Hello, I really want to thank Tunstall Chick who reviewed but mostly I wanted to address the matter of the other review I got, which I thought was quite offending. The review(below) was anonymous so I couldn't reply but I really felt the need to address the matter.

To Doranwen,
I would just like to say that first off on the matter of space. Did you even think that a whole account(that I'm only going to use that once) would be a much bigger use of space then this? Not to mention the fact that even if people properly categorize their piece there are still hundreds of pieces that are either; less then 50 words, abandoned , just plain and simple not good or like mine in which they don't have a fandom(they might of course not know about fiction ).

Secondly, you call me 'Immature' and 'Childish 'and say I should move this if I have any 'Sense of Responsibility'. Well I'm sorry that you think that but personally I think that only-hmm the right word- bullies? Perhaps. Or maybe in your wording 'childish' people insult some one and don't give them a means to say their share or anything back to you.

Also, Begging? What are you talking about? I said and I quote "well any input/reviews would be great thanks!"(which still applies). That is not begging what so ever… I don't know what the heck you read… One more thing: Have you read my other stories? You know the one that are 'properly categorized'? and since they are properly categorized that would mean I spit in my own face.. How does that work?…Lastly I'd like to thank you for listening to my opinion(even though I highly doubt your reading this) and also to thank anyone whose still reading after that really long intense rant…

(This is the original message from Doranwen)

"You might not have wanted to make a new account solely for this essay, but I hope you're aware you're violating the TOS for this site by posting it here. You're also cluttering up the Misc. Books category (which is already overfull) with a piece that is neither fandom nor fiction. This shows a serious lack of maturity on your part, and has very likely turned off most readers. Begging for reviews while simultaneously putting your work in the WRONG PLACE is childish, and spits in the face of everyone else who makes the effort to make sure their work is properly categorized so that this site runs a little more smoothly. If you have any sense of maturity or responsibility, you'll move this to a more appropriate location." -Doranwen

Thanks you again for anyone reading this still, Filly8