This one is really short. I thought it would be fitting to have this in Kuma's POV like the first chapter.

The epilogue is next as I'm sure many of you wish to know the others reactions.

Warnings: bad grammar, bad spelling.

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Losing Shiny


Kuma watched as the Doctors and Nurses came and went in the small room. He nuggled deeper in the soft blankets next to Tatsuha. Blinking, Kuma realized what the feeling he had in his heart was. Kuma straightened, locking his beady eyes on the pale form of his Father. (Shh! Don't tell Ryuichi; he'll get mad that Kuma still thinks of him as his Mother.) Why was he so cold? He should be warm so Kuma would get warm. Tatsuha was always warm. Always.

The door opened again and a Nurse walked to the bed. Sighing deeply, she picked up the pink bunny and cuddled him close.

Normally Kuma wouldn't let anyone he didn't know touch him like this, but he noticed the Nurse's sad eyes and slightly cuddled back. "Such a young life," she said, moving the sheet to cover the young man's body. "Why did I choose a career that involved death?"

Kuma blinked.



As the nurse started walking to the door, Kuma stared back at the covered body on the bed. Was he...? Kuma raised a paw to touch his face and felt the soft fabric become wet. Oh-no. Tatsuha wasn't! He couldn't be!

Kuma began struggling in the Nurse's arms when she opened the door. He pounded a paw on her shoulder in frustration when he realized that she couldn't feel him. Or hear him. Only Ryuichi and then Tatsuha could.

Kumagoro stared as the door slung shut with a final click.


-hands out tissue- I know. -sniffs- Why am I so obsessed with Tatsuha hurting or dying? It's not right, I tell you!

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