Title: Defying the Laws of…

Author: Ignorant One


Story Description: A pilot chapter of a new series as Naruto is forced to take refuge in another world by his own blunder. His decision, while carrying no major consequence, will help shape the worlds and lives of those he interacts with.

Chapter Description: We finally see what crossover this story is, and we introduce the characters as well. Action! Let us see how well I can write this out.

Author's Note: Hi everyone. I have gotten over one thousand hits for the first chapter. And you know how many people reviewed? Five. That's 5 out of 1,000 people. Seriously, is it that hard to read a single chapter and not have something to say? Anything at all please. It would really help me out if you told me what you liked, and what you didn't like about it as well. Every bit helps.

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It was hazy and dark, a strong wind swept over a large valley and between massive stone pillars. A grainy, dark mist was pushed along by the wind; filling the surprisingly small gaps between the pillars with a suffocating atmosphere.

The dry feel of the land was only outmatched by how empty it felt. The echoing of nothingness as tiny rays of light forced their way through a nearly impenetrable smoke-like cloud cover. This created a haunting, shimmering effect for the sky; which provided a backdrop for the thick stone pillars.

The chilled air did nothing to disturb the inky blackness of the shadows, nor did it affect the impermeable gray fog that carpeted the ground. The fog only parted as multiple figures seemed to spring out from the fog; each landing effortlessly at the peaks of the multiple pillars. The bodies of the figures were silhouetted against the shimmering gray sky, and their poses varied until a passing ray of light illuminated one of the figures, revealing a bone white mask; large eye sockets seemed to gleam an unnatural red before a deep voice emanated from its large mouth.

"I shall go."


It was extremely sunny, and the birds were chirping as a quartet of figures wove their way up a large concrete road. There were two young girls up leading the way while two men followed behind them at a distance. One of the two girls, held a hand up to her sandy hair and let out a loud sigh as she surveyed the vast distance to the top of the hill they still had to traverse. "Oh man, we're never going to make it to the top." She whined.

The other girl let an annoyed expression creep over her face as she crossed her arms over her chest, dark brown hair held out of her eyes by a ball cap. "Speak for yourself sister," she scoffed, "This hill is no big problem."

The sandy haired girl looked at her sibling when brown haired girl leaned over towards her, "Please just don't let dad hear you say that-"

Then there came an outburst from behind the female pair, and they turned to see a tall man wearing a bright red jacket and a large black backpack performing a handstand. "You can do it, Yuzu! Just hang in there!"

The eldest of the two girls sighed and then turned around to continue her hike up hill, shoving her hands in her pockets. "Great. Now you've done it. Just ignore him Yuzu. Giving guys like dad attention only encourages them."

Yuzu turned her honey colored eyes to her older sister and opened her mouth to speak, but was quickly interrupted by a bout of bellowing laughter. "That my dear Karin, is where you are wrong!" The strange man only identified as "dad" seemed to run up the hill on his hands, reaching speeds that would only be possible in a cartoon. "As a dad, I am automatically encouraged even if you ignore me!"

The dark haired girl's eye twitched as her father neared, and she cocked back a leg and lashed out, kicking the man back down the hill; rolling her eyes when he rolled out of sight. "Come on lets get to the top before he comes back."

Ichigo Kurosaki stared at the retreating form of his father, Isshin Kurosaki, as he rolled back down the hill the former quartet has spent the past three hours climbing; his face betraying his surprise at the amount of force behind Karin's kick. The strawberry blonde shook his head and sighed, then again, his father always was a person for theatrics, and the shanghaied substitute shinigami wouldn't be shocked if the troublesome man had rolled down the hill of his own volition. With an annoyed groan, Ichigo walked up the hill after his two younger sisters.

It's too damn hot. He thought to himself, Even for the middle of June…its June 17th…the same as that day. An image of a boy dressed in a yellow rain coat and woman walking through a heavy downpour flashed across his mind. The strawberry blonde closed his eyes and shook his head to clear the images. …But today is nothing like that day.

