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"Losing Shiny"


He stared.

The room had changed.

The various stuffed animals gathered through the years were locked away in the hall closet. Every picture that had once adorned pale pink walls were gone, leaving only the now sloppily painted white.

All the shiny was taken away.

He knew it was bound to happen sooner or later but some part of him wanted it to be later. He didn't understand why it happened today. Or why it happened. The only words he could make sense from Ryuichi's squibble from earlier was "It's for the best" and "He needs this".

Needs what? The separation? Why? From his perspective they had been doing well. Really well. So well that people complimented them every time they were together. So why?

Why the heart-ache? The tears? The screams? Why hurt yourself for someone else? Why must he watch Ryuichi cry late at night, arms longing to embrace his love. Why should he witness Ryuichi waking, all smiles, only to realize the warmth in his arms was only him? He hated the disappointment that shown clearly every time Ryuichi's eyes met his.

Sure. He wasn't the other man. He understood that. But why take away his chance at showing Ryuichi that they could make it through this... even if his heart denied every word he said.

The bedroom door opened and in walked misery himself. Sakuma Ryuichi closed the door behind him and slid to the floor, back pressing against the non-shiny white. Ryuichi brought his hands to his face and all Kumagoro could do from his position on the bed was watch.

Watch as his best friend became nothing.

Watch as his best friend broke.

And watch as his best friend lost the shiny.


It wasn't exactly what I planned it to be. It could be longer. It could explain why Ryuichi lost his shiny. But it doesn't. Could it ever? Maybe...