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Chapter 1: Arriving Hong Kong

The famous trio stepped off their private plane at Hong Kong airport. Almost immediately the reporters started flashing their cameras at the smiling singer and model, Blossom, with her father and brother.

They walked towards her and asked her questions which she asked politely to the best of her abilities. There were also heaps of fans screaming and shouting her name.

"Blossom-san, why did you move here to Hong Kong?" one reporter asked.

"Well, because Hong Kong is one of the main fashion cities in the world and also because my father's company is moving here." came Blossom's sweet voice

"Blossom-san, do you have a boyfriend?" another questioned.

"No, not yet." she giggled.

"What do you require in a boyfriend?" the same one asked.

"He's got to be kind, gentle, strong, fit, healthy, handsome, and, you know, that kind of stuff that will be nice in a man." Blossom listed.

"LET ME BE YOUR BOYFRIEND! BETTER YET, MARRY ME!" some crazy male fan screamed, causing Blossom to laugh.

"That's all for today, thanks for coming." one of Blossom's security guard shouted.

"Thank you for supporting me, my dear fans and reporters." Blossom said. "Take care of yourselves and goodbye." She blew kisses and waved.

Blossom, the kindest and most beautiful celebrity, had moved from Japan to Hong Kong and is continuing her career here.

Blossom had waist-length curled silky auburn hair, which was up in a bun held by pink chopsticks, amazing big emerald-green eyes, nicely tanned skin, a slender hour-glass figure and a splendid captivating sweet voice. Her height is round about 160cm or 5'3 feet. Her real name was Kinomoto Sakura. Sakura was wearing short-sleeved, pink-and-white kimono top with white pants underneath and pink and white flats.

Her brother was Kinomoto Touya. He was very handsome, with shining brown eyes, straight dark-brown hair and had a tanned fit muscular body. He was around 2m or 6'6 feet. Lots of girls had tried to catch his attention but failed. Right now he is wearing light blue polo shirt with blue slacks and dark blue sport shoes.

Her father, Kinomoto Fujitaka, was a very kind, but rich businessman. He specialised in archaeology. (A.N I don't know if people can get rich when they specialise in archaeology…BUT let's they did!) His brown hair was a bit lighter than Touya's but his eyes are the same colour. He was also the same height as Touya but had a less-muscular body. His wife deceased three years after the birth of his second child from an incurable disease. He was dressed in a business suit with a tie.

They walked to their waiting limo as security guards protected them. They were then driven to their new home in Hong Kong.

They arrived at their new home 45 minutes later. Their things were already there and nearly packed up and put in the right places. Their maid and butlers have already arrived.

Their new home was a mansion with a huge beautiful lawn and also a looooooooong cemented driveway. It was three-levels high with a brownish-ivory colour. There were a lot of rooms and even a ballroom. In the back, there was a lush garden with a man-made waterfall and steam. Near these was a gazebo built from marble and some tables and chairs underneath. There was also a large sheltered in-ground pool just right outside the house with a nearly as lage spa connecting to it.

In Sakura's spacious room, there was a wooden queen-sized canopy bed with baby pink net-ish thing over it. On the bed were bedspread, then a blanket and some fluffy pillows, all white with a few tiny hot pink flowers patterns on it. On the side was a cute little white side table. A white lounge was fitted in the one of the corners of the room behind a wooden coffee table.

There was a door to a humongous walk-in wardrobe which was already fitted with her clothes and extra new ones. Both room had light pink walls with little white flowers painted on, the floors was covered with pale pink soft carpet.

There was also another door to a large bathroom. The bathroom had, however, yellowish-green walls and light green tiles covered the floor, instead pink ones. There was, of course, a toilet, a long bathroom counter with a bowl-ish looking sink, a massive shower with all these modern cadets and a gigantic bath with spa.

The third door pointing to the other side was her very own study. It was already fitted with a large desk. Her computer and laptop were already put there and so were her work: files, papers and documents… Furthermore, in the room were a few shelves with mountains of books placed on them. A few filing cabinets as well were placed. Sakura sighed, satisfied of her new room and home likewise.

Next week, she was starting her third year of high school. In Tomoeda Japan, in her school, which was a private one mind you, there were always people trying to become her friend or boyfriend, just because she was extremely pretty, a model, super rich and so on. She loathed it all; no one truly liked her because of her personality or even her results in school. She won't take it here, she was going to pretend to be an ugly nerd so she can make true friends, it was extreme but who cares.

Moreover, she was becoming a new modelling job tomorrow and after that, recording another song.

