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Epilogue: WHAT!?

That's how my life went 180 into hell. The curtain to our bizarre life began. And I couldn't be anymore happy. Wait, did I say happy? I just nearly died, had to put up with Tsukune's whining after I tried to explain about the mark on my neck, and living with a school full of monsters which has a rule that if a human ever finds out about this school, they DIE!

So, I'm still a bit neutral about it.

"You ready Kei?"

Tsukune and I were at the school's gate, and have recovered from our wounds. The nurse was baffled as to why we had such serious cuts and bruises. She even questioned how we got them, but some things are worth keeping unsaid. As for Saouzi… let's say he won't be back at school for a long time. Thankfully, no one believed him when he said that Moka was a vampire.

Though I'm still a freshman at this school, but I'm sure it's pretty safe to say, this school is certainly a terrible one.

"You sure about this Tsukune? I mean, that school withdrawal is a trump card."

He smiled cheerfully while he dangled with it.

"I'm sure. Besides, I sort of don't feel like leaving. And I was sort of hoping…"

"Hoping for what?"

"…that you would stay."

I let out a sigh.

"Fine. I'll stick it out with you."

I slid my withdrawal notice into my pocket.

"But, promise me one thing."

"What is it?"

"Don't go and throw yourself in front of me. Ever again."

He made a hearty laugh.

"We'll see."

He held his withdrawal notice in his hands, and was trembling. He put it near his face, and held it like he was about to rip it with a face of displeasure. I guess he hasn't really decided yet.


Moka vaulted onto his back.

"Mornin, watcha doing?"

Pieces of torn paper and confetti blew against the wind of what used to be a school withdrawal notice.


Tsukune's despaired face slowly turned into a warm smile. It seems he's met a complete decision.

"Tsukune… thanks for yesterday…"

Tsukune turned around, wondering why Moka's spunky attitude turned into a softer one. Moka stepped closer and put a hand on his chest while put one on hers.

"Oh my… When I'm with you, my heart beats so hard."


Both Moka and Tsukune face's were bright red, but this time, for the same reason.

Although, what I wanna know is, what is Moka thanking Tsukune for? Around the time I was thinking of possible reasons, it was then Moka turned around to face me.


Her facial expression showed disturbance and she had one of her hands lightly covering her mouth.

"Kei, are you alright?"

I made a small smile.

"I'm fine. Just glad that you two are okay."

"Oh but…"

She walked towards me and I felt the sudden urge to step back. She softly put her hands on my shoulders, and tiptoed slightly so that I could feel her warm breathes pulsating on my neck.

Oh great, now I'm blushing. If you wanted to examine my neck, you could have asked you know!

"But, why's there a band-aid on your neck? I thought you were only hit near the chest area?"

I could feel a cold shot stare from Tsukune, who was looking behind over Moka's shoulder.

"Yeah Kei. How exactly did you get that?"

"Oh… um."

Sometimes, it really is best to keep things unsaid.


I later found out that what Moka thanked Tsukune for, was that he was the one that was able to pull out the rosary. That, uh… Outer Moka… saved our skins, sent Saouzi into a 3 month suspension, and gave me the first blood suck, ever!

…oh, and both Tsukune and Moka were even able to rekindle there relationship.

I'm glad.

"Oh please Tsukune! Let me suck your blood just for a moment!"


I really am.

After today ended, I went back to my dorm. I did a lot of things that I usually would never do at earth, but I guess it was more out of boredom and free time. After cleaning my bed room, having my dinner, and writing a letter to my parents, it was finally time to take a shower. played I sifted through my pockets and found my withdrawal notice. I held it in my hands, and focused hard on whether or not I truly wanted to destroy it.

I decided to, and ripped it up into shreds… very slowly. I didn't feel all to good about it but, it definitely felt like the right thing. And that's what really counts.

How cliché was that?

"Hey Kei. You know, you don't need to be here."

Tsukune walked in unoticingly, threw his bag near the side of his bed before diving into it, and looked at me, probably waiting for my reply. I wonder where he's been all day… but as quickly as I wondered, it slipped away.

"Yeah, I don't."

Tsukune frowned.

"Then why are you -"

"-Because you'd probably go insane without me!"

Tsukune made a mischievous smile.

"You wanna bet!?"

I shook my head.

"Not really."

Me and Tsukune were laughing ourselves silly and before I knew it, we fell asleep.


Maybe for a bit too long.

I removed the blanket that was probably placed over my body overnight by Tsukune. I rubbed my eyes, and looked at the time.

12:00 noon

"How long did I sleep?"

I quickly realized that no one was even in here. My stomach couldn't stop grumbling, and I knew it was lunch. I cooked myself some ramen and quickly ate it. It's harder to believe that even though I'm from Japanese descendent, I find chopsticks incredibly hard to use. Though what's even harder to believe is that this world still holds common earth household appliances. The ramen I'm eating on the other hand, I had to take from Tsukune's secret stash of food that he was trying to hide.

"Because you'd probably go insane without me!"

"You wanna bet!?"

Of course I'm right…

Tsukune would never survive without me!

…or can he?

Amazingly, that's where a somewhat autobiography of my life was started. I called it:


I picked up some papers and grabbed a pencil. And, just as I was about to begin…

"Oh Kei…"

Moka rammed into my dorm with her unbelievable strength and was in tears. She collapsed onto my bed and screamed into my pillow.

What happened?

"Tsu… Tsukune."

What did he do this time?

"Hey… he probably didn't mean it"

I plopped down next to her. You know, it's funny. Every man's dream is to have a beautiful girl sit on top his bed. But, this feeling was completely dismantled, and I didn't even put the fact that she was on my bed…

…or the fact that no one is here but us.

"NO! He's just a great big jerk!"

She was bashing her fists against my bed, and the way it creaked more with every impact, I might have to sleep with Tsukune tonight.

I put a hand on the back of her head. I softly cleared my throat so that she couldn't hear it as I tried to make my voice lighter.

"The world's full of great big jerks…"

That only made her cry more. That's what I get for using my big mouth and my pillow is probably going through a rainstorm right now. What did Tsukune really do this time?

I sighed heavily.

Even though I have nothing to do with this, I couldn't help but feel sorry for her. Rubbing the back of her head lightly, I continued on with the conversation.

"Look… I'm sure Tsukune didn't mean to hurt you."



While scratching the back of my head, I once again attempted to make my voice lighter.

"…tell me what happened."

Moka sat upright next to me, and began. She said that when she found Tsukune in the morning, she wanted to suck Tsukune's blood, but he yelled at her because he thought Moka only wanted him because of his magnificently tasting red juice. He stormed off, and Moka tempted to follow him. She found him in the middle of the forest with an extremely cute busty girl, and had his arms wrapped around hers.

She abruptly ended after that, and didn't dare continue on. I was still fresh off of hearing it, so I still was a bit confused.

"So, what are you trying to say Moka?"

She cocked her head in my direction so fast that I was surprised she didn't suffer from whiplash.

"He's in love with someone!"

Her eyes face showed anger, but her eyes showed pain with her tears complimenting them greatly.


The question and expression left me dumbstruck.

"A Succubus!"

"Uh…did you just say… Succubus?"


She nodded quietly.

I took 1.43 seconds to think, before inhaling deeply.



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