The teen continued up the hill after his sisters, posture slumped and hands shoved into his pockets; the way he carried himself and his facial expression denoted him as lost in thought or brooding. Ichigo sighed again, and looked up when he heard Yuzu squeak. The substitute shinigami slapped a hand over his eyes and let out an aggravated growl as he saw what the sandy haired Kurosaki sibling was pointing at.

At the top of the concrete road stood a thin, short girl wearing a bright yellow sundress…and enthusiastically waving a snow white sun hat above her head…all the while laughing like she was having the time of her life.

Ichigo's eye ticked.

Yup. Leave it to the dead girl to have no tact.

The blonde raced up to his sisters and tried to draw their attention away from the smiling and laughing girl. That's when Karin shot a question his way. "Ichigo, do you know her? If not, she looks to happy to be visiting a burial ground."

Ichigo was flustered by the question, and fidgeted around nervously, waving his arms around awkwardly as he tried to come up with a believable answer to her question. "Uh….well!? You see….I don't know her! Yeah, I've never seen her before in my life!"

Karin's voice took on a suspicious tone as she rubbed her chin thoughtfully; Yuzu just stared at the still smiling and waving Rukia with a bewildered expression. "I don't know Ichigo…" Karin began, "It looks as if she knows you…and know that I think about it, she looks kind of familiar."

Ichigo let out a nervous laugh as he backpedaled out of his previous statements. "You know you're right! I do remember her now! I think she was….in my class when I was in middle school! How nostalgic!" He said, his voice shaking slightly as it took on a higher pitch.

"You know what?! I think I am going to go talk to her right now," The blonde ran up the hill towards Rukia, all the while giving his sisters a fake grin, "So why don't you two go on to mom's grave without me?"

Once at the top, Ichigo grabbed hold of Rukia and sped off into the forest, his laughing heard all of the way back down the hill. The blonde shinigami was so far off that he didn't hear Karin chuckle, or the subsequent conversation between the two girls.


"So, what do you think you're doing, huh? Following me around?!"

Blunt as ever.

Rukia crossed her arms over her small breasts and gave Ichigo a stern look, not flinching or moving when the angry teen got in her face. "Baka. What were you planning on doing if a hollow showed up, hrm?"

The powerless shinigami's face remained emotionless as Ichigo glared down at her; she wasn't the least bit intimidated by the boy's actions. "That's not what I meant-" he began as he waved his arm in front of her, "What I mean is, if you are going to follow me, you could at least be discreet! I already have enough problems without my family thinking you and I are linked somehow."

Rukia just stared at him until he finished. She mulled Ichigo's suggestion around in her head before she realized her folly. "I'm sorry, I just didn't think of it at the time."

The petite shinigami eyed him curiously, wondering if his irritation really stemmed from her momentary absentmindedness or the fact that today was June 17th; the anniversary of the death of Ichigo's mother. She must not have realized it, but her expression hardened, and that combined with her crossed arms and wide stance made the strawberry blonde boy pretty uncomfortable. Rukia roused herself out of her thoughts and raised her eyes, locking them with the boy's own hazel orbs. "I have a question that I've been meaning to ask you."

With a nod from Ichigo, she continued. "I was wondering…you have said before that you have been able to see the dead for as long as you could remember, correct?" The blonde nodded again, and Rukia continued, "And…you said that she was killed…your mother. Who killed her?"

Rukia didn't get the chance to elaborate on her question when Ichigo cut her off. "I didn't say anything about that." His voice was stern, and he was dismissing her question.

"Who killed her?" Rukia asked again.

"I didn't say anything about that. Forget it." He repeated, this time more forcefully.

"You said you could see ghosts since you were a child," Rukia stated matter-o-factly, her eyes determined, "So answer me this…was the one who killed your mother…a Hollow?"

The small woman noticed Ichigo's eyes widen and realized that she had struck something. Something that could possibly give her the answer she needed, so she pressed on, laying more facts out on the ground in front of him. "There is that possibility. If you could see ghosts, then that means you had to of had a reiatsu high enough that you could have attracted a Hollow and it had killed…your mother by mistake."

Throughout her statements Rukia could see a change in Ichigo, from being shocked, to saddened, then to a brief flash of anger…and then to what seemed dismissive and condescending as a smirk crawled across his face. The blond snorted, "That, Rukia…is the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard."

