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Chapter 1: Their Experience

Kinomoto Sakura lived in an orphanage in Japan ever since she remembered. She was told that her brother, mother and father died in an aeroplane accident when they were on a holiday. They went without her because she was sick with a fever. They could not change the date of the vacation so they had to leave her with a friend of theirs.

She was one years old when they tragically passed away. She had no known relatives. She was taken to an orphanage.

She met a friend there who went there one year after she arrived. Her friend's name was Daidōji Tomoyo. Tomoyo was a year older than her. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father died a year later from a car crash where he was hit by a truck with a drunk driver.

Sakura and Tomoyo grew to be the best of friends in a month. They promised to never leave each other behind no matter what happens, unless it was absolutely necessary or that they both agree.

When Sakura was four years old, Sakura was going to be taken care of by a rich man. He was going to bring her to his home. He was only taking Sakura with him and leaving Tomoyo behind, but Sakura didn't approve of leaving her friend.

She asked the man sweetly to take her friend as well. The man didn't agree, she then pretended to cry and Tomoyo followed her friend's example and pretended to cry. Even the nurses and the staff could not get them to stop.

The man could see no way in refusing the little girls who were crying so loudly that the street could hear. The man took them both in, knowing very well that the two girls would be very good material to become spies (plus assassins) and they could even be cooperative partners in crime.

The man wasted no time to get them to his home. His home was a mansion; it was huge and beautifully designed. Anyone would see that. It appears that he is a wealthy businessman and a very successful one too. He was the owner of a gigantic company.

The man's name was Saga Maro. Sakura and Tomoyo were not the only ones there. There were numerous amounts of used-to-be-homeless children, both girls and boys, in his home. Maro's home can be considered as a spies and assassin's school that work for his company after they are trained. He would let instructors trained them everyday and night, even on weekends he get teachers to train them. Not just physical subjects though, half the time were knowledge, education and learning, kind of stuff.

As the two girls grown up, they were put on missions to prove their worth. Children who failed in a test or mission would get kicked out onto the streets. The girls worked together in their missions and they aced all of them. They succeeded in getting whatever information Saga Maro need and killed whoever was in their way.

Sakura was twelve years of age and Tomoyo was thirteen years old when they went on the Mission Kato.

It was a very special mission because it was the longest mission they had. It lasted three months when the other missions took only about two months. Furthermore, the victims were very kind to them.

Their mission was to infiltrate the Kato company and get their information form them. After that, they are supposed to kill the boss and any important figure of the Kato Company.

That day they were to create something to make them to be trusted by the company. This was what they did: they had a pet dog called Snowy and they ordered it to run out the road when the Kato family's car came. Sakura chased after it. Then she grabbed the dog and jumped out of the way but she pretended to be faint.

That's when Tomoyo ran to Sakura and started crying. The Kato family came out of the car and looked at the girls. One was crying and the other (pretending to be) unconscious, plus there was also a dog yelping in the unconscious's girl's arms. Seeing that it was THEIR driver who nearly hit her, they picked them up and took them to their home.

Once they were there, they called up a doctor. The doctor examined Sakura and came out with the only solution that she fainted due to shock. They let her rest when Tomoyo told them their story (which was mostly made up, by the way).

She said that they were orphans and was kicked out of the orphanage which was very poor. One day, they were walking along the street when they saw a puppy which they kept, even though they don't have enough food. They raised the puppies into a very mischievous dog which ran into of the Kato family's car. Sakura, her 'sister', love the dog dearly and ran out onto the road to save it. That was how they ended up in here.

The Kato family were very nice to them and told them to stay, which they did. The Kato family had a father, a mother and a son only. The father was Kato Hiroshi and was 42 years old. The mother's name was Kato Azumi and was 40 years old. The son was named Kato Masajun and was 15 years of age. They were a happy rich little family.

The duo, Sakura and Tomoyo, did not pity them and decide to give up on the mission, instead they continued on because what their boss, Saga Maro, assigned them to do. They were told that the Kato family were bad and were always lying so don't trust them.

The Kato family took care of them. They fed them, clothed them and even entertained them. Masajun even fell in love with Tomoyo and took extra care of her.

Sometimes, the family would take them to their company and told them that they could explore around. When they say that, the two would walk around the company and take note of how it was, making a mental map of the building.

