A/N: Yeah well, this is basically the same story line as the original R+V, only told in this OC's point of view. It's just to try something different. It's basically instead of Tsukune being the only human to enter the monster world of something, a friend tags along. And the adventures begin, woo! The storyline I kinda copied by the manga, mainly because I don't feel like watching the anime, and describing stuff is easier when it's a still shot thing.

Random note: For the TMHS fans, my mind is not Kyon's so if this OC even remotely acts like him, it's just coincidence.

This will be my first none romance fanfic (or it's not centered upon it). And thank god for it, I kill myself everytime I write the words 'I love you' or 'as our eyes met' or something sappy like that.

"Hey Tsukune."

He was looking out the window, lying his head on his hand. It seems he didn't hear me.

I sighed. We were in a bus. Heading off to an unknown place, and a school we both have never heard of.

Haha, I know I'm starting off random here, so let me explain:

We were two very mediocre students.

Really mediocre.

We both flunked on our high school entrance exam. And as a result we had no choice but to enroll in this middle of no where high school. His parents found this school, and I tagged along, my parents wouldn't want a drop-out at their house, now would they?

But I would have never believed, that this would be the start of one of the most bizarre, unimaginable things…

Chapter 1: Welcome to High School

"…You two… are the students enrolled in this academy?"

Tsukune and I were startled. It was the bus driver, he never said a thing ever since we got on… until now. I haven't even seen his face.

"Oh… yeah."

Tsukune's voice was trembling. The bus driver started to laugh… a dark and eerie one.

"In that case, you best prepare yourself now…"


"Hehehe… when we come out of this looong tunnel, we'll be right in front of the school."

Okay? The closer the school is the better, it's a real bummer if I had to actually put effort going to a highschool. I'm real grateful that this is a boarding school.

"Youkai academy is a…"

He started to laugh manically again, and he started to turn his head around. The way he acts just screams that his face has got to match it.

"…Very Terrifying School!"

The left side of his face was visible to us. His bus cap casted a shadow from his forehead to just above his nose. Just the aura around him just makes my skin cringe.


Tsukune's voice cracked. Still haven't gone through puberty yet eh?


…but, what exactly does he mean…?


"Hehe… we've arrived here boys… be careful."

Those were the last words he said before he closed the door, and drove off. God the way he laughs under his breath is really annoying!

I shook my head, trying to get back to reality. I turned to get a good look at where we are.

I was stunned.


Tsukune took the words right out of my mouth, where the hell are we? To describe on how horrific this place looks would be near impossible since my vocabulary is atrocious. Just... think of Disneyland or World… now imagine the exact opposite of that! It's that bad. Even the trees are bent over with no leaves, it's like they're not even alive!

Nothing looks alive here...

The less than ideal chirps from the crows were enough to give me goosebumps.

"Th…there's now way, what a creepy place…!"

Tsukune's head was shaking around like a squirrel looking for nuts. I couldn't blame him, this place was enough to drive the even the most sane person mad!

"Yeah… I know what you mean Tsukune. It's like completely different world from before we entered through the tunnel."

I started to step back a bit.

"This seriously makes me want go home. Do you know when that bus driver come back…? Huh, Tsukune?"

He was starting to walk off, towards the edge of the cliff.

"It seems that this is an island or something."


Listen to a guy when he's talking to you! He completely ignored me.

"So this must be the school…"


I looked towards his direction. That school looks like a haunted mansion from top to bottom. If that really is the school, then I've had enough.

"Yeah Tsukune. Screw this, I'm going home."

I turned around. Heading towards the bus stop. I sort of closed my eyes when I turned around. When I opened them a pink blur was on what seemed to be a bicycle. It was cycling at an incredible speed… and she was coming straight at me! I quickly sidestepped to the left, but I'm not sure if Tsukune knows it's going at him to!

While I was pointing at him, I yelled:


…what the hell just came out of my mouth. He was completely oblivious to my callings. My speaking abilites seems to slip when I have no time to react. Pointing didn't help, he wasn't even facing me.

