Ryoma woke up with a start

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Ryoma woke up with a start. He had had that dream again. That horrible, horrible dream. Every time he had it, he woke up with sweat dripping down his back and a head ache the size of Japan.

He frowned as he realized that it was the first day of the Senbatsu camp. That meant that he had to wake up early and go with the rest of the participants to practice. All Ryoma wanted to do was lie down for the whole day in bed. Like that has ever happened.

Having no other choice, Ryoma rolled out of bed and got dressed in his regular shirt and shorts. He looked over to his roommate and frowned when he saw that he wasn't there. Where was Momo?

Not really caring that much, he headed down to the mess hall where everyone was already and grabbed an apple and sat down at the end of one of the tables, far away from every one else but close enough to hear the conversation. He tuned it out when he heard that they were talking about animals and toothpaste.

He ate slowly, still tired from not getting a good night's sleep. He was restless the entire night.

Ryoma was startled out of his thoughts when someone tapped his shoulder. He whipped around about to tell the person off, then saw that it was just Kikamaru-senpai.

"Ochibi! You have to come and sit with us! You're always all alone and we are a team and you are just off by yourself and you didn't even say good morning to your senpai. How rude, nya!"

Said Ochibi just glared but acquiesced when he saw the rest of his teammates' eyes on him.

"Good morning, Echizen!" Momo cried when he saw Ryoma sit across from him.

"Ohayo" was his reply as he put his head on the table. Oishi looked at him, concerned for his kohai.

"Are you feeling alright, Echizen? You look tired and a little paler than usual."

Ryoma nodded.

"I'm fine."

Momo laughed at him but quicly shut up when he saw a death glare directed at him.

"You always say that. I know you didn't sleep well last night. You were turning and tossing in your sleep. You were mumbling earlier this morning, too!"

"Nya, Ochibi! Are you sick? You can't die!"

"Eiji! Don't say things like that. Echizen probably had a hard time adjusting to sleeping in a new bed," Oishi scolded, turning to his partner.

"I don't believe that's true, Oishi," Inui butted in to the conversation. "He and Momo always fall asleep on the bus on the way back from tournaments. His signs point to a night terror, but he should have already grown out of those."

Ryoma glared at him while others just stared at Ryoma.

"I'm still here, you know."

Before anyone else could say anything, Fuji walked up, smiling his eerie smile.

"Good morning all, I hope you all had a wonderful sleep last night. I myself found that the beds were quite comfortable."

"Fujiko! Where were you all morning? We've been down here for hours already!" Eiji exclaimed, putting emphasis on hours.

Fuji smiled, showing that he knew Eiji was exaggerating. Probably by hours.

"I was saying hello to my cute little brother. He's staying in a room with his 'friend' Muziko, I think. I had to make sure that nothing happened to him during the night."

Everyone but Inui and Ryoma collapsed inside themselves as they heard the answer.

Momo suddenly perked up when he remembered what he was going to ask his friend earlier.

"Hey, Echizen!"

Ryoma turned to look at him, eyes still drooping from lack of sleep.

"What?" he asked, crankily, eyes glaring into Momo's as everyone else turned to look at what the commotion was.

"You were mumbling in your sleep last night. Who's Ryuuya?"

Everyone else looked on curiously as Ryoma tensed, not really believing that he was asked that question. He turned his head to the side, slowly, as if pained. He just said 'no one' as he got up from the table, careful not to look anyone in the eye.

"I'm going to go practice," he said as he walked away from his teammates.

"Is she your girlfriend?" Momo asked, slightly teasing his kohai.

"NO!" Ryoma said as he whirled around, taking a calming breath when he realized that their little conversation got the attention of everyone else in the cafeteria.

Momo backed down when he saw the expression on Ryoma's face. Ryoma glared at everybody then stalked out of the room.

Ryuuzaki sensei walked over after the whole fiasco was over and asked what happened. When she heard the story she got a small smile on her face and asked them not to ask too many questions.

"But why?" Eiji asked, completely confused with what had just happened.

"This is something that I can't talk about. It would be an invasion of his privacy. Wait for him to tell you."

After the breakfast was over, everyone went into the court, waiting to start their first practice at camp.


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