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Chapter 8: It's Complicated

"He~llo," a voice rang through the thick wooden door of the Kinomoto residence.

"What is it, Shiefa?" a tired Sakura opened the door. "It's 10 on a Sunday. You know? People like to sleep in late on a Sunday…"

"I don't care!" Shiefa breathed. "You have to come to our house for a party?"

"What? Who? When? Why?"

"Surprise birthday party. Eh…for Fanren. The next one is why?"

"Does it matter?" Sakura sighed.

"Guess not, because we want you and your team to be there…and now!"


"No buts. See you there! I'm onto my next mission. Vroom….Shiefa to pick up the cake."

Sakura could only watch as Shiefa zoomed off to her car and raced off with a "wear something cute!"

"Oh jeez…there goes my morning…" Sakura sighed once again and turns into the house with a loud "ONII-CHAN!"

"My ear is still ringing, monster." Touya rubbed his ears as he continued to drive along the road. The BMW M6 Convertible speeded through the quiet neighbourhood.

From her spot behind Touya's seat, Sakura made a dramatic movement of shaking her head at her brother to Kaho, who was sitting next to her brother, and Yukito, behind Kaho.

Kaho and Sakura giggled as Yukito chuckled.

"What did you do now, kaijuu?"

"I'm not a kaijuu!" Sakura stomped her feet in the car.

"Hey, hey, don't break my car, squirt."

"I wish I could hit you back, but we would crash…besides revenge is best served cold…muahaha."

Touya gulped and glanced to his girlfriend for help. Kaho grinned and shook her head.

"Traitor!" Touya whispered secretively.

"No, no, now you see Kaho has always worked with me." Sakura smirked, satisfied, as Kaho send a smile her way.

"Women…always stick together…"

"Of course we do."


"Oh no, remember last time I tried helping you? I was chased, and then bashed up…" Yukito answered with a calm smile.

"Ohoho~" Sakura and Kaho laughed.

"Shoot…" Touya mumbled as they approached the Li mansion's main gate.

"Oho…we have arrived at our destination, dear brother of mine."

Touya slowed the car to a stop in a parking space in front of the mansion. As soon as he stopped, he got out and rushed to the door.

"Open up!" Touya banged on the door desperately, as Sakura slowly followed him with an evil grin.

"It's no use." Sakura slowly strode up to Touya.

"Welcome, Sakura-chan, Yukito-kun, Kaho-chan, and rolling on the floor Touya-kun." Fuutie greeted them cheerfully while glancing at Touya and stifling a laugh.

"Where's our birthday girl?" Sakura asked Fuutie excitedly.

"Shopping with Feimei, if she reveals our plans, she will suffer the consequences!" Fuutie answered darkly, but added optimistically, "Let's hope she can withhold the excitement of surprising Fanren."

"Let's go and prepare then!"

"Yup, and I must say Sakura-chan, you are looking goood."

"Thanks," Sakura laughed as she spun away showing off her creamy white halter top with pink flowery embroidery, paired with a long pearly pink skirt that shifted around her leg when she moved.

"Pfft…just like a monster." mumbled Touya as he stood back up…and consequently landing back on the floor in a second.

"Come in, come in, Fanren and Feimei should be back soon," Fuutie continued, ignoring Touya's moaning. "And the others are already in there."

Sakura followed Fuutie as did the others after they carefully stepped over Touya.

The living was decorated beautifully with a banner saying "Happy Birthday, Fanren!" hanging from t

he walls. A large table filled with delicious looking food was placed in the centre of the room, as people in the room hungrily drooled.

There were not much people there as it was a close party, since it is a surprise birthday party after all. Syaoran and Shiefa were there along with their elegant mother, Yelan. Meiling was quietly chatting away with Syaoran. Eriol and Tomoyo were already there, standing suspiciously close together near the balcony door, looking out and whispering to one another. A few other friends of Fanren was standing in a circle, curiously watching Sakura, Touya, Yukito and Kaho as they entered the room to join them.

A sudden ding-dong echoed across the room, and the lights were immediately turned off and the curtains all closed. The people crowded around in anticipation.

"Why did you ring the doorbell? We have keys, don't you remember? There's something suspicious about you today." Fanren's question was heard by everyone in the living room.

"Oh, I forgot, come on, let's go in!" Feimei's voice was extra loud.

A slap was heard by people in the room as Fuutie slapped her head and mumbled "Idiot!"

The door opened and Feimei and Fanren went into the foyer in full view of people in the living room. They held many shopping bags which they dumped in the foyer.

"Eh? Why is it so dark? Where's everyone?" Feimei acted like she did not know anything, but it was so obviously suspicious.

She dragged Fanren to the entrance of the living room and ducked into the room as the residents of the room flicked on the light and yelled "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FANREN!"

Fanren jumped, and then causally shrugged. "I knew something was going on! Feimei was acting so suspicious all day." Then she smiled, "But thanks, I thought you guys forgot it was my birthday, since no one said happy birthday to me!"