This statement shocked Rukia, and he continued. "Everything with you…you always suspect Hollows. Not everything is Hollow related…if you want the truth Rukia…" Ichigo began to walk towards her, then paused right next to her. "I killed her."

With that, Ichigo sped off, leaving Rukia standing there on the dirt and gravel path feeling like she had done something wrong. Rukia blinked back a tear as she watched him sprint away. Ichigo…


Ichigo didn't know how long he had been sitting there in the middle of a dirt path, but that was as far as he got until the images and the memories that plagued the last six years of his life had surfaced. The blonde stared at the dirt, his hands digging into the earth as the memories played over and over again in his mind.

It had been a cool afternoon until it went from a sunny day to a full on downpour. Thanks to his mother's intuition, Kurosaki Ichigo had been fully outfitted with a one piece yellow raincoat that extended past his knees and a matching pair of yellow goulashes, while his mother held a large umbrella in her hand.

The young boy was smiling like the ever cheerful child he was, and his mother was holding his hand. The blonde pair were laughing with each other over something so simple as jumping a deep puddle; a grin on his face as the water splashed all around them. One thing stood out in that moment, and it was Ichigo's mother's smiling face.

Ichigo smiled lightly as all of the memories of his mother played through his head; her smiling visage worming its way into his conscious, helping lift the burden that hung over his head and his heart. But quick as a flash, the good feeling left his heart as the image of his mother laying face down in a puddle of her own blood knocked away every shred of security he felt.

"Mommy! Mommy!" The young Ichigo shrieked, grabbing hold of his mother's shoulder with his tiny hands, "Get up mommy! Please! We have to go home! Mommy…"



"Ichigo!" A nasally voice and a light impact on his head stirred him from his painful memories. "Ichigo! Nee-san is…!"

With a growl and a scowl, the boy grasped the stuffed animal by his mouth and shut him up. "What the hell Kon-!?" Ichigo stopped yelling at looked at the modified soul's worried expression.

The stuffed lion only had to say two words.

"Nee-san is…"

Ichigo Kurosaki shook off any foreboding feelings and took off into the forest where he had left the headstrong shinigami.


It's been a year, hasn't it mom? Have you been well?

Karin snorted at her own thought as she prayed in front of her mother's grave.

I guess you can't be well if you're dead…now can you?

Her mother's smiling face flashed through her mind, strawberry hair and hazel eyes flooded her senses before she snapped out of her thoughts and returned to her prayers.

We're all doing well on this side. Me, and Yuzu, and Ichi-nii, and…father. It has been really hard on us, but we have been pulling through year after year, trying to be strong for you-

Karin frowned as she was once again jostled from her prayer to her deceased mother, except instead of it being a memory, it was the sound of crying. The tom-boy looked down and placed her hands on her hips before kneeling down next to her little sister. "Really now Yuzu. Stop with the crying already. You do it year after year. We turn eleven this year, yanno? By then we're practically grown ups and we can't…"

Karin wasn't surprised when Yuzu looked up at her, the youngest Kurosaki's hazel eyes locking with the elder sibling's deep violet ones; tears spilling down her face, a little snot trailing down her mouth. "I know that Karin-chan but I…."

The middle Kurosaki sighed as she stood up, removing the ball cap to run her fingers through her hair. "Then you don't get it at all…."


That's all Karin could describe it as. It felt like a bomb had just been dropped next to her, and she could feel the shockwaves wash over her body. It seemed to permeate the air around her, like an enormous pressure pushing down on her; constricting her. It was very unnerving for the girl, and very frightening. Her mind screamed at her to move, to flee the area…

What had frightened the tom-boy the most was the fact that her body refused to listen to her commands. She felt like she was frozen in place, even breathing hard to manage. "Yuzu…where is dad?"

The young girl sniffled and looked up at her, wiping the tears off of her face with the back of her hand. "Dad is down near the shrine…he said that he had to speak with the priest about something…"

Karin shivered.

Of all the times to be a useless father, he chooses now to do it!

"There you are, my little morsel."

