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Fairy Tales and Stories... ToS Style! (Completely safe to kids, even with Zelos!)

"Professor librarian Raine! It's story time!" Shouted a group of kids.

"Settle down, alright?" The kids calmed down and sat on a carpet, facing towards Raine, who was sitting on a big chair with a book. "Today we are going to read: Zelos' New Clothes. Let's start." With a smile, she opened the book and started reading.

One upon a time, there was a King named Zelos. He liked clothes very much. He always bought new clothes. He changed clothes everyday, even at every hour. People would admire him as he passed by in the streets, and Zelos would be pleased because people admired his new clothes.

But one day, two sly merchants, named Lloyd and Genis, went to the king and claimed: "We can make special clothes for you for a hefty sum. They are so special and beautiful that only great men can see them."

Zelos thought to himself: If I have these clothes, I'll know who's great and who's not. If a guy in the street says: "I can't see it." then I know he's not a great man.So he declared: Bring these to men to a private room, where they can concentrate on their work. Also, bring them a hundred thousand Gald and the best meals possible.

Lloyd and Genis went into the room. There, they did nothing and demanded more Gald from the King.

The King payed them, but wanted to see the progress of the cloth. But he was afraid, for if he cannot see the cloth, he is not a great man, thus does not deserve to be king. Instead of going himself, King Zelos called the greatest man in the country: Regal. He told Regal to go check on the progress of the cloth.

When Regal entered the room, Genis and Lloyd were ready. Genis waved a hand over the table and asked, "So, how do you like our work? It's beautiful, isn't it?"

Regal started to panic, as he could not see the cloth though there was no cloth there. He thought: I cannot see the cloth, thus I am not a great man, but no one must know about this. He coughed and said, "It's wonderful, the most beautiful thing I ever saw."

This time Lloyd asked, "How do you like the patterns? The flowers?"

"Don't forget the colour!" added Genis.

Regal was still nervous. "Yes, yes. Marvelous." He exited the room and talked to Zelos, describing what he did not see, based on the descriptions of the merchants.

The King was curious, so he sent another great man to the room. This man's name was Kratos. The two tricksters repeated the same act with Kratos as with Regal, and Kratos went back to describe the "invisible" cloth to King Zelos.

A few days later, Lloyd came out if the room to tell Zelos that the clothes will be ready tomorrow. Zelos decided to walk around town to show off the clothes and to figure out who's great and who's not. That day, Lloyd walked out of the room, pretending to hold a robe, while Genis trailed behind him, pretending to hold pants. Zelos was in a state of shock, as he could not see the clothes. Lloyd helped Zelos change into the "clothes" while Genis explained: "Your Majesty, these clothes are extremely light, as light as a spider's web. It will fee like you are wearing nothing!" In fact, the King was wearing nothing. Dressed in the special "cloth" Zelos marched outside.

Everyone wanted to be great, thus everyone was admiring the clothes that were not there. Until a young woman named Colette remarked: "Zelos isn't wearing any clothes!" The phrase spread like wildfire, though King Zelos, not wanting to lose his dignity, marched on, still wearing the clothes that were not there...

Next time: Kratos and the Fish Prince!