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Chapter 3: Trainers

A huge "HOE!" was once again heard through the building as the emerald-eyed girl got woken up by her friend and was told the time.

She scumbled up from her comfortable bed and rushed into her private bathroom. She was so fast that Tomoyo could barely see her. She brushed her teeth and combed her hair at the same time. She then washed her face.

She raced out of the bathroom again, with the pale-purple-eyed girl at the door looking at her wristwatch. She put her long auburn hair into a bun, like how her friend's long deep purple hair was.

She changed into the clothes that Tomoyo just picked out for her when she was in the bathroom, a pink tank top and black tights with sport shoes on. Tomoyo was in similar clothing, except her tank top was purple. Also they had the same pink and pale purple beaded bracelet on their hands.

After Sakura got ready in record time AGAIN, they went to the dining room to get some breakfast. They went in with everyone nodding at them. The new group of spies were in a different dining room so the normal spies could still speak freely about their missions with each other.

They quickly had breakfast because they were already half running late.

After breakfast they went to the training area where the new group of spies were waiting for them. They ran to the very front of them. Tomoyo huffed while Sakura just stood there glancing worriedly at her friend.

"Hey, Tomoyo," asked Sakura gently. "Are you alright?" Sakura was supposed to pretend to be NOT emotionless, which she does well at. BUT that doesn't mean that she isn't truly worried about her friend.

"Yeah, I am fine." answered Tomoyo, smiling. "Oh and hello to our new spies."

The spies glanced at them and one of the boys daringly asked. "Are you one of the new spies as well? 'Cause we would love to have some lovely ladies in our group."

"No, no, no," giggled Sakura. "We're your trainers!"

"But how can you be our trainers if you are, I presume from your looks, younger than ALL of us?" this time, a girl exclaimed bewildered.

"AND be so extremely beautiful?" asked another boy flirtatiously.

"That's right," replied Tomoyo, ignoring the boy. "I am only seventeen and Sakura here is only sixteen but we have been here for a long time already."

"Mostly just training others." added Sakura, lying. "We don't get sent out to missions often but we just came back from one just yesterday, very rare."

"Okay." the group called out monotonously. "Can we start now?"

"Yeah sure," said Sakura. "We are going to go through the obstacle course once again since yesterday you guys weren't familiar with it yet. Therefore you might have been worst than you can actually do if you know and experienced the course before. Plus we are going to go through the course and explain how to avoid or pass them effectively."

"Oh yeah," Syaoran questioned, very interested. "Yesterday the trainer said that a girl did it in 3 minutes and something. He said she was as fast as lightning. He even added that he meant it literally."

"OHOHOHOHO," laughed Tomoyo. "I am very proud to announce that the girl that you mentioned is standing right here. Drum roll please…it is…SAKURA-CHAN!"

"WHAT?" called out the class. "You? Can you show us? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…"

Sakura sighed. "Tomoyo-chan, you just HAD to do this to me, didn't you?"

"YES, OF COURSE SO I CAN TAPE SAKURA-CHAN AGAIN…Besides, you didn't redo this in a while."

"WHAT? I just redid this like a month ago."

"Exactly, a month is SUCH a long time…I always thought Sakura-chan is coolest while she is on this course."

"Okay, okay, okay, fine, I will do it."

After a minute or two of getting ready, everyone was on the board-walk next to the course where you can follow and watch the person in the course.

Tomoyo waited at the start which was also the finish, because the course is circular. Sakura stood at the starting line, looking relaxed with her hands on her hips.

'How can she beat me if she ain't prepared?' thought Syaoran on the board-walk. 'How can she beat me even when she IS ready?'

"READY…SET…GO!" yelled Tomoyo after Sakura shot her a look showing that she is ready and prepared.

Everyone's, except Tomoyo, of course, eyes widened to the size of Frisbees as they were looking at the place Sakura was a second ago. She had disappeared and reappeared running after she jumped over the first obstacle of walls. The walls were one after another and some didn't even have footholds or ropes.