The girl looked around frantically for the sound of the voice. It freaked her out, sending shivers up and down her spine; causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand up. The enormous weight on her shoulders intensified as her eyes scanned the area, searching for the sound of the voice, but finding nothing but empty air. Doesn't Yuzu feel that!? She asked herself. Karin looked down at Yuzu and opened her mouth. "Yuzu! We need to get out of here!"

This time the invisible creature boomed again, it's deep voice penetrating through the open air. "Eh-heh-heh. You are going to come with me for a little while…the more bait the better."

That statement didn't sit well with Karin, but it wasn't like she had a choice as something heavy connected with her chest and sent her careening head over heels down the pavement walk; body screeching to a halt. Yuzu didn't have enough time to yell anything else other than her sister's name until Karin felt all of the air being forced out of her lungs as the creature pinned her to the concrete.

"Yuzu…" she gasped out, trying desperately to take a breath, "Get out of here…!"

The sandy haired Kurosaki nodded and turned around, but didn't get far as something curled around her neck and hoisted the girl into the air. The girl was kicking and gasping; trying desperately to breathe, mind racing to try and figure out just what was happening to her.

"Hah! And just where do you think you're going, hrm?" The voice chuckled.

"Yuzu…" Karin gasped as she watched her sister strung up by her neck by what appeared to a shimmering snake…or tentacle of some sort. The creature laughed again at Yuzu's struggles before placing more weight on Karin.

"You are very small…" The creature let out a morbid laugh, "You won't even do as an appetizer."

What little air Karin had in her lungs was forced out, and black began to seep across the edges of her vision as she let out one more gasp. "Yuzu…"

Karin Kurosaki closed her eyes and didn't open them.


It was very shoddy, and it relied more on brute strength rather than finesse to shear through the hairy tentacle, but it did the job. Ichigo sliced through the hair that was holding his sister, and rotated through the air, collecting Yuzu and clutching her close to his chest as he landed; facing probably the most disgusting Hollow to date.

Ichigo looked on, eyes taking in his opponent. It looked like a four-legged bi-pedal chicken. A very hairy four-legged chicken. But this Hollow's most prominent feature, as well every Hollow, was its giant, bone-white mask. Two large, ruby red eyes filled in the eye sockets, and six commas, three on each side of the nasal cavity, adorned the bridge of its nose and large cheek bones. What really set this Hollow apart from the rest was its large set of exposed teeth which were set in somewhat of a joyous smile; its happy exterior offset the creature's truly disgusting intentions.

"Hah! I've been waiting for you shinigami." It said as he held the unconscious Karin up in his claws. "One hostage is enough for me."

"Karin!" Ichigo hissed as he placed Yuzu next to a headstone a couple meters behind him. "A hostage!? You coward!"

The Hollow just laughed and waved Karin around in front of the substitute shinigami. That's when Ichigo's eyes locked onto a ghostly white form floating in front of him. His breath caught in his throat and his eyes widened. It's her! The girl from the river! He thought, but then he heard Rukia reply to him and realized that he had said it out loud. "Yes," The strawberry soul reaper carefully observed the figure, taking in it's expressionless face and plain white dress.

"Yes. That's the little girl I tried to save six years ago. I….I tried to stop her from jumping into the river…and when I…" Ichigo choked for a second, his hands clenching his Zanpaktou in a white-knuckled death grip. "And when I came too, she had disappeared…and my mother was dead!"

The Hollow laughed as it swung both of the girls from side to side. "Six years you say, shinigami? That's a very long time. You can't expect me to remember every last soul I've devoured now can you?" With another laugh, the girl seemed to have it's head spilt in two, and the dress it wore disappeared into thin air as a long brown tentacle shot out of the spilt girl and connected with the very top of the Hollow's mask; the dress and body in halves made it look like a fishing lure.

The trio of shinigami's eyes widened at this. But only Rukia and the other shinigami, Saidou Eikichirou, knew what it meant. Ichigo snarled at the display and swung his sword around behind him, legs bending and tensing, ready to charge the unusual Hollow. "Just what the hell are you!? Some kind of oversized fishing pole with teeth!? Let Karin go-"

It was simple, low and determined. "Hold on, Ichigo." Rukia said, pointing towards the fishing lure made out of the faux little girl. "I know that Hollow."

