his father with his eyes as the man first fixed his pants and then slowly ambled around the room, collecting their clothing from the random places it had been thrown.

He caught the boxers Minato threw him and wiggled back into them without getting up, too tired to face the fact that he was feeling sticky all over and somehow would have to walk back to their house. He closed his eyes for a moment, only to jump in surprise when his father was suddenly standing in between his legs, smiling wryly as he cleaned Naruto's stomach with a tissue.

"Are you alright?" Minato's smile was replaced by a slightly worried frown and the teen felt tempted to roll his eyes. Honestly, he could stab a kunai through his hand and it would heal in a matter of minutes, what made his father think he couldn't handle... well, being fucked? It still felt weird to even think that, although they had just had sex not even fifteen minutes ago.

"'Course I am." He smiled foxily and sat up, wrapping his arms around Minato's waist in a loose hug. "I just feel all sticky."

The taller blond chuckled quietly, wiping a speck of white - how had that gotten there? - from Naruto's shoulder. "Well, we should probably take a bath when we get home. We both need one."

The teen hummed his assent and took Minato's free hand, pressing a kiss to a scar on the man's knuckles and looking up at him from beneath his lashes. "I'm glad I lost my patience today."

Minato smiled softly and leaned down, pressing a chaste kiss against his son's lips. "So am I." He dumped Naruto's clothes in the his lap and poked the teen's nose playfully. "Now get dressed so that I can throw you over my shoulder and take you home as my conquest."

Naruto snorted as he slipped his shirt over his head. "I was the one who took the initative, so isn't it me who conquested you?" He met Minato's blank stare as he successfully wrestled his arms back into the sleeves and tilted his head to the side. "What?"

His father stared at him for several moments longer with an unreadable gaze and Naruto started to wonder if something was wrong - that is, until he noticed the man's corner of the mouth twitching as if fighting a smile. He growled. "What?"

At that, Minato started chuckling, his eyes sparkling with amusement as he slumped down into his chair. Naruto slipped off the desk and stepped into his pants with a confused and slightly disgruntled frown. He waited until his father had stopped laughing at him, then he leaned down and prodded his side.

"Now what the hell was so funny?"

The younger blond knew the kind of grin Minato was using and also knew that nothing good could come off his question, but it was already too late to take it back. He mentally prepared to be mocked. "You do know that the word 'conquested' doesn't exist, right?" The man sat up and ruffled the annoyed and embarrassed teen's hair. "You still have a lot to learn before you can take over my job. Maybe we should start with a thesaurus?"

"Oh shut up. Once I'm Hokage I'll declare 'conquested' as an official word and then we'll see who's right."

"I'm gleefully awaiting the day that you try to get that past the council. I'll even be rooting for you."

Naruto stuck out his tongue at the other, annoyed once again. Why could he never have the last word? What he didn't count on was that his father would suddenly stand up faster than his eyes could follow and capture his tongue in between his teeth, giving it a playful nip. The teen blinked, a slight blush rising to his cheeks as Minato chuckled again.

"Don't stick it out if you don't intend to use it."

Naruto pouted for a second, but the expression was gone before his father could even begin to think of another teasing remark. Instead the teen placed his arms around Minato's waist and leaned his forehead against the taller one's chest with a tired sigh. Despite what his father may have thought he knew quite well exactly what he had gotten them into. Things weren't going to be easy, considering they would be trying to hide a relationship from an entire village full of ninja.

Minato wasn't sure what had caused the sudden change in mood, but he closed his arms around the other anyway, leaning down to nuzzle his nose against the teen's neck. He breathed in deeply, reassuring himself with the familiar, comforting scent. Even considering what they had just done - what he had just allowed to happen and even eagerly participated in - the idea of being his son's lover still felt surreal.

"Dad?" Naruto's voice was muffled by his father's shirt and the man just hummed in response. "I love you."

Minato felt his breath hitch at the words, at the new meaning behind them. Over the years he had heard them countless times from his son, but now... His arms tightened and he pressed his face against Naruto's neck, feeling slightly sick with all the conflicting emotions swirling around in his stomach. Love and guilt and happiness and determination - all mixed up enough to make his head hurt. He needed some time to think and sort this mess out. And then he needed some more Naruto. But for now...

"Let's go home."

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