Troyella Story

Troyella Story

My very first FanFiction story so go easy on me [Edited]

Chapter 1: Phone conversation.

Troy Bolton is the 'king' of East High. He's the captain of the basketball team, golf pro and intelligent (though he tries to hide it); he has the best mates a guy could ask for and girls waiting on him hand and foot. Everyone thought he had an alright life, and he does. But ever since that New Year's night Troy knew his life wouldn't be like that again. Why? You might ask, because of one simple girl who he knew instantly he wanted to be around. Her name is Gabriella Montez.

Gabriella Montez is a shy girl who is very intelligent and just likes to be herself. Her father is away on business quite a lot, and she get's moved around equally as much because her mums company keep transferring her. She doesn't like moving away from the people she had become close to so when she found out Albuquerque was her last stop on her travels she was truly happy. However, she couldn't help but let her mind wonder back to that blue eyed, brown haired boy she had met on that magical New Years. His name is Troy Bolton.

They both thought they'd never see each other again, but felt compelled to keep in touch whenever they could. They felt as if a part of them had come alive when they were with each other and the feeling was amazing.

"I'm so nervous about tomorrow, everyone's going to see me as the freaky weird girl and I don't want to go through it again" Gabriella rambled to Troy. This was one of the major disadvantages of moving around constantly.

"Hey, don't worry about a thing. I'm sure everything will go great, OK? If people act like that then they are missing out on an amazing person" Troy told her, trying to comfort her.

Gabriella blushed "You've only known me three weeks"

"Indeed I have and I already know that anyone who is friends with you are some of the luckiest people in the world" he told her and smiled when he realized she was lost for words. "So, what school are you going too?" Troy asked, changing the subject for her.

"I don't know, my mum wants it to be a surprise. How bad is that, I won't even be able to look up the school to see what its like" She was beyond nervous.

"Ah come on, how bad can it be?" he asked, rhetorically trying to reassure her.

"Oh, you'd be surprised, but I suppose you could be right"

"Could be? No, no, no I'm right, trust me. Now get some sleep and don't worry about a thing"

Gabriella giggled "OK, OK. Night Troy, thanks"

"Anytime Gabriella, good night"

And their minds were left to wonder about each other, not knowing what the future would hold for Gabriella for her first day of school.

I know it's really short but they will get longer and hopefully more interesting as they go along, by the way they will be improvised so yeah, hope you enjoyed it.

Hey, once again I'm going to go through and edit some chapters – this was my first ever story so I'm going to be manic about making it as perfect as I can make it :)