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She hid behind the old sofa as her brother walked into his placed his guitar and a sheet of paper on the sofa, almost able to see the small body of a 9 year old girl, who was trying keeping herself hidden, but Drake was too tired to notice anything hidden and climbed the ladder onto his bed, bringing his phone out of his pocket to check any messages. Megan glanced at her watch. Not long now. After about ten seconds she heard a plank of wood creak, followed by a balloon filled to the top with cold water falling to the victim beneath. Megan watched as her brother yelled in surprise and was soon enough drenched. Megan picked up the piece of paper that had been thrown onto the sofa. She saw music notes - Drakes new song - and turned the paper round, revealing her homework essay.

"Megan? What the?" Drake blurted out as soon as he saw her. Megan laughed at the sight of him, she felt proud.

"Hey, it actually worked!" she replied, still laughing at her revenge prank.

"Yeah, I noticed! What was that for?" Drake said. He looked at his shirt, it was completely drenched. " Megan, I'm soaked! Well, I hope your happy!"

"Don't worry Drake, I coulden't be happier!" Megan walked towards the door then stopped suddenly in the doorway." And by the way drake, next time, don't scribble on my homework!" She screwed up the paper that sill layed in her hand and threw it at her defenceless brother. Megan smirked as she walked out of the room and into the hallway.

As Megan opened the door to her bedroom, she noticed instantly how dark it was. She had spent so much time in drake's room, setting up her small prank, that she had not noticed how long it had been since she had last entered her bedroom. Megan glanced around at her digital clock, the red glowing brightness of the numbers seemed to light up most of the room, 9:00 pm. As megan switched on the light, she expected to see her pink, girly room. Darkness still. She needed a new light bulb. Usually when this happened, Megan would ask her mother to change it, but Audrey was out on a date with a man called Walter. Megan had only met him once, but she had the feeling that her first impression would be her last impression too. Which meant that she thought he was doofus on channel 7 forever. Her second option was to force Drake into changing the light bulb, but Megan didn't want to ruin the moment of the prank. So, Megan had to change it herself.

As Megan climbed the ladder to the attic she thought about what might be up there. She had never been in their attic before - never needed to - so although she only intended to get pick up a new light bulb, she had a great temptation to see what else lurked around in the corners. Megan stepped onto the wooden floor, it was pretty dark. The small girl searched around the attic and found the bulb which she had been looking for and put it in her pocket. She looked around the small attic when her eyes rested on a box at the far end corner. Megan stepped past old papers and peices of furniture until she reached the small, yet precious box. It was made of odd peices of wood, making it obvious that it had been hand made by someone who hadn't had much experience in woodwork, but the painting job was beautiful. The box was given a white background with small blue patterns and lines, making it look special and unique. Megan lifted the box and sat on the dusty floor. She rested the little box on her lap and slowly opened it, curiosity building up inside her. When she had lifted the top of the box off and placed it on the floor next to her, she almost laughed at what she saw. On top of papers and other photographs layed a photograph which Megan thought was somewhat hilarious. The cubby cheeks. The droopy, half open eyes. The drool hanging from it's mouth. This was Drake. When hes was 3 months old. Megan smiled at the photo. It was actually quite cute if you forget the fact that this is the same boy as the one drenched below. She placed it to one side and looked though the box. Drakes birth certificate. Drakes baby book. Pictures of Drake when he had just been born. Pictures of Drake with their mum. Pictures with Drake with a tall man with dark hair. He was quite handsome and looked slightly like Drake. That must be their dad before he- well, Megan dosen't know what happened to him actually, she figured that him and her mum simply divorced. Megan kept searching through the box. Drake. Drake. Drake. So were was Megan?

For what seemed like an hour (although it had only been around ten minutes) Megan had searched around the cluttered attic for something which she was starting to believe even wasnt there. If there was so many pictures of drake when he had been just been born and a few months later, then why couldn't Megan find any pictures or birth certificates of her. After around ten more minutes, Megan finally found a picture of her, when she was around one years old. Wasn't there any pictures of her when she was even younger? And there seemed to be only that picture. Megan opened the drawer of the table which the picture had layed on before she picked it up. She found a certificate, could this be her birth certificate?

