Moment of Peace By Filly8

The silence in the world the few moments before the rain falls is and will always be one of the most beautiful moments in nature. Even the world around you seems to stop at the beauty of the moment.

The way the wind playfully blows you hair, whipping it back and forth. The way the air smells with its fresh clear and clean scent. Even the way the clouds blow silently by high above your head.

Then the small drops start to fall making steady beats on the ground like old drums of a ancient culture. Slowly dampening your skin and hair. As animals flee for shelter against the wetness.

The moment of peace as you stand there in the rain surrounded by only the magnificence of nature. The steady beat slowly picking up as you see flashes of light on the horizon. Letting the rain fall as time leisurely passes by.

The peace ends when crashing noise rolls around you, seemingly coming from nowhere. The sky releases its tears while you let yourself soak them back up.

The air lightens and the rhythmic beat slows and the lights stop flashing, air stops its crushing roars. Once again leaving you surrounded in the wonderful spell of the rain.

The storm is over but the storm of life never ends.

hey, i know this is technically not FAN fiction but i really dont wanna make a whole new account on fictionpress just for this poem..thingy...

anyway a little random fact: this poem was inspired when i was trying to think of a oneshot then it started rainning and well i love the rain :P..mabye not the tornados though..
Also i know this is kinda not really poetry but hey this is the 4th poem i've ever written(wroten..nah..) so ayeah.. oh and
please this is all copyrighted by ME! if you'd like to use it in somthing great just please get my permission first!

well any input/reveiws would be great thanks!