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Chapter 7: First Escape

by DemonicDragoness

Tousen Kaname, a 9th division officer, was sickened by the cruel, blood-lust filled spiritual pressure that surrounded the 11th's dead fukutaicho. It was revolting, and made the blind man want to shy away in horror. However, he had a job to do. There was a trail of the same terrible reiatsu leading away from the sight.

"This way," he commanded. Despite the fact he was rather new, he was quickly climbing ranks. He believed that was because he was unusually sensitive to spiritual presence.

The squad followed his lead as he ran along the trail of reiastu, flash stepping most of the way, and nimbly dodging passers-by. It wasn't long before they found themselves in front of what appeared to be a tiny inn. They went inside, and one of the squad members waved over the inn girl.

"We'd like to speak to the owner, please," he said. The girl nodded, wide eyed, and disappeared into another room. Soon an unpleasant looking man came out and eyed them warily.

"Whad'ya want?" he asked, his voice gruff.

"We are looking for someone. We believe this person is currently located in this lodging house. May we look around?" said Tousen.

"What's in this for me?" Having predicted this, Tousen handed over a few yen bills. The inn owner took and counted then greedily. Then he pointed down a hall.

"I've got this really tall guy with a scar on his face an' some little girl in a room over there." The squad followed his directions and pushed open the screen door. There was a little pink-haired girl sleeping on a pallet on the floor. Another pallet lay empty. Suddenly there was a large man leveling a sword at them.

"Who the hell are you?" he asked. His voice was soft, but menacing.

"I am Tousen Kaname, leader of the 6th squad of the six wheels of the 9th division of the Gotei 13. We believe you had something to do with the murder of the 11th division's fukutaicho."

"Murder? Hardly," Kenpachi scoffed. "He came to Rukongai asking for a fight, so I gave him one. He even said that losing meant death. He lost."

"You fought Tatakai, "the one who makes all kneel," and won?!" whispered one of the squad. The others had unbelieving expressions on their faces.

"The guy was a wimp, blasting out all his spirit power. I killed him by making him kneel instead." With all the noise, the little girl on the pallet had woken and sat up.

"Ken-chan?" she called out.

"Go back to sleep, Yachiru." The girl, Yachiru, shrugged and obeyed.

"Who's that, a girl you kidnapped?" asked one of the less bright squad members. Kenpachi shot him a withering glare. Yachiru, who heard, was the one to answer. Unnoticed, she had crept up and was brandishing a tiny sword at the man. When she spoke, the man jumped.

"Ken-chan saved me. You be nice to Ken-chan!" The man laughed.

"What are you going to do with that itty bitty sword?" Yachiru scowled, and then jumped up and sliced at the man's obi and hakama ties. His hakama fell around his ankles, revealing his loincloth. A thin, shallow, but bleeding scratch could be seen at his waist. He hastily hoisted up his clothing, face red, as Yachiru giggled herself silly.

"Good job, kid," praised Kenpachi. The shinigami gaped at him. This man was promoting violence to a child!

"Whether or not the fight was agreed upon by both parties, the killing of such a high ranking official cannot be ignored. Please come with us," said Tousen. Kenpachi snorted, and realizing what was going to happen, Yachiru stepped back.

"Like hell I'll come with you. It was a fair fight." Tousen's eyes narrowed.

"If you do not come peacefully, we will use force." Kenpachi grinned.

"That so? Great. Maybe I'll have some fun before I leave you guys." A split second later Kenpachi's much-used blade was flying towards Tousen's neck. He leaped back, bringing his own sword up to block.

"Call for reinforcements!"

"Yes, sir!" If he were a less imposing man, Kenpachi would have pouted like a child denied a treat. Yachiru did, however, when he motioned to her to get on his back.

"While usually I'd say, the more the merrier, I know I'm outclasses with so many officers on the way, and so soon after a fight. I'm afraid I'll have to say goodnight, for now."

"You're not getting away so easily!"

"Well, I was thinking of using the technique of that guy you were talking about, Tataki, or whatever." Suddenly, they all were frozen by the man's colossal reiatsu. Tousen felt sick, surrounded by its vile touch. Kenpachi swung his sword at the wall, which crumpled like rice-paper, letting moonlight pour in.

"Bye bye!" called Yachiru as they fled into the night.

Tousen cursed to himself as they recovered from massive reiatsu overdose. They couldn't even chase after him, due to the fact that their senses were running haywire, a common effect of being swamped by another's spirit power. After a while, the reinforcements arrived, and carried them away to be fixed up by the 4th division.

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