Chapter 44: Merry Christmas

Troy squinted a little as glimmers of sunlight peered through his bedroom waking him up; he opened his eyes and smiled, remembering what day it was. He looked down at his girlfriend of nearly three years and smiled. She hadn't been woken up as her face was buried in his chest all night. Troy decided a little festive wake-up call wouldn't do any harm so leant down and started singing gently

"I don't want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true...
All I want for Christmas is
You... yea yea"

Gabriella smiled, with her eyes still closed. "You are so cheesy"

"Yet you love it"

"Every second" She replied, sincerely. Gabriella turned over to face her boyfriend and leant up to kiss him sweetly.

"Merry Christmas" he told her.

Gabriella smiled "Merry Christmas"

"Do you think anyone's awake?" Troy asked

"Why don't we go find out?" Gabriella asked, getting up.

"Hmm, but the bed is so much comfier" he said, dragging her back down.

Gabriella giggled at his antics "10 more minutes" she told him.

"20 minutes" he retorted.

She looked at him "15 minutes" she compromised

Troy smiled "Alright, 15" he agreed, cuddling back into her.

15 minutes didn't last long however, as Tami bolted into the room. "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" She squealed "You're awake" she said "Why are you not downstairs?"

"We're sleeping in" Troy retorted

"Christmas is not a day to sleep in; it's a day for family and being together and-"

"And presents?" Troy cut her off.

"Gifts" she rephrased "To those you love to show your love and appreciation towards them"

Gabriella looked up at Troy "She's good"

Troy laughed as Tami gloated.

"You have 10 minutes to get out of bed" Tami told her brother

"20" Troy retorted

Tami sighed "15 and that's it" she told him, walking out to wake the rest of the house up.

Troy rested his head back on his pillow looking smug.

Gabriella looked at Troy, flabbergasted.

Troy laughed, and once again pulled a stunned Gabriella back into him.

"You know, we'll be here longer than 15 minutes if you keep doing that. You're way too comfy" she told him.

"Is this why you use me as a pillow?" Troy asked

Gabriella blushed softly, smiling. "Maybe"

"I see, now it all makes sense" Troy grinned as Gabriella playfully hit him. "That could hurt someone's feelings, Gabriella"

"Aww, I'm sorry" she replied "You deserved it" she shrugged

Troy laughed, not knowing how he deserved to be hit. "Love you too" he replied

Gabriella giggled "So, when are we getting up?" she asked

"In 20 minutes" he replied


"Gabriella" he replied, evenly.

"Tami will be up here and she will drag you out" she told him.

"I'd love to see her try" he said, changing his position, moving Gabriella as he didn't move his arms from around her.

Gabriella giggled "Troy, I can't move"

"Ah well, looks like we're staying then, doesn't it?"

"Please Troy"

Troy groaned "You said 15 minutes, it's been 5" he told her.

"So we've got 10 minutes" she replied

Troy groaned and got up "Come on then" he said, holding his hand out to Gabriella.

Gabriella looked at him strangely, taking the hand, which pulled her up.

"I'm too curious now that I'm awake" he told her.

"I see is anyone coming over today?" she asked

"No one that I know of, what about your dad?" he asked

Gabriella shook her head "He spent last Christmas with us so this year he's spending it with my sister" she told him.

"I've never met your sister"

"She lives with my dad. After Christmas he leaves for business; we see each other once every few years"

Troy stayed silent, contemplating this

"You can't imagine not seeing your siblings at least once a week, can you?" she asked

Troy shook his head.

"Most people can't. Usually they all say they wish that it could be the case, but if their sibling really did live half way around the world, they wouldn't"

"No, it sounds like it sucks" he said.

"Yeah, it does."

Troy nodded

"Sorry, not your typical Christmas conversation"

"No, it's OK. It's nice knowing more about your family" he smiled.

Gabriella smiled "Sometimes I wish I could go see her, even for a couple of weeks" she told him.

"Where does she live?" he asked

"England, we used to live together when I lived in London, but then we moved when I was ten"

"How old was she?"

"She was seven"

"What's her name?" he asked, suddenly curious.


Troy nodded

"Do you want to go downstairs?" Gabriella asked

Troy smiled, knowing she wanted to change the subject "Yeah, come on"

Tami was already downstairs bouncing up and down, not wanting to open her presents until everyone else was there.

"Excited much?" Troy asked

Tami threw Troy his present from her.

"Don't open it yet" she told him, throwing Gabriella's present from her to her.

"Alright then" he said, sitting down on the sofa.

As he did his parents and Gabriella's mother came walking into the room.