The bike pink blur and Tsukune were about to collide. I couldn't watch. Pain, bruise, and bleeding was about to be endowed onto Tsukune's body. I quickly shut my eyes.



That was some crash, even the sound of it made my skin tingle.

"Ugh.. Owowow….."

That was Tsukune groaning alright…

"… oww… I'm sorry, I got dizzy from anemia…"

Whoa… that girl has a cute voice.


Something of some sort of liquid substance landed on my face. I dabbed some of it with my fingers and took a look…

…It was blood… oh shit TSUKUNE!

I quickly darted my vision at him. His nose was drooling blood, and I instinctively turned to the girl.

Wow… she was really cute. Her She was holding onto someone… Tsukune…

She began to whisper at him, and her face was inching towards his… she grabbed onto his face with her fingers, and Tsukune had his eyes wide opened… no way.

"I'm a vampire…."

She pressed her lips on his neck… lucky goddamn… BASTARD!


I started to walk towards him, with my fist clenched causing my knuckles to turn white. That is until, she retracted her lips from his neck… and blood started to poor out.

Wow… that's one bad-ass hickey.


Tsukune quickly jumped up, and was running around like a lunatic.


What…? His blood… was… sucked?

I squinted my eyes a bit… holy shit! Blood was now gushing out of his neck like a fire hose. I turned back to the cute bloodsuckinggirl in awe.

Would I be next?

"I'm sorry, I'm Moka Akashiya. Although I look like this, I am a Vampire."

A… vampire?


Tsukune and I were definitely thinking the same thing.


Moka, was it?

She put both her hand on her cheeks and started shaking her head, with a cute smile on her face.

"Thank you so much for the treat. Your blood is so yummy!"

Tsukune gave off a strained laugh.


"Err umm… so you really hate our kind.. Vampires?"

Moka was holding onto her bike by the handles.


Tsukune was obviously panicking.

"No I wouldn't say that. I mean vampires are pretty unique!"

Moka turned towards my direction, and gave a soft smile.

Wow, she really is cute.

"What about you?"

I just shook my head, just her presence was enough to almost make me gasp.

She nodded, taking my silent answer. She turned her attention back to Tsukune.

"That's great!"

She stopped and we both quickly did the same. She put her hand on... her uhh... chest.

"Then if it's alright with you, please be my friend."

She showed off a light smile.

"I was feeling a bit lonely since I don't know anyone here."

Same goes for us.

I could see the school's main corridors now. That was really a short walk.

"Oh… I'm Tsukune Aono, pleased to meet you."

Moka seemed bit surprised by Tsukune's greeting.

"I'm very pleased to meet you. When the entrance ceremony is over, please talk to me some more okay."

She winked.

"And bring your friend too."

With that, she hopped on her bicycle and went off towards the school.

I gave a friendly punch to Tsukune.

"So, when are you gonna confess?!"

"What are you talking about…"

Tsukune was blushing.

We reached the entrance and I pushed the door open. I let out a sigh. It seemed to have worried Tsukune.

"You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

He took it all in stride and smiled at me. I gave the same expression. He continued on.

After a couple of paces he finally realized I wasn't following him.

What an idiot.

He turned back towards me.

"Hey, you coming?"


When I caught up to him, I smacked his back, and smiled.

"Do you even know where it is?"

He gave off a ridiculous laugh that I could never imitate.

"I was about to ask you the same thing?"

I opened my mouth, but the only sound that came out was an 'uhh' sort of sound. I shrugged my shoulders.


We finally found the entrance ceremony, and who would have guessed it was in the auditorium. Tsukune and I stood at the back, the place was filled. We were pretty late though. I wanted to make fun of Tsukune a bit more.

"That girl was really cute wasn't she?"

"Why are you bringing this up now?!"

He blushed again, and I replied with a cocky smile.

He shook his head and went on to look at the stage where the principal is talking about some stuff about working hard and trying your best.

I dazed off, looking at the ground.

Moka Akashiya was it…

… she never even asked for my name.

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