Title: Defying the Laws of…

Title: Defying the Laws of…

Author: Ignorant One

Words: 3,388

Description: A pilot chapter of a new series as Naruto is forced to take refuge in another world by his own blunder. His decision, while carrying no major consequence, will help shape the worlds and lives of those he interacts with.

Authors Note #1: I would like to extend a huge welcome to Metal Chick Crisis 2040 for her help in being a helpful beta to this chapter! Her expertise in stuff yet to be revealed will be of great value.

And for the people looking for a sequel to my fic "Sake"….please be patient… as I have no idea for what I am going to write for it. If you want to give me your ideas to kick-start my thinking, it would be much appreciated. :D

Also, this is a crossover fic, and NOT a "Super Naruto Gets a Harem"…I despise those… :( So which series this fic crosses over with will remain a mystery until chapter two.

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It was a bad day for Fox of ANBU squad four, two of his teammates, Deer and Cat, was in a heap behind him, and the third squad member, Raven, was currently locked in mortal combat with missing ninja known as Kisame. Naruto gritted his teeth as he ducked out of the way of a barrage of kunai that came in from the trees, his hands in a position familiar to this Leaf ninja. Naruto needed time, a commodity he didn't have. "Well if you don't have time, make some! Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

Without another word thirty clones burstinto existence and went off to preoccupy the shark-like shinobi formerly from the Hidden Mist; while only shadows of their master, the clones were quite capable of keeping the Shinobi Swordsman busy, allowing Raven to fall back to the rest of group. "Raven! Itachi, as you may know, is staying to the tree line. I need you to fend him off until I can get Deer and Cat evacuated. My clones can defend me against most of the pointy objects; you just fend off his jutsu."

Fox could feel the Uchiha's smirk slide across his face behind the Raven mask. Both ANBU nodded to each other. Naruto turned back to his fallen comrades and dropped to his knees, pausing only to create more shadow clones to send after the irate, blue Akatsuki member. The ANBU looked over the injuries of his two fellow teammates. Deer's form was littered with kunai and shurikin; a welcome present from Akatsuki. Luckily his armor had managed to stop the brunt of them,the metal plates and dense cloth preventing vital areas from being hit; but the weapons rendered the shinobi immobile none the less.

Of the two injured in the initial ambush, Cat, Team 4's taicho, had gotten off with the least amount of injury; but being punched into a tree by Kisame was enough toknock her out cold. Just to be sure on his taicho's status, Naruto double checked her, and breathed a sigh of relief when he surmised that she was going to have only heavy bruising and an excruciating headache. He then turned back to Deer and gingerly gripped one of the blades, "This is going to hurt Shika, but I got to."

Deer growled deep in his throat before letting out an annoyed sigh, "Tch, just do it. How troublesome."

Fox began to yank the blades out of the lazy tactician; groans of discontent accompanied each pull. Despite the intense pain, Deer tried to initiate a conversation, trying to get his brilliant mind on other things besides the razor-sharp objects being extricated from his body. "Fox, how are you going to get us out? I've looked over the maps, and Akatsuki has the high ground; the mountains to the north, and the lake to the south… gnh! Easy with the blades! Pull directly out, not at an angle; don't need you causing more damage! Man, this is such a drag"

Fox followed Deer's instructions and began to carefully slide the kunai out of the smaller man's form; faintly remembering that Shikamaru didn't have his freakish healing abilities. Once the final kunai was pulled, Naruto, despite the tense situation, chuckled sheepishly as he formed a hundred clones to keep Kisame busy. The vulpine ANBU was about to reach into his pouch to retrieve his medical kitwhen there was a clag of metal on metal. This was accompanied by a loud whizzing sound as a kunai shot past his skull; he ducked instinctively and shouted, "Damnit Teme! I'm working here! Why didn't you block that one?!"

Raven landed in between Naruto as he intercepted a barrage of kunai that had just exited the tree line. Another wave of kunai came from the opposite side of the clearing, and with Sharingan fueled reflexes, Raven rolled over Fox's back while simultaneously grabbing Naruto's katana from its sheath. Using his own blade in conjunction with the blonde's, Sasuke effortlessly swept the cloned kunai away from himself and his three companions. "Here is an idea; how about you pay more attention to your surroundings, dobe! I can't block them all!