"Finally!" Tami said, throwing each of them presents from her.

"Tami, you didn't have to get me anything" Ava told her.

"Please, you're practically family" Tami told her. "Now open your presents"

They laughed and did just that.

Troy got Inception "Wow Tami, thanks!" he said, hugging his little sister.

Gabriella got the new Alice in Wonderland film "How did you know I wanted this?" she asked

"I have my sources" she replied

Lucille got Sex in the City 2 while Jack got Green Zone and Ava got the Killers DVD.

They all thanked Tami for their presents.

"Your turn to open yours from Troy, Gabriella and Ava and Troy open yours from Ava and Gabriella you open yours from us" Lucille told them.

It was a tradition to open the presents from the children to the others and then open the presents from their parents afterwards.

From Troy, Tami got the new Supernatural Box Set and from Gabriella she got Karate Kid.

Tami squealed "Thank you so much!" she said, jumping up to hug them both.

From Ava Troy got Bon Jovi Greatest Hits.

"Wow, this is awesome. Thanks so much Ava"

"You're welcome, Troy"

And from Lucille and Jack, Gabriella got Robbie Williams Greatest Hits. Gabriella smiled reading through the song list "Thank you both so much" Gabriella smiled

"Our pleasure" they replied

Soon they were opening their presents from their parents.

Tami got a new laptop along with some more CD and other bits and pieces.

Troy got an Xbox Kinect along with some CDs, DVDs and games to go with the new console.

Gabriella got a new camera with some CDs, DVDs and Books.

They were all really happy with the presents they had got this year and went upstairs to clear the living room for other activities which would most likely be taking place later that day.

"Well, we did pretty well this year, huh?" Gabriella asked.

Troy nodded in agreement "Do you want yours from me?" he asked

Gabriella nodded, excitedly and went to get his out from the hiding place.

Troy furrowed his eyebrows "I never knew of that hiding place" he told her.

Gabriella giggled "So you've found about five or six hide-away places outside of this house but you don't know of any inside?" she asked

Troy shrugged "Starting New Years I will find all hiding places within this house" he told her. Troy sat on his newly made bed, not bothering to get changed just yet. "Now, come here and open your presents" he told her.

Gabriella giggled and did as instructed. One by one she opened presents which consisted of more DVDs and CDs along with some jewellery.

"Thank you" she smiled happily.

"You're welcome" he replied softly into her ear.

"Your turn" she told him, handing him his one by one.

As he opened them he found more of the same things and some sports stuff.

"This is excellent, thanks" he said, smiling.

Gabriella smiled "No problem, now we should probably get dressed and head down to breakfast.

"Actually, there's one more thing"

Gabriella's eyes widened "Huh?" she asked

Troy laughed at her expression, picking out an envelope from his bedside draw. "This is actually from me and some of the gang" he told her.

Gabriella took the envelope "We said nothing big this year"

"True, but this is from me and a few the others so technically-" he broke off smiling. "OK, before you open it I have a confession" he told her.

She looked up, confused.

"I already knew where your sister lived and everything" he told her. He saw her bewildered look and continued "It came up in a conversation I had with your mum. I suggested an idea and she agreed" he told her "Now, you can open it"

Gabriella opened the envelope and out came six tickets to London "This is from Chad, Sharpay, and me" he told her. "Six tickets to England for you and whoever you want to take with you"

"To see my sister?" she asked

Troy nodded "Yeah, to see your sister"

Gabriella began crying softly while Troy held his breath waiting for her reaction. She turned around throwing her arms around him "Thank you"

"Two weeks Gabriella, I guess that was a lucky guess" he chuckled.

Gabriella nodded, still speechless "You" she told him.

He looked at her, not knowing what she meant.

"You, Chad, Sharpay are definitely coming with me" she told him.

"These tickets are for-"

She cut him off "Anyone I want to take with me" she reminded him "And you guys made this possible so you're all coming with me"

Troy smiled, softly "We leave on the third" he told her

Finally Troy and Gabriella made it downstairs, fully dressed and ready to continue the festive day.

"I'm guessing Troy gave you the tickets" Ava smiled

"Yeah, six tickets to England. Pretty amazing"

"Do you know who you're taking yet?" Lucille asked

"Well, the people who bought the tickets. Troy, Chad and Sharpay so that makes four including me" she told them "Mum, would you like to come?" she asked

"I would sweetie, you know I would but Troy already asked me about it. Work won't let me take the time off"

Gabriella nodded, sadly. "In that case I have more thinking to do about one more person" she told them, sitting down to eat her breakfast.

"Two more people" Tami said

"No, one, Tami would you like to come with us?"

