Chapter 3- The Orden Reborn

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Riddle Manor, Little Hangleton.

In the manor house of the Riddle family Tom Marvolo Riddle a.k.a Lord Voldemort is very angry. His top followers and most of his inner circle members have been captured in the Department of mysteries. Not only that but they have failed to retrieve the prophecy, which is very important to know how to kill Harry Potter. But that is not worrying him. His rival was growing powerfull. He managed to resist the possession by him, The Great Lord Voldemort. He also managed to cause him pain which is a lot worse than ten Cruciactus curses put together.

This is not looking good for Lord Voldemort. His followers are all pureblood. but due to the shortage of pureblood Death Eaters he was forced to recruit Half Blood wizards and witches to maintain his dwindling forces. His followers are being killed and captured by Aurors and the Order Of the Roast Turkey.

While the Dark Lord is thinking a spirit lot more evil than Lord Voldemort can ever be was watching him. He knew that this person was the Heir of Le Fey. He will be a good candidate to bring this spirit which has been wandering the planet for 2000 years.

Deciding this the spirit has come slowly before the Dark Lord. Lord Voldemort looked up to see a spirit with eyes so evil he felt shivers run down his spine. "Who are you."he asked slowly

I my friend am your destiny.The spirit replied. Then without a warning it entered the body of Lord Voldemort,merging itself with the mutilated and dark soul of the Dark Lord.

In a house somewhere in Southern London a girl with very bushy brown hair is pacing the living room worriedly. Hemoine Granger is worried, not because of her O.W.L result (many people will not believe this) but for her best friend and almost her brother Harry Potter. He has not replied to any letter she has written. She also infacy sent an Howler to him hoping that he would write back. He has just lost his Godfather and she has no idea of how to comfort him. She asked her Headmaster to send him to the Burrow where her other best friend Ron Weasley can atleast help him. But the Headmaster has refused telling her that everyone knows about the Burrow and Harry's Affliation to that place. It will be number 1 on the D.E list.

Hermoine then asked if Ron or her could go to Harry's relatives place to give him mortal support. But she was again declined. the reason, having too many magical people will weaken the wards.

But now Harry has not been in contact with anyone. The Order is refusing to answer her about Harry. Somewhere in her mind she feared that Harry might have commited something worse. Orelse he would have written to her right.

Suddenly there was flash of white light. Hermoine literally jumped a foot high. She had her wand at ready. She slowly moved towards the source of the disturbance. There stood a majestic white Pheonix. Hermoine gasped, they are very rare and only people with a very pure soul can be able to bond with them. Stop this intellectual thinking. There is an intruder in your house. She mentally scolded herself. She then looked around to see the intruder. The man was around 6 feet high, has a messy black hair, emerald green eyes and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead. Harry.

She was shocked. This was not the Harry she had seen a few weeks before. He has changed. Gone was the shy and depressed boy. this Harry was confident and radiated power and authority. This boy no man cannot be Harry. If he is he must have undergone one hell of a change. He is now very handsome, has muscles that are visible through his tight and semitransparent shirt. Man any girl will be chasing after him from now.

Her musings were shaken by a cough. It was Harry. "If you have done checking me out then I would suggest that you sit down. You look like you are ready to fain. Oh!Hermoine, flies." he said with an amused grin.

Hermoine blushed and closed her mouth she has opened. She then smothered Harry in a killer hug which would make green with envy.

"Her...moine...oxy..gen"Harry gasped due to lack of Oxygen in his lungs. Hermoine let go of him blushing."Where have you been? I have been so worried about you. You looked so depressed. I thought you might have done something horrible. I thought that relatives might have done something to you. The Order members have did not tell me anything. You have not replied to any of my letters . You may have been severly injured. You..."

She was suddenly cut off her ranting by a hug from Harry. She was surprised. Harry never initiated any show of affection. This was something new. But she was pleased none the less.

" Do you want some water. You must be tired after all that lectures"teased Harry. She blushed deeply again. Why was she blushing so much"Shut Up!"She snapped at him but not out of anger but embarassment.

" You know Mione. You should really give time for people to reply"He smiled at her embarassment."What I have been doing? I have been under house arrest because our dear old Headmaster decided for me that I would be safe at that excuse for a jail and taken the responsibility of taking care of my letters and my owl as well." He said the word Headmaster with such dislike that hermoine was surprised. Harry and Dumbledore have always been in good relations. What has happened to changed that. But the rest of his explanation made it evident. She always respected authority figures what her Headmaster has done is outrageous. So that is the reason why Harry could not write to her. That means he has not recieved any gift or letters for his birthday. Now Hermoine was totally angry with Dumbledore. Her image of the leader of the Order of Pheonix has totally changed.