And Raven was right. With a flurry of flashing leaves and hundreds of whistling sounds accompanied by the sultry statements of "Kunai Kage Bushin no Jutsu", nearly two hundred kunai flooded towards them in all directions. "Aw fuck!" Fox proclaimed as his hands formed the seal to create his own kage bushins, and the dozens shadow clones deflected what they could while protecting the vulpine ANBU as he began rudimentary first-aid on Deer; the shadow clones dissipating as kunai embedded themselves into the bushins that were not able to deflect them.

Once the smoke had settled, Naruto noticed that Sasuke had disappeared into the trees in pursuit of Itachi. The blonde ANBU cursed but kept his focus on helping Shikamaru and Cat-taicho. "Damnit teme, you better not get yourself killed."

Naruto reached into his pouch and retrieved his first-aid kit, pulling out numerous bandages and large wads of gauze. Four clones assisted in wrapping Shikamaru head to toe with the medical supplies before calling it good. Deer made a disgruntled remark at Fox's slipshod field dressing, but decided that it was too troublesome to continue to comment. The blonde ANBU stuck his tongue out at the lazy tactician, but Deer never saw it.

Naruto reached into his weapons pouch and retrieved a solid red kunai; black kanji adorned the blade as well as a foot long slip of paper, which was also covered in the Asiatic characters. The blond leaned forward and ran his thumb across one of Deer's numerous wounds where the blood had already begun to seep through the gauze, drawing a hiss from the other man. Then the vulpine ANBU wiped the blood down the slip of paper and held the special kunai into the air and performed two dozen hand seals. Naruto gripped the hilt and held it above Deer's body and winced, "Sorry Deer, but I have to do this."

Shikamaru's masked visage tilted weakly to the side his body tense with confusion. "Do…what Naruto?"

Without another word Naruto drove the red blade into Deer's shoulder, a scream of pain erupted from behind the already wounded ANBU's mask. Fox closed his eyes and did his best to tune out his comrade's anguished cries. With the yelling far from his mind, Fox began to form more hand seals and he laid his hands on the team's resident strategist.

At first nothing happened, but then a deep red chakra seeped from the blondeshinobi's palms and began to cover the wounded man's form. Fox could feel the Kyuubi's chakra as it crept along until it reached the blade embedded in Deer's shoulder.

The injured ANBU's head jerked up slightly and watched as the volatile life energy spread across his form, and it burned; yes, this was most definitely a drag. "Fox, what kind of technique is this-?"

Fox waited until the Kyuubi's chakra had covered the lazy shinobi from head to toe before speaking, "Just relax, Shika. This technique is going to get you to Konoha in the blink of an eye. Now close your eyes, relax and let me work."

With a mental seal forming in Naruto's mind, the kanji on the blade began to glow an eerie purple; the lettering and ink slithered from the paper and down the blade to cover Shikamaru's body.

Naruto nodded his head; pleased that the first and second stages of his technique were initiated and performed flawlessly. With a grunt, Fox dragged Cat next to Deer and settled his taicho on an uninjured area of the cloud-watching ANBU's stomach and placed the lazy shinobi's his arm over her unconscious form. "Hold onto her tightly, Deer, because the two of you are going on one hell of a trip."

Shikamaru wrapped his good arm around the woman next to him and nodded. Naruto stood up and sealed the technique with a tiger symbol. In a flash of bright red light, the injured strategist and the unconscious ANBU captain had disappeared from the battle field, leaving a crater in their wake.

A mellow voice echoed throughout the grassy clearing: Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!

Naruto's smile faded as he saw a golden ball of flame erupt from the forest and watched as Sasuke careened out of the forest and past him; body scorched and smoking. Fox's eyes widened, "RAVEN!"

Just as Fox was about to rush to his partner's aid, a bout of laughter caused Naurto to turn around just in time to see Kisame dispatch the last of his shadow clones with a swing of his bandage covered sword; the smoke from the bushins quickly dissipating. "Finally! I thought there wouldn't be an end to those damn clones!"

"There is more where that came from, asshole." Fox growled and placed his hands into the seal to produce more Shadow Clones, but a strangely melodic voice rang out; Naruto froze.