Tami's eyes widened "What, are you serious?" she asked

Gabriella nodded "Yeah, I mean you're practically like my little sister now as well" she told her.

Tami smiled, looking at Troy

Troy smiled "If you want to come, its fine"

Tami squealed leaving behind her breakfast to suffocate Gabriella into a hug "Thank you!"

Gabriella giggled

"One more person" she said, chewing at her food, deep in thought.

"You don't have to decide right now" he told her.

Gabriella smiled, grateful for this.

Throughout the day Troys siblings came over, and more presents were handed out. Gabriella couldn't stop looking at Troy; she couldn't believe what he had done for her. How he knew she'd want to see her sister and taking the opportunity to let her have that was amazing in her eyes.

Gabriella was in the kitchen pouring out more drinks for everyone when Troy came in.

"Hey, you OK?" he asked

Gabriella smiled "I'm great" she said, no words compared to how she felt.

"You sure? You haven't stopped staring at me the whole day.

Gabriella blushed, unaware that he had noticed.

"Oh, well yeah I'm fine"

Troy saw her blush and smiled, knowing he had indeed been right.

"So, why have you been staring then?" he asked, taking down the snacks that people had demanded he'd get for them.

"Reasons" she replied

Troy smiled "Any in particular?"

Gabriella finally turned around and looked at him "How can I not stare? You gave me the most amazing gift today, Troy." She couldn't continue, she was speechless.

Troy understood and smiled "So, you liked it?"

Gabriella smiled "I love it! And I love you" she told him.

"I love you too"

Troy leaned down to kiss her.

"Oh, sorry I'll be back" Tami said, circling around again.

Troy laughed "She's getting good at that"

Gabriella giggled with him.

Troy looked at her again, leaning down to kiss her again.

Pulling apart they had matching smiles upon their faces.

"So, we leave on the third?" she asked

"Yeah, so you'd better get packing" he told her.

"It's 9 days away" she reminded him.

Troy shrugged, Gabriella looked at him. He was up to something.

For the rest of the night, throughout Christmas lunch and the film they had put on, Gabriella was staring at Troy for a whole new reason. She knew he was up to something but couldn't figure out what.

Suddenly the film was over; Gabriella was barely paying attention throughout it.

"So, did you like the film Gabriella?" Ava asked, knowing her daughter had never seen it before.

"Hm, yeah it was good" she replied, smiling.

"Really, I didn't realize you liked romantic comedies"

Gabriella barely contained her grimace, there were very few of those she liked "Once in a while a good one can exist I suppose"

Troy got up and told everyone he was going outside to stretch his legs and get some fresh air.

Gabriella said she'd join him and followed him out.

There were a few moments of silence before Troy spoke "You hate romantic comedies" he said.

"Like I said, a few good ones are around" she told him.

"You always say their too predictable"

Gabriella shrugged "Some are, some aren't"

Troy looked at her "What was your favourite part?" he asked

Gabriella froze; she couldn't even remember the name of the film let-alone anything she had actually seen seeing as she was too focused on her boyfriends secret.

Troy smiled in victory "You know me too well, Gabriella" he told her.

Gabriella shook her head "You caught me again?"

Troy smiled "I can tell the difference between your totally engrossed in the film look, you're absolutely bored out of my mind look and I must figure out what's going on look. That coupled with the fact you kept looking over at me again says that yes, you know me too well"

Gabriella nodded "So?" she asked

Troy looked at her "So what?"

"You know 'so what' I'm going crazy here, what are you up to?" she asked

Troy smiled, and pulled another envelope out of his jeans.

"Troy" Gabriella warned

"This one you can kill me for because it was my own doing" he told her. "Although, before you do" he said, noticing the look she was giving him "Technically if you think about it, it's for both of us." He told her

This made Gabriella even more curious that she already was, she took the envelope to see what was in it.

"I figured we could make it a tradition of some kind" he told her.

Gabriella opened the new envelope and out fell two tickets.

"Back to the ski lodge?" she asked

Troy nodded "Yeah, if you want too. It's completely up to you" he told her.

Gabriella smiled "I love the idea" she told him.

"Yeah?" he asked

Gabriella nodded "Yeah, our own tradition" she smiled "Does everyone know about this?" she asked

Troy nodded "About six months" he replied

Gabriella's eyes widened "How did I not click on?" she asked

"We're just that good" he chuckled

"You're amazing Troy" she told him. She leant up and kissed him, softly.

"Guys come on! It's cold out there" Jack called from the living room.

"Merry Christmas, Gabriella"

"Merry Christmas, Troy"


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