Disclaimer: I love Bleach, but I don't own it : ( Some passages of this chapter are taken from Vol. 13 of Bleach by Tite Kubo.

Chapter 2: Savior from an Even Deeper Darkness

by DemonicDragoness

Swords were fighting nearby. He could hear it, sense it, and taste the coppery blood in the air. He always knew when fighting was nearby.

There, a clearing in the trees. Two Kusajishi bums venting testosterone, most likely.

"You guys strong?" he asked. They stopped, looked at him. Then one grinned, showing off mostly rotted teeth.

"Wanna find out?" he asked. Huh. Cheeky. The newcomer's only response was a ready stance. As though there was some unspoken signal, the three men sprung into action.

The toddler nearby was forgotten by the previously eager to sell men.

Later the victorious newcomer sat on a rock, contemplating his last two kills. Pah, he thought, they were barely a challenge, even together.

The toddler looked at the one who had saved her from the greedy men. He was big, bigger than any person she'd seen before. Curious, but now unafraid, she crawled closer, and put a hand on his foot. It was easily half her size. The man looked at her.

"Where'd you come from, kid?" She placed a hand on the man's jagged, bloodstained weapon.

"That's a sword. Doesn't it scare you?" The baby said nothing. "It's for killing people. It could kill you too." She took her hand away, but giggled. Her hand was stained red. She could be a good fighter, someday. She's not scared of blood, or swords. Either that or she's too young to understand.

"Kid, what's your name?" She looked at him, baffled. Name? She couldn't remember. All she remembered was the blood. "Don't you have one?" She said nothing.

"Neither do I."