One shot: pureblood wizard against alien, magic wielding elf called Alexandra, who rules over an empire of magic aliens. (Who don't use wands.)

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"Muggles are dirty, thieving animals that should be culled as much as deer should!" The pureblood wizard announced.

"First of all, what's your definition of the term, Muggle?" Alexandra asked him.

"Anyone who can't use magic."

"So anyone who can use magic is equal in their abilities?"


"So goblins, elves and other magic wielding creatures are equal to wizards."

"No! Of course not!"

"And why not?"

"Because their magic is inferior. They don't use wands."

"So all the magic users in my empire, including me, are inferior to you?" she eyed him dangerously. He flinched.


"But we don't use wand magic?"

"You're another matter altogether."

"So what are we?"

"A foreign power."

"But by your definition, I have several muggles living on this planet. Not everyone in my empire uses magic."

"That's different."


"Because they're not….well…human." he replied, shifting uneasily.

"My point exactly." She said in satisfaction.

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