Harry continued explaining. He told her about the Goblin visit from Gringotts and the inheritance. She gasped when he explained that he was the heri of the Pendragon famuly and the four founders.

"Harry can I see the Excaliber. No one has seen it since its dissapearance." Harry smirked and summoned his sword from the temporal dimension storage. Hermoine gasped when she saw the sword and was also impressed of his abilities in Runes. "I wish I could do that."she sighed softly. Then she spotted a grin on Harry's face."What"she asked sharply.

"You know Mione, that is a very good quetion you asked. But if you don't mind, could you please Floo call Neville and Luna. I will explain it to them as well.

"That's not a problem Harry, but my fireplace is not connected to the Floo Network."

Harry took out his wand and muttered something that Hermoine could not translate. The fireplace immediately roared to life."There, you can call them now."

" You just used magic. What if the ministry trace them back. You will be in serious trouble."

"Don't worry Mione, I place a ward around your house. So now you can use magic n this house."

"But how did you do it. Only Ministry personel can do it ."

"Please Mione. I will explain everything when they get here." Hemoine simply nodded and Floo called Neville and Luna. They were first surprised but came over to her pace in 10 minutes.

"Hey Harry! Wow. You"

"Thanks Nev. Hi Luna! " He could not help but grin at the dreamy look at her face. It was one of the reasons he liked Luna. She was never surprised by anything. Maybe because of her upbringing and constant reading of the Quibbler. Sometimes he wondered if she was a Seer.

"Hello to you too harry. You look sexy!"she replied with her usual dreamy voice. Harry could'nt help but blush. He always knew luna could say things straight forward but he still could'nt help but blush at her statement. Hermoine and Neville both laughed at his embarrasment.

" Hm...thanks Luna" was the only response he could give." Clearing his throat to get rid of his blush he aske dthe others to sit down. " You guys might be wondering why I called you here. please bear with me.I will explain everything. But you must promise me that none of this should leave this room." They all nodded. He started explaining everything, the Prophecy, the meeting, the inheritance ritual, the four Founders and finally their role as the secondary Heirs.

They were very quiet aside from occasional scowls at the mentioning of the deeds by the Headmaster and sympathy when they found out about the will, shock about their heritage, disbelief and finally acceptance.

"Harry, you said that we as the secondary Heirs should lead the house army in the Protectors Orden. But what exactly is this orden."

"Trust you to ask the questions Mione. The Orden? Let's see." He let the ravenclaw side take over. " The orden was found over a thousand years ago. There was a time where the heir of Le Fey got his Inheritance. He attacked Hogwarts to take over the school. If he could control them at such young stage he could easily take over the world. The Founders fought back with their House armies. But they were loosing badly due to the superior magical knowledge and power of the Le Fey Heir and the size of his followers. But they were helped by the Heir of Merlin. The Heir of Le Fey was defeated but he managed to wound the Merlin Heir very badly. In desperation that if the Heir of Le Fey was to rise again, he has no blood line , he released the magical core in his body along with all his memories into the world telling that when the Heir of Le Fey returns and the Orden is reborn the magical Heir will arise to lead the Orden to victory. That is the function of the Orden to protect the world from the wrath of Le Fey and with the help of Heir of Merlin, defeat him."

"But Harry, that means that the Heir of Merlin has to defeat Voldemort as he is Le Fey's Heir. But according to the prophecy you are the one to defeat him. What does it mean now."

" I don't know Mione. That is not our top priority now. We have to find Merlin's magical Heir, only god knows how. But first we have to restart the orden. Now do you guys accept the responsibility and become the secondary heirs of the founders. Will you follow the Heir if Merlin and fight against evil."

"We do."

" I now proclaim the Protectors Orden reborn."

"Then step forward Neville Longbottom. From now on you shall be Lord Hufflepuff. Hermoine Granger, from now on you sall be Lady Gryffindor. Luna Lovegood , from now on you shall be Lady Ravenclaw. So be it." With this the ruby, sapphire and topaz entered the bodies of the young heirs respectively and were being absorbed by them. Their auras pulsed as their magical cores adapted to the new ones. Once they are done they stood still for a second and then felt a familiar pull of portkey in their navel and dissapeared leaving a very bewildered and surprised Harry behind.

What just happened here Lin.

Do not worry Harry wizard, they have gone to the place where they shall undergoe the inheritance ritual. They shall be judged if they are worthy or not.

Hey, how come I did not undergo this.

You were judged by your character and moreover the founders have already seen all the fights and situations you have gone through. They aepted that you did not need to undergo the ritual and the tests.

I just hope they just come through the ritual unharmed

They should. If not the Orden shall be incomplete.

Somewhere in the woods of Southern England a girl with long black hair and greyish silver eyes woke up with a start as the body was assaulted with magic and knowledge far greater than any person could imagine were taking hold of her.

The Heir of Merlin has awoken.

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