Megan read parts of the writting on it. Megan Wright. Adopted. 12.08.1995. Miss Audrey Parker. Megan read it again thoroughly. Adopted. Questions suddenly started appering in Megans mind. How? Why? And who was her real mom and dad? Megan froze to the spot. She stood in that same position for about 5 more minutes before being brought back to reality by her brother calling her name.

"What do you want?" Megan replied, trying to sound as though nothing had happened.

"Where are you?" Drake said, looking in all directions.

"Up here"

"Have you been in the attic all that time?" Drake said, when he finally looked up to find his little sister.

"I guess" She said quietly.

"You've been in there for over a hour. Come back down. Mom dosen't like you being in there anyway" I wonder why, Megan thought to herself

"Why should I listen to you!" Megan yelled, the tone in her vioce getting angrier with every word.

"Fine, but don't come crying to me if you get crushed by all the clutter" Megan stared at him as he walked back into his room. He isn't my real brother, Megan thought, it woulden't feel right, to go up to him and give him a hug, not anymore. Megans life had suddenly turned upside down.

" Honey, are you alright?" asked Audrey, placeing her palm on Megans forehead." You look pale and your not eating your dinner. Are you feeling ok?"

" Fine" Megan replied, looking down at her food. She wasn't hungry." Actually, I think I should go for a lie down. I just need rest mom." Mom. It didn't feel right anymore.

" Ok baby, I'll check on you soon" Megan forced a smile as she walked over to her room. She decided not to go to her bed, and insted went to her pink draws. Megan pulled out her birth certificate. She didn't want to keep it with her. Not really. But Megan felt she had to. She sat against the cold, hard wall and began to read it once again.

Certificate of adoption


This is to certify that

Megan Wright

Has been formally adopted

Into the Parker family by the mother Miss Audrey Parker

And is entitled to all the rights and privileges there as her other children.

Once again Megan stared at sheet of paper, as tears fell down her cheek and rested on her lips. Why? Why had she been adoped? Why had nobody told her? What happened to her real parents? Suddenly, Megan heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Mom! Megan quickly shoved the certificate under the bed and got under her covers.

" Hi honey, feeling any better?" Audrey asked as she walked into the room and sat on the end on the bed.

" Well I have a bit of a headache" Megan replied. She was being truthful. All the shock and worry had made Megan dizzy.

" Hmm, do you think you would be ok with some medicine? Walter is coming over soon. I just got of the phone with him. His son is comeing over too. He's called Josh. I'm sure you will enjoy yor self." Megan sighed

" Fine. I guess it dosen't hurt that much"

" Awww, you're such a good girl" Audrey kissed her forehead and walked out the room

The door bell rang.

" Oh, they're here!" Audrey said as she more or less ran to the door. Megan watched as she opened it to reveal Walter, who Megan had already met and a slightly overwieght boy, around the same age as Drake. She thought Walter was goofy, but this, this was insane. They boy had a bright green top on with three quarter length jeans. His hair was black and was cut very short.

" Why hello Audrey!" Walter said after Audrey had opened the door to them.

" Walter, hi!" Audrey replied." And you must be Josh, it's so nice to finally meet you." Audrey smiled at Josh.

" It's very nice to meet you too. Dad said you were pretty, but wow!" Josh laughed along with Audrey and Walter.

" Come in, come in" Audrey said after the joke which neither Megan or Drake found funny."Josh, this is my son Drake and my daughter Megan. I'm sure you will get on just fine."

" Hello. Hey, hey I know you!" Josh looked at Drake. " You're in my year at school. Bet you know who I am!"

" Oh, oh yeah. Your the kid who shows himself up by doing rubbish magic tricks in the hallway, scares away the girls and got olives stuck in his nose" Drake replied.

" Yeah! Thats me! Wow we are gonna be such good buddies from now on!"

" Kill me" Drake said put loud. Josh jst smiled and kept talking to Drake and Audrey continued to talk to Walter. No one noticed as megan made her way back up to her bedroom. She felt so alone. Should she tell someone that she had found out about the adoption. Maybe a friend? No. Megan felt she had to keep this to herself and deal with it alone.