"Kisame, don't provoke Naruto-kun, there is no need to expend energy…needlessly." A grunt from the shark like nin was the elder Uchiha's only reply.

Naruto craned his neck to see Uchiha Itachi leaning against a tree, his hands still locked in place from the katon technique that incapacitated Sasuke. The missing Konoha ninja reached up and nonchalantly yanked a kunai from his shoulder; seemingly ignoring the blood that flowed as a result from his action. "I have to admit little brother, you are improving. This time last year you wouldn't have been able to touch me, let alone stab. But… you still don't have the hatred needed to kill me. Maybe you need a little more…motivation?"

Kisame laughed, "Come on Itachi, quick fucking around with the kid's mind and help me with the kitsune!"

The Sharingan wielder frowned but complied. Yes, the mission came first. Itachi reversed his grip on the blade and sent it sailing towards Raven's prone form; an attempt to add more insult to the already debilitating injuries. There was a clang of metal on metal as Narutostepped in between Sasuke and the blade; using his own kunai to intercept Itachi's. Fox spared a glance at Raven before pulling out another red kunai. Kisame moved to intercept, but Itachi waved him off; Sharingan activated and memorizing the blonde shinobi's every action.

With the seals finished, Naruto nicked Sasuke's shoulder and used the blood to scrawl on the paper; driving the blade into Raven's shoulder. A grunt resulted, but the raven haired man could only nod at Naruto's actions as he shakily raised his hand to place it on Naruto's shoulder, "Come back alive, dobe."

The blonde Jinchuriki performed a few more seals and laid his hands one Sasuke, the Kyuubi's chakra and the kanji from the blade consumed the youngest Uchiha. Fox chuckled and spoke, "You can count on it, teme," before Sasuke too disappeared in a bright flash of red light.

Itachi watched intently as Naruto performed the technique, a small smile coming to his lips. "Bravo, Naruto-kun. You managed to replicate the Yondaime's technique almost perfectly. But his jutsu didn't require hand seals or blood."

Fox snorted as he set himself in a battle stance, hands placed in front of him, he needed to end this fight, now. The blond ANBU knew there wasn't a chance in hell that he could stand up to the two missing ninja by himself, especially since the transportation jutsus he used ate up a majority of his chakra. Naruto gritted his teeth and steeled himself as he created another wave of shadow clones. "Taju Kage Bushin no Jutsu!"

In the blink of an eye a hundred Narutos surrounded the real blond; all dressed in ANBU battle uniforms, and the group split into two, half heading towards Kisame, and the other speeding off towards the Uchiha. After a quick assessment of the situation, Fox decided that it would be safer to travel with the group towards Kisame. Multiple poofs could be heard as shadow clones were effortlessly dispatched by the two missing ninja.

Itachi hung back and took to the trees, using ranged techniques to fend off the solid bushins while Kisame used his sword to destroy his attackers. The shark ninja laughed as a single swipe dispersed five bushins as once, but his laughter faded as a final pair of clones burst through the smoke, a Rasengan formed in the front most clones' hand. The Shinobi Swordsman's eyes widened and he barely managed to bring Samehada between himself and the swirling ball of blue energy. Time stood still for both Kisame and the clones as the ball impacted the sword…before being completely absorbed by the sword; with their reserves wasted, the clones disappeared into smoke and the shark nin visibly relaxed.

"Damn, that was a close one. Itachi, you think that kid is ever going to learn some new tricks?"

Itachi silently leapt down from the trees and stared at the shark nin. His eyes narrowed and he reached into his robes and produced two fists full of shurikin.

"Watch your flank, Kisame"

Kisame arched an eyebrow and spun one hundred and eighty degrees only to receive a Rasengan in the shoulder. "Rasengan!" The swirling blue chakra tore into his shoulder and the missing nin howled in anger and pain as he was sent careening towards Itachi; who calmly sidestepped his companion's flying body and dutifully riddled Fox's uniform with the throwing stars.

Naruto gasped as nearly a dozen shuriken penetrated his body; he couldn't move a muscle without the small blades cutting further into him, and consequentially increasing the pain. A deep voice echoed around in his head, "You can't fight like this whelp, and as much as I hate retreating, I like living so much more."