That continued for a month. They had fun staying with the Kato family. It was more fun than going back to the spy school. The Kato's were the kindest people they have ever met and they met a LOT of people from other missions.

One day in the second month, Masajun confessed his love to Tomoyo. Tomoyo also liked him and she said that she would be his girlfriend even though she was two years younger.

Hiroshi and Azumi were very happy for his son and new girlfriend.

They went to the movies together and Tomoyo even met some of his friends and they all commented on how pretty Tomoyo with her dark purple hair and her amethyst eyes. Masajun was very proud.

After they went out for a fortnight, Masajun started to be less happy and excited. He tended to seem bored and Tomoyo would be very worry at him.

"Masajun-kun, what's wrong?" she would ask.

"Nothing," Masajun would answer.

"If it was nothing," Tomoyo would pout. "Then why are you like that?"

"It's none of your business anyways." Masajun would reply.

Then that would make Tomoyo to stop asking.

"Mum, dad, I don't like Tomoyo anymore."

"Why, son, she is sure a gentle and pretty girl?"

"Yeah, I agree with your mother on that one."

"My friends all changed girlfriends already."


"I haven't changed mine yet."

"You don't have to follow their example, you know."

"Yes, that was make you look like a playboy, son. Don't be like that, just because we are richer than normal people."

"But she is an ORPHAN and she is poor…and even kicked out FROM a POOR orphanage."

"Stop it! You are just being ridiculous, talking about the good girl that way."

"But…but…what if I don't like her anymore?"

"You have only been with her for not even a month."

"Uh…what if I like her sister, Sakura, instead? I like her eyes and she is just as beautiful as Tomoyo. She is even younger and better."

"Stop this at once, son."

"I don't care what you think though, I am just letting you guys know first. I am going to break up with her, no matter what."

With that Masajun walked out of the room to find Tomoyo. Left in the room were his two parents sitting there shaking their heads and sighing.

The duo spying outside had flames in their eyes. Their hearts hardened with determination to finish their mission soon.

"Uh…hey, Tomoyo," said Masajun. "I'm just going to just said it, ok?"


"Uh…well…the past fortnight had been great, but don't we think we should move on?"

"Yes, actually I have been seeing someone already."

"WHAT? YOU HAVE BEEN CHEATING ON ME? How can you do this to me? I am so breaking up with you, cheater."

"Oh, sorry, did I say I cheated on you? I meant you cheated on me…and with my own younger sister too. Next time I suggest you choose a better place to show your affections."

"Oh…uh…ok then…it was your sister who seduced me!"

"Sakura would never do such a thing. Would you now, Sakura-chan?"

"I of course would not, Tomoyo-chan. As my partner in crime, I would never do such a thing like you said."

"SAKURA…wait…did you say partners in crime?"

"Yes." whispered Sakura as she disappeared and then reappeared behind him with a knife at his throat. "We're partners in crime. We are known as the Lethal Duo in our organisation. We are much better than adults. Adults think that we will do them no harm, which is not true, as you can see now. Let's go to your parents' room, now shall we?"

They walked to Hiroshi and Azumi's bedroom to find them sitting there talking. They gasped as they captive son under the hold of the girls.

"Tomoyo-chan, I know that Masajun is really bad to you but you should not be doing this. Sakura-chan, you too should not be doing this." Azumi told her.

"We do." Sakura and Tomoyo spoke in unison and their eyes void of any emotion. "We are assassins from the Saga Company; we already got all your information." They looked at them in shock. "Also Masajun, would you feel better if we told you that you were the one who caused us to continue our mission, we are thankful of you. We were about to stop the mission too, you know." Sakura ran forward and killed the parents in a flash. As Masajun tried to run, Sakura appeared again.

"He's all yours, Tomoyo-chan."

"Thanks, Sakura-chan." she turned to Masajun. "Your parents are killed because of you, are you happy?" They tortured him, with whips and kicked, slapped and punched him. After a while, they got bored and killed him.

They looked absolutely satisfied, though they did not want to kill Hiroshi and Azumi who were kind to them. It was their mission and they had to complete it. Suddenly they remember how Maro told them that they were evil, maybe they were only lying to them.

It mattered not now. They went back to Saga Maro's house.

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