An hour ago in the same airport was Li Syaoran with his sisters and cousin, Li Fanren, Fuutie, Feimei, Shiefa and Meiling. They were going to see their favourite singer plus model or something. They were all shouting and stuff and Syaoran couldn't stand it. Syaoran walked away from them, going to look around.

He was just standing next to his lime-green sport car when he saw a limo stop in front of him. He looked around, and then there he saw it, a beautiful petite girl with amazing emerald-green eyes. He loved the light-green colour, which was his favourite of his most favourite colour. The girl looked at him and smiled. Then she put on her sunglasses and got onto the limo.

After a minute of just standing, burning an image of her eyes in his mind, he snapped out of the image and heard his cousin yelling his name. His sisters were standing next to him, screaming "Kawaii!" merely because he was dazed.

"Who was that?" he muttered to himself, but Meiling heard it.

"Who was who?" she asked. "That emerald-green eyed girl." he answered.

"Emerald-green-eye girl?" she questioned. "Who had emerald-green eyes? OH you mean the singer we all came to see, right? Does she have lovely auburn hair?" He nodded. "Her name is Blossom, and her last name is Kinomoto. You know…the family as rich as us."

'Blossom,' Syaoran wondered. 'That's a nice name.'

"But that's not her real name though," she added. "She and her family forbid the reporters from telling the public her name."

"Oh, wow," Syaoran went. "Maybe her original name is disgusting or something…but then she could have changed it or something. That's stupid."

"Hey, she ain't stupid and that is our FAVOURITE model, you know." exclaimed Meiling.

"Yeah, she is our favourite." chirped the Li sisters.

"Sure, whatever…let's go home now."

Afterwards, they got onto their separate cars and raced each other home.

The Li's were rich, as rich as the Kinomoto's, but they specialised in a different area so they don't need to compete with them. Their home was just as impressive. They have an enormous garage to put all their race cars. That's right, they are street racers. They are a group of the seven best racers. In the team were the six of them and their cousin, Hiiragizawa Eriol.

Sure, their parents knew, but they allowed their kids to do whatever as long as they don't get hurt...or in trouble with the law... Also they should have all the fun now and be responsible and take care of the company when they grow up to the appropriate age later. Not to mention that their school grades had to remain in the top 20s or something.

In school, Li Syaoran and Hiiragizawa Eriol were the hottest guys; they were popular, smart, handsome, cool… Syaoran had amber eyes, lean but muscular tall body, chocolate-brown hair and a deep voice. Eriol had midnight blue hair, dark blue eyes and a slimmer body than Syaoran. Syaoran had a girlfriend by the name Claire Linton. Eriol was still single.

Claire Linton was also one of the most beautiful and popular girl in the whole school, not to mention head cheerleader since Syaoran was the captain of the soccer team. She had dyed blonde hair (originally brown), an ok-slender body, aqua-blue eyes (contact lenses, originally brown) and she THINKS her voice is absolutely wonderful.

Meiling and the Li sisters hated her and her lovey-dovey attitude with Syaoran while in front of them though. Meiling and the Li sisters, Fanren, Fuutie, Feimei and Shiefa, all have a slender curved body. Meiling had raven black long hair with ruby-red eyes. The sisters had brown hair not unlike Syaoran and grey or brown eyes.

Anyways, the seven of them are the top street racing team called the Wolf. (Claire doesn't drive very well so she isn't part of the team. :P) No one in the whole of Hong Kong could beat their team. Their best racer was Syaoran, and then Meiling, Eriol, and the sisters were all about the same.

Syaoran had a lime green car. Meiling had a red one. Eriol had a midnight blue one. The sisters had identical light orange ones. Claire doesn't drive well but Syaoran brought her a pale blue Jazz anyhow. She loved it and decorated it with all her girly stuff.

As soon as the seven of them got home, Syaoran went up to his room to prepare for school next week. This was going to be his third year of high school with Eriol, Meiling and Claire.

'This was going to be a heck of a long year.' thought Syaoran. 'Meiling probably wouldn't stop fighting with Claire. I really don't know why she hates Claire so much.'

The reason was that behind his back, Claire was constantly picking on them and teasing them. At the start, the Li girls didn't fight back as they thought this was Syaoran's girlfriend. As Claire's teasing got harsher and harsher, they couldn't take it anymore and tried to make Syaoran see what he has done. Even now, they were still working on this project but were planning to end this all soon.

Syaoran didn't really love LOVE Claire, it was just that she was the most beautiful girl and she was kind of attractive to Syaoran so he dated her. Besides his other school friends kept telling him to get a move on and get a girlfriend so they would have a chance with the other girls...

On the other side of Hong Kong, Sakura was recording her new album and thinking about her new life in Hong Kong.

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