"FEIMEI! Get over here!" Fuutie dragged Feimei by her ear to another room, leaving an echo of "owie!" and "help me" in the room as the rest laughed at her.

After a while of cheerful chatting, dancing and eating, another ding-dong sounded.

"Who is it?" Fuutie opened the door and looked out. The people inside could see that her face immediately changed from smiling to an annoyed face.

The person at the door walked in and threw herself at Syaoran. "Hiya Syaoran!" Then looking around the room, she added. "Whose birthday party is it? How come I wasn't invited?"

The four Li sister and Meiling rolled their eyes in sync, making Sakura and Tomoyo smile.

"It's my sister's birthday, Claire." Syaoran sighed, slowly untangling himself from her. "Close friends of hers only."

"Oh, so future sister-in-law isn't close enough?" The sister and Meiling, once again in sync, shuddered, making Sakura, Tomoyo and Kaho giggle, and Touya and Eriol snicker, while Yuki smiled on.

"Oh and who is this?" Claire gasped, clearly surprised. "Blossom, Kinomoto Touya and Eriol…and Tomoyo…"

Sakura quickly fixed a friendly smile on her face, albeit a bit overly bright and fake. "Hello, and this is?"

"Please to meet you, I'm Claire!" Claire grabbed Sakura's hand and shook it like her life depended on it. "Can I please have your autograph?"

"I would like you to let go of our guest's hand please." Feimei said calmly and politely.

Claire spared a glance at her before asking for an autograph again. Syaoran, seeing his sister's threatening look, slowly eased out Sakura's hand from Claire's and said, "Calm down, you can't get your autograph if you're holding her hand."

"Right, right…OH…that reminds me! How could you not tell me you knew Blossom? And how could you not introduce me to her?" Claire angrily spun to face Syaoran.

"Look at how you're acting. How could I?"

"You could at least have told me or got me an autograph! You knew I liked her!"

"You like all celebs! You don't like Blossom in specific, do you? You just want her autograph so you can show off to people at school!"

"HOW DARE YOU?" Claire screamed madly.

"Let's calm down now, shall we?" a chiming voice was heard between these loud voices.

"Oh! Blossom, don't believe anything he said! He's lying, I really like you!" Claire pleaded, holding Sakura's hands once more.

Sakura beamed a smile at Claire and Syaoran, making Claire smile back and Syaoran…blush?

"It's okay. I'll give you an autograph, okay? So don't fight anymore." Sakura told her in a sweetly gentle voice. Taking her hands back, she grabbed a piece of paper and a pen that Kaho and Touya kindly prepared for her during the argument. She gave Claire her autograph saying, "Dearest Claire, love from Blossom."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" cried Claire enthusiastically. "Oh and I work at your company as a receptionist! So please come and visit me!"

"Oh, I'll see, but I am quite busy at times."

"It's okay, I understand! I'm going to go now!" Claire ran out the door, slamming it shut behind her.

"Woah…" the rest of the room all thought in their minds.

"Thanks, Blossom-chan!" cried Shiefa, relieved. "We didn't want to invite her because she was so noisy! She'll just ruin the party."

"Psh…even I agree." Syaoran sighed unhappily. "Even if I'm her boyfriend."

"Brother, just break up with her already." Feimei whined. "Did you hear her…future sister-in….I can't even say it!"

"Mother! You agree, don't you?" Fuutie added, seeking support from their silent mother.

"Well, I can say that she is not marriage material for Xiao Lang." Yelan spoke her mind on the matter. "I do have another candidate that I have chosen." A slight smirk appeared after this. "But your brother can do whatever he wants before it is his time to marry."

"Eh? Candidate?" Syaoran questioned.

"I'm not saying any more." Yelan maimed zipping her mouth after saying that.

"I think we're going to go now." A friend of Fanren's stood out and said to Fanren.

"Oh…sorry about what happened…maybe see you guys later? Call you later!" Fanren escorted them to the door, yelling "BYE!" after them.

"Well, I have some work to do in my office as well." Yelan said, calmly striding up the stairway with Syaoran chasing after her.

"Well, we are also going to go now!" said Sakura. "Maybe see you guys soon?"

"Yeah," Fanren agreed. "Call us to hang out if you're free!"

"Ah! I just remember! Are you going to the competition tonight?" Sakura winced after Touya gave her a reminder poke…more like jab.

"Tonight…? Oh! Yup! Yup! Of course we're going!" Shiefa answered.

"Then see you tonight!" cried Sakura as Touya dragged her out the door.

Fanren sighed after the door closed, and said "Jeez…this was fun."

"Aw! We're sorry it turned out to be such a mess. But happy birthday anyways!" Shiefa, Fuutie and Feimei echoed one another as they gave Fanren a group hug.

Fanren smiled and patted them gently on their head. "Thanks for the party, little sis's."

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