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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

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Eugenics a New World is Created

Part 73 Worth it

Jenny smiled at the reporters and military personnel as she took the children to the playground. It was amazing how easy it was to blend the children in with her class. Kimi was there helping and it further muddied the water as she heard many of the observers say that it was kind of the tribe to help the refugees from Japan. They had heard about how Khan had saved Kimi from the men who lied to her. Most were actually angry on her behalf. It gave Jenny hope that maybe the country was slowly changing and losing some of its archaic views on the various races. She had once heard that America was a melting pot. Maybe it could be in time. She knew full well that differences made one stronger. She and Kevin were from very different worlds but had one of the strongest marriages she knew. She would not trade her husband for anyone. The Vulcan children seemed to stay in a group a little uncertain of how to play on the various play ground equipment that had been built for the human children to play on as it was so different from their own experiences.

"Come on you need to come see the Monkey bars they are fun." Harry called to the children. He ran ahead with his friends Dale and Jonah.

"What purpose are these monkey bars?" T'Val asked

"We can climb on them. They make our arms and legs stronger. My brother Matt said they had them in basic training at Paris Island. The guys had to run the obstacle course and they had two sets of monkey bars on them." He jumped up catching the bars and pulled himself across showing how they were used.

T'Val watched and noted it too upper body power to move across the bars. It would be a most useful exercise. So he walked over and climbed up. Unlike many of his peers he was always interested in trying new things and this looked practical and interesting so he reached up and began to pull himself across the monkey bars. His fellow students observed and soon all followed which made them all appear to just be kids playing. A good thing as the investigators were observing them with care then dismissed them as unimportant. Well except for the idea that maybe the boys might one day make good Airmen.

Kimi watched the children and knew that children around the world were the same and it gave her hope for peace. She sat down under a tree and began to write a letter home. She had to tell her parents what had happened and warn them about the broker. She did not want any of her friends or family to be caught up in their net of lies.


The press could find no evidence of a real UFO. The fact that the Grayson clan was claiming the plane seemed to convince most that it was simply a tragic accident. However some stayed as they learned of the mob being in the area with some speculating that the mob had caused the crash to lean on the Graysons. Mestral of course denied any such thing.

"I am fully capable of defending my family and our business. Should any seek to harm us they will find we are not easy prey."

The reporters noted Khan and Jhan standing in the background clearly functioning as body guards. The young men were very intimidating and most decided that if the mob was foolish enough to push Mestral they would be in for a world of hurt especially as the men had badges on their shirts.


Maggie watched as Chief Archer sketched out a few designs for the Island. He had some idea for laying out a town or small city that would make it resemble an old first nations layout. The chief had traveled in South America and visited several Mayan and Incan ruins. He had also been involved in the war in China and had seen several cities there. He created a layout that took the best from both civilizations to show Mestral. While it was clear the Island they had found had some structures there was going to be a need for major reconstruction. He had offered to help design the layout with Kevin helping with the buildings. The sooner they took the island and began the sooner it could be revealed to the world and then perhaps they could distract the reporters who were still poking into Mestral's background and that of T'Mir and Xon. Maggie had to admire the men's work. She just hoped it be a nice city as she knew many of the Vulcans coming to Earth would choose to live there. Humanity had a lot of good characteristics but she was not foolish enough to believe that they would all be friends instantly. No better there be a safe bolt hole for those who were slow to adapt or chose not to. This reservation and the one in New York and Carbon Creek would give them plenty of space with the Island as their Nation they would help save humanity maybe from itself and they could also keep their own unique culture. It was to Maggie's mind a win win situation. Not to mention it was a safe fall back point. She trusted Harry Truman but there was no guarantee the next president would be so good a man. Far better safe than sorry humanity could be saints but recent history showed they could be monsters as well.


"We got to get control of Grayson."

"Yeah Paul just how are we to do that? I mean he is protected and unless we want and all out war?"

"Yeah I know, but we gotta find a way or we will lose respect and that will lead to war too. You know the Irish would use this to push us back." Paul said.

"Yeah, well I sent some people out to look around we will find something." Pete said.

"We had better." Was the reply Paul lit a cigar and leaned back he was so not happy about this. He sadly had to give his brother in law a pass and he would buy Stella her vacation home because if nothing else this showed the family that Grayson was a threat and that was worth the cost of a beach house to know.