"Shit…I hear you…this hurts!"

Using all of the strength he could muster, Naruto reached into his weapons pouch and produce another red kunai. He stared at the Uchiha's figure, careful to not make eye contact; the last thing he needed was to be caught in the missing nin's powerful genjutsu, or even hisMangekyou while trying to make his escape. Naruto double checked the paper attached to it to make sure that it was addressed to 'Konoha Memorial Hospital' before pulling up his mask and placing it between his teeth.

The removal of the mask alone was considered grounds for expulsion from ANBU, but Akatsuki knew it was him from the start, so what did it matter? He set himself up for the technique, running his blood across the paper. "This is it, Whelp. Its do or die, and for both of our sakes, I hope you do."

Itachi's eyes widened as the sight of the kunai, and he began to rush forward at the blond ANBU, determined to not let his quarry escape. "Quiet fur ball, I can't concentrate when you talk to me."

Naruto's hand seals became frantic as he struggled to finish the technique before the Bijou hunter could halt his jutsu. "Its dog, tiger, bird, tiger, ram, bird, dragon, rat, rabbit, and don't forget the tiger seal at the very end-"

"Fuck! I know that! Shut up and let me work!"

Itachi was now less than eight yards away from Naruto, and in an attempt to halt the progress, the missing nin threw another barrage of shurikin at the ANBU just as the blonde raised the blade and drove it into his thigh. Despite the fact that nearly a dozen more shurikin made themselves welcome in his body, Naruto couldn't help but give a sigh of relief as he felt the Kyuubi's familiar chakra wash over him; not only would it protect him from Itachi, but it seemed to dull his pain. "Well, whelp; don't expect me to heal you when we arrive at the hospital; as far as I am concerned you earned your stay."

With a pained grin at Itachi, he raised his hands and performed a ram symbol and welcomed the feeling of vertigo as he disappeared in a bright flash of light.


Itachi frowned as he watched his assigned Jinchuriki disappear in a bright light; this was the second time this year the blonde Jinchuriki had evaded his grasp, and this troubled the missing nin greatly as he strolled over towards his partner's body. He stopped as surveyed the damage caused by the blonde's Rasengan. The blue ball of wind natured chakra tore Kisame's shoulder to shreds; ligaments would need to be reattached, arteries would need to be cauterized shut, broken bones mended and skin grafted.

The Akatsuki member looked at his partner, "Are you still alive?" he inquired, the faintest hint of amusement coming to his voice.

The shark nin gurgled slightly before raising his good arm, giving the amused Uchiha the bird, "Fuck you too."

With his smirk hidden by his large collar, the eldest Uchiha set down and began to tend to his partner's wounds. Leader wasn't going to be happy with having Kisame out of commission for up to a couple of months. But that was not was predominantly on the Uchiha's mind as he cauterized the wounds shut. What was on his mind was the fact that the ANBU Jinchuriki did not use a tiger seal at the end of the technique, like he had done with the rest of his squad.

Itachi finished patching Kisame up and headed off towards their base of operations. He looked at Kisame as he lagged behind; a free Jinchuriki and an out of commission Bijou hunter. Yes, Leader was not going to be happy.

Author's Note: Hey everyone, its Ignorant One here, and this is the pilot chapter to a series I have thought about writing for a long time now. I have toyed around with this idea for months but never really got around to it until now.

I plan on using this intro as a basis for each subsequent series I plan on starting. As I am sure you can tell from the context, this is a Naruto crossover with 'X' number of series. Among them I intend to have a Bleach crossover because I have seen way to many "Super Naruto" fics…or fics where Naruto dies and becomes a shinigami. I would like to put an end to that and create a story where Naruto interacts with shinigami instead of becoming one. And Naruto will be far from super powered…but all of that good stuff will be revealed in due time.

I also plan on having a Full Metal Alchemist crossover…maybe even Death Note considering I have started watching that series and absolutely love its twists and turns…but the likely hood of that happening is slim to none due to the fact that there are very few way for the characters to interact without having some serious OCness.

So yeah…but don't expect those to come into the planning process until my current crossover is at least halfway completed.

Also, if you read this note, please tell me in your review and you will be my hero! Also, your reviews will help me determine if I should continue or if I am just wasting my time here.