-1By: Lisa AKA FireStar

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disclaimer: Star Trek in all its forms belongs to the corporations and others. No profit will be made by this fan fiction by others or me. It may not be bought or sold. This is just for our enjoyment and to tie up loose ends that drove me crazy.

Summary: This takes place after the Enterprise episode called Carbon Creek It may be considered AU as I played with the names of some of the characters. It will indirectly tie into the IDIC Series. What happened to Mestral after first contact? This is his story. This is the Sequel to Return to Carbon Creek.

Authors Notes: Thoughts or Telepathy

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Rating: From G to NC-17

Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 1

The news was shocking. Harold Greene could not believe what was happening. How dare the President fire General Macarthur. He watched as the General sat down. He looked as if someone had gutted him. The General was a Giant and his troops would follow him to hell and back. They trusted him to lead and win. Now Truman wanted to pull him out and send him home in disgrace. Harold could not believe this.

"Sir surly this is a mistake."

"No Major I am afraid it is not a mistake. The President is determined to have peace with the Red Chinese."

"Peace, that is impossible they want to rule the world."

"Perhaps they shall major. I am afraid that my time protecting our nation is over. It will be up to men like you to pick up the sword. I know you have learned much in the last year and a half as my aide. Your past is gone and your future is bright. Do not make the same mistake I have done."

"Sir, I do my best. I have learned about being a soldier from you. I am ashamed that they are have treated you with such lack of respect."

"There is no urgency Harold. This war is to far away for the public to be concerned. Unlike the last war most people can not see a threat to our country so they do not hold our leaders accountable." The general said.

'Yes sir, It is all Grayson's fault. He had filled the President's mind with peace. Peace at all costs even if we have to let half the planet fall to those damned reds. Sir you have to do something. Maybe you should run against him in the election."

"I am not a damned buriation."

Harold rolled his eyes. "Someone has to challenge him."

The general smiled rather sadly at this. "I do believe that my former aide will do nicely."

"Ike is not you sir. He will not energize the public."

"He will do well enough. The democrats do not really have anyone who is strong enough to challenge him." Macarthur said. "In any case I will now have time to spend with my wife and son."

"Sir I know that your wife will be pleased with this." Harold said with a smile. He respected the General to make him feel worse. He would offer what support he could. Besides he might well need the General one day.


Khan looked up at his brother who was grinning. He could not believe he had fallen for that move. Jhan offered him a hand and pulled him up.

"I beat you Khan." he said laughing with joy. Jhan might be his junior by two years but he was growing by leaps and bounds. His large frame was now almost equal to his elder brother and his training making him highly skilled fighter. He was clearly pleased at having beat his brother.

"Well done. I am please that you have been practicing." Khan said. He clapped him on the back. "I am glad that you are here. I do believe that together we can do anything We will build a new race brother and bring peace to our world."

"Yes, Khan you and me like always." He said with a smile. Jhan was glad to be here. His brother was his rock his only family and he would do anything to keep him safe. "We will raise our people up and rule the world."

Khan smiled at this. "Come on I want something to eat. That workout made me hungry."

Jhan nodded and followed him out. He blushed as several women passed them making their interest all to easy to see.

"If you are interested they are part of the program." Khan said. "You should have children as well."

"I will think about it."

Khan turned to face his brother. "Jhan you are the only one of the group I know that I can trust. I need you and your family. You must help me. After all my sons will need trusted companions. "

Jhan smiled at this. "As you wish brother but…" He blushed. "I never….I mean I am only 16."

Khan laughed at this. "Well then we will have to find a good woman for you. He raised his hand and a woman who was about 24 walked over. Helena this is Jhan he needs someone special for his first time. Please take care of him."

Helena who was Greek nodded. "Yes Khan as you wish. Does Jhan seek children?"

"He does, Will he suit you." Khan asked.

She looked him over and said "He is a fine specimen. If you do not mind?"

Khan smiled at her and said. "I trust you to teach him properly. I would like to have a nephew to be a companion to my son."

"Then yes I would be pleased to have Jhan as my child's sire." Helena said with grin. She reached out and took Jhan's hand. She lead him away and the youth clearly forgot about being hungry for food. Khan grinned at this. It seemed the new human race was being created child by child.