Saidou stood with his back straight and sighed, running a hand through his slicked-back hair with a sigh; throwing in his two cents. "So do I, that's Grand Fisher."

Ichigo looked behind him towards the shinigami pair, eyes locking with Rukia's for a moment; his sword in front to defend the trio should the Hollow strike. "Grand…Fisher?"

Rukia crossed her arms over her chest and swallowed heavily, closing her eyes and nodding. "That Hollow's codename is Grand Fisher. The scum keeps himself invisible and disguises that lure growing out of his head as a human. Anyone who sees the lure has a high amount of reiatsu, and Grand Fisher attacks with impunity; devouring the poor soul and absorbing its power."

Rukia uncrossed her arms and opened her eyes, staring down the monstrosity. "For over fifty years this Hollow has either evaded or devoured every shinigami Soul Society has sent after it. And after costly trial and error, we know that his favorite victims are…women."

Ichigo spun around to face Rukia, his eyes locking with her's; almost pleading to the female shinigami to tell the truth. "So does that mean…my mother, was attacked by him!?"

Rukia looked away, eyes half-lidded and filled with guilt. She simply nodded.

The strawberry shinigami's eyes narrowed to slits, and his teeth ground together; his anger boiling over and spilling out into his body; arms growing stiff, legs jittery, and hands twitching. Fuel was added to the fire when the Hollow laughed to itself; its lure swinging from side to side tauntingly. "Impressive, impressive. You were very lucky as a little boy…you saw my lure and yet you still lived. Perhaps it was my intention to eat you on the spot…but there is something about the women…so sweet, and soft…and are to delectable for me to pass up."

Rukia snarled, taking a step forward. "You bastard! You disgust me!"

Saidou gritted his teeth at the Hollow's comment, his hand tightening around the hilt of his Zanpaktou. He shut his eyes and then took a deep breath before letting it out; relaxing his body. "Ichigo, you have to stay calm. Anger impairs your judgment, and-"

Ichigo ignored the comment and yelled, charging the Hollow with all his strength; swinging the sword around wildly as he approached. The substitute shinigami brought his oversized Zanpaktou above his head and leapt high in the air, swinging downwards with the intent of cleaving the filthy Hollow in two. "You bastard! Karin! Hang on!"

In the blink of an eye, the Grand Fisher had disappeared, and Ichigo's blade connected with nothing but the compacted pavement; sending chunks of debris into the air and painful tremors up his arms. "You fool! Don't be so reckless!" Rukia shouted, dashing towards Ichigo.

The irate soul reaper had just enough time to leap into the air and dodge the chicken claw-like hand that the Hollow had sent his way; landing tactlessly on the top of a stone wall built into the hill. The Hollow laughed at his evasion and leapt into the air, its hair extending from its grotesque body to wrap around the boy. "Now why don't you just sit there," Grand Fisher chortled, raising Karin up and waving her in front of the restrained soul reaper, "and watch as I devour this little girl."

Ichigo's eyes widened and he couldn't let his sister be eaten by such a monster. His struggle to free himself doubled, and he shouted at the Hollow, just barely grabbing its attention while Karin hung just feet from its large open maw. "No don't! Please!"

The Hollow gave a hearty laugh and raised the little girl up above his gaping maw, slowly lowering her down. His advance, however, was stopped when the cold steel of Ichigo's Zanpaktou bit into his shoulder. Grand Fisher let out a pained roar and tossed the unconscious Karin towards a row of thick headstones, her body being caught by Ichigo as he leapt away from the Hollow to avoid any retaliatory attacks.

Ichigo was quick to set the girl down as he turned his attention to the now hostage-less hollow. "Now, you're mine." The substitute soul reaper growled, and soon silence reigned supreme on the battlefield as neither parties spoke.




The rains have come…just like that day.

Author's Note: Yeah, this chapter has been a long time in coming…I can barely remember what I was going to do to end this chapter until now. Yeah…this fight will be a little bit different than from what happened in the anime…mostly because I really don't feel like writing it all out.