'Oh my god, she is really as fast as lightning.' thought Syaoran amazed. The group ran after Sakura on the board-walk, but some were a long way behind her already.

She seemed to be unaware of the muddy ground trying to get her feet stuck to the ground, which was, mind you, very unsuccessful. She was as light as a feather as she practically floated on the mud.

She seemed really relaxed and was smiling too. She climbed onto the net. Her hands in the air and her feet barely touching the ropes that made up the net. She did a front somersault in lightning speed and continued running to the next wall which she easily and quickly jumped over.

Next was the car tyres lined and squashed together on the muddy ground. She did some perfect one-handed walkovers until the end. Her hands and feet always landed in the exact middle of the tyres, never touching the tyres themselves though.

After the tyres was the pond with the rope, hanging off a strong metal frame in the middle of the pond, to swing over. She then did a cartwheel and pushed herself towards the rope. She grabbed the rope and successfully swang herself to the other side, landing with a back flip. After a microsecond to steady herself, she raced off again.

The next obstacle was a huge tyre hanging off another strong metal frame. She dived through the empty space in the middle and did a forward roll. She flipped back up instantly.

She ran towards the wires where she was supposed to crawl under or roll under. She slipped herself far into the middle, since the ground was muddy and slippery. She then rolled to the end of the wires.

Next up were the lasers. The lasers were pointing in every direction and they were like security lasers. (A.N. You know, these kinds that set off an alarm when someone touches or go through them.) She stretched, bended, rolled, jumped and did everything to get herself away. She even did some walkovers, bridge stretches, handstands, cartwheels, rolls and even a somersault. She speeded past the lasers.

She raced towards the finish like a cheetah, even faster maybe. Her time improved by nearly half a minute. Her new time was 3 minutes and 29 seconds. Everyone stared at her in awe.

"So we are going to be trained by the most agile spy?" asked a girl.

"Yes, but she is pretty good at fighting as well." answered Tomoyo.

"I'm not, really I suck. I am only good at running and aiming and stuff." interrupted Sakura humbly.

'Well, she is really good. What other things can she do?' wondered Syaoran curiously. 'BUT girls can't do martial arts as well as boys…so there!' (A.N. that is completely not true but that is just what I am making Syaoran think.)

For that whole day, the whole group of them, including Syaoran, Eriol, Tomoyo and Sakura, went through how to do the obstacles and situations in real missions. Sakura would do it once in slow motion, in different ways, then everyone, except Tomoyo, would follow and try what Sakura had done.

Syaoran, of course, copied her unwillingly while Eriol copied her, showing that scary smile to Tomoyo all the time. Tomoyo blushed, looking at the midnight-blue-haired boy smiling strangely and looking at her constantly. Sakura was totally oblivious to her best friend and concentrated on helping and teaching the spies.

"So how do you think is the spy in that group?" asked Tomoyo curiously. They were in Sakura' room, they have just finished taking their showers. They would have to go to the dining room soon. They were going to eat with their student spies, to get information out of them.

"I don't know…we are going to have to be friends with them and talk with them until the spy reveals himself or herself." replied Sakura, looking at her best friend.

"OK…but we have got to finish this quick, right?"

"Of course, we do. Listen I have worked out a plan."

"Really? What is it?"

"We are going to find out the intruder and get the boss to try and catch them. We will gain the intruder's trust and get them out of here. Then we are going to follow them to their company, by pretending that if we stay here they will kill us. Afterwards, we are going to get all the information out of their company and kill them fast."

"Wow…that is a great plan."

"Thanks, Tomoyo-chan."

"Sakura-chan's plans are always right and great. So if we do everything without delay and according to your plan, we will a rapid success."

"Hai…anyways, let's go down for dinner."

"Hai, let's go."

Off they went down to the dining room, they conversed with all the spies, even Syaoran and Eriol. However, Syaoran was very quiet and Eriol was displaying that creepy smile to Tomoyo again.

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