"Come on, brother

"Come on, brother!" a small boy called as he ran ahead, glancing back to motion his companion closer.

Ryoma laughed as he chased his brother through the trees and onto the sidewalk of a crowded street. He farced his legs to run faster as he finally caught up, grabbing his brother's hand and pulling him to a stop.

"Ryoma," the boy pouted, "you always catch up with me no matter how much of a head start I have. It's so unfair!"

Ryoma laughed at his brother's antics.

"I'm just faster, Ryuuya. I need to be fast to play tennis."

He huffed.

"It's still unfair. I'm the one that should be faster than you. I play soccer. In tennis, you don't need to be fast. You just have to have stamina."

"That doesn't really matter, you should just accept that I'm the faster one."

"It matters to me! Damnit, Ryoma. We're identical twins. I should be as fast as you!"

Ryoma smiled at his brother and his childish attitude. He shook his head as his brother started to run again trying to prove that he was indeed as fast, if not faster, then Ryoma.

Ryuuya grinned as he looked back at his brother. He knew that in a minute Ryoma would be ahead of him. It didn't stop him from trying, though.

He turned back around to narrowly miss running into an old lady. As he quickly dodged her, he missed seeing a man step out of a dark alleyway and collided with him. He fell when he felt something sharp stab his gut.

Ryoma was running when he saw his brother collide with that man. Ryuuya hit the ground hard, and the man ran off across the street and disappeared.

Ryoma slowed down as he saw people gathering in a circle around his brother. The smile he had on his face slipped off as he saw that his brother wasn't standing up.

"Ryuuya!" he called, panicked.

He pushed forward and tried to get around all the people in the crowd, but no one let him in. When he accidentally elbowed a man, he was grabbed by the shoulders and turned so that he could be yelled at. However, once the man saw his face, his anger was calmed and he released Ryoma's shoulders, turning his head away.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly before letting Ryoma pass him.

Confused, Ryoma broke through the circle of people and saw Ryuuya in a puddle of red. Ryoma rushed to his brother's side and knelt beside him, slowly brushing his brother's cheek.

Ryuuya's pain filled eyes seemed to have a hard time focusing on him. When he recognized Ryoma, he gave a small, sad smile.

"I beat you, onii-chan."

With that being said, he brought his hand up to Ryoma's cheek and brushed the hair aside before his arm fell limp and crashed to the ground.

Ryoma just kneeled there, tears streaming down his face. As he cried, his mind faintly registered a siren and the sound of many people talking.

His consciousness slowly faded as he felt himself being picked up and hauled away to a nearby hospital.


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