My Idol

A/N:Never done an author note at the beginning before but I feel it's necessary to clear up some things in response to comments and questions. Some people don't think Kakashi did enough in the previous chapter, as far as I'm concerned, he did as he was supposed to.

He didn't 'stand there copying' as one person claimed, he did what he thought was best considering the circumstances. The Third wasn't exactly losing the fight nor was he on the verge of death; consequently Kakashi took the time to look for things that would help in the fight, weaknesses, fighting styles/habits etc.
The sharingan he possesses is a tool that helps give exceptional insight and he made use of it. I think people forget that Kakashi's greatest strength is his mind; he was referred to as the Leaf's number one technician for a reason.

Before the days of Copycat ninja Kakashi, he was Hatake Kakashi; genius extraordinaire, graduated the academy at the age of 5 or 6 and became a chuunin months later, he further went on to become jounin at age 12, invented an assasination technique and was formidable in his own right- all this despite the physical limitations of a young body and well before he received the sharingan.

As for Naruto not being 'ninja enough', I think there's a lot of stuff people missed in this story. I appreciate the 'true ninja' stuff as much as any practical guy would but there's a time and a place for everything. Did people seriously think Naruto could 'true ninja' kill Orochimaru. Sneaking around and not being sensed, slitting throats while marks are sleeping and all that kinda stuff have their place; unfortunately I didn't think the full on battle with Orochimaru was the place. I'm guessing you're guard's pretty 'up' when you come to a place full of ninja intending on invading.

Furthermore, practically speaking, the true spirit of ninja or the guidelines ninja live by are just that, guidelines. If it were that easy to sneak up on and/or land a killing blow on Orochimaru he would have been long dead; either by the hand of Hunter ninja versed in the stalking and disposal of nuke-nin or any of his large number of enemies stronger than Naruto.

Anyways... boredom strikes and I'm a horrible tease :P

Shortest ever chapter- found it on my PC and decided to be a major cockface and post it

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My Idol- Interlude


"-sh, you must be sure."

"...certain... uka Gai..."

Grogginess. Black-blinders open and shut rapidly before the mind processes them as eyelids and squeezes them shut again, tightly; to block out the encroaching wave of light and nausea.
Soon disorientation proves less of an annoyance than the inability to discern the who... the where can wait.


Two... no, three of them.

"Very well, take him with you if you must-" female, soft, strong voice.

"Though we're not in full support of this idea, Jiraiya. Konoha is at its most vulnerable! I don't see why you can't take up the mantle; this is perhaps our greatest hour of need... Can you imagine..." she trailed off, punctuating and discomfiting all at once. "You know the alternative if you fail..." That last part was almost a whisper- there's a hint of desperation.

"Don't worry, I won't fail." Jiraiya-sensei.

"I find it difficult to believe that..." the woman again... "It has been years since Tsunade turned her back on us- that she would return now... at the news of further loss..? Do you truly believe what you are suggesting? Are you going to let nostalgia blind you to the reality of our situation? Blind faith was the reason for the leniency given to your other teammate and now we must live with the consequences those choices. Is Konoha going to have to also suffer the consequences of your judgement Jiraiya..? Think carefully"

There's a moment of heavy silence. So much so I can almost feel it like a physical weight pressing down on me.

"Tsunade... Tsunade is no Orochimaru... If I were to become Hokage, as you wanted, Konoha would have to live with the consequences of my judgement anyway."

More silence.

" We all have our failings, the team seven that preceded us was not without its share of problems..."

"And despite those failings Jiraiya, we never abandoned our comrade; we stuck with Sarutobi, together till the end."


Sensei, of course, does not reply. At least I can now identify the speakers. Utatane Koharu, Mitokado Homura- the old man's teammates.

Immediately the events preceding unconsciousness come rushing back. I remember; Orochimaru... the old man.

"Old man..." I never expect it to end that way... I never expected him to end that way... What-

"I see you've finally given up the pretence of unconsciousness... Uzumaki Naruto."

Shut up bitch... I was totally unconscious at first. If I wasn't lying here vulnerable I would-

"Gaki... get up."

But I don't wanna...

"We have a mission..."

A mission you say... hmm, yes. To find Tsunade I'm guessing. I think I've had my fill of the sannin, thank you very much. Can't we move on to another lege-

"We're going to be travelling for a while so pack appropriately"

I respond with a barely intelligible 'hmgrbm?'

"You can sleep when we get there brat, we're going to find my old teammate."

"Urgh...Hai... hai."

I sit up- a bit shakily at the accompanying feeling of being flipped upside down. If it wouldn't have made me look like a total pussy in front of present company, I'd have been unable to hold down the sickness that came with my disorientation.


"Take a moment to collect yourself Uzumaki..."

Instead of a retort I breathe deeply and open my eyes. It takes a few moments for them to adjust and for me to realise there isn't at all much light in this room.
It looks a bit sparse too.

Old wood panelling across the wall, a rather modest though sturdy looking desk and strangely not a chair in sight. Its faint but there appears to be tiny writings in the oddest of places.

The light hangs oddly in this room... The corners are suspiciously shadowy despite most of the room having a rather even, though muted illumination. I suspect there might be shinobi hiding there... my senses haven't fully come back to me yet though and I can't sense any chakra presence.

"Are you well Uzumaki...?"


A snicker... sensei... what the fuck are you laughing at you old-
"There's no-one there gaki. Pull yourself together- we're on a tight schedule..."

Neh neh neh neh.. tight schedule.. fuck you..!

I oblige in any case. I immediately regret my haste.

Oh god. As effortless as swinging my legs over the side of my cot proved to be, standing on them is a different story. I master myself admirably though and manage to take two steps before standing erect. How long was I out for? Atrophy, already?

The old bird looks at me in what looks like... approval. Well, shucks, I try.

"It's good to see you on your feet again Uzumaki." Err

"Err... Thanks..?"

"Don't be so modest, you've been through quite the ordeal..."

Right... sure old man, I guess. I don't know much about the Sandaime's advisors/teammates having only met them on one other occasion, a long time ago, I'm pretty sure they've never been so...nice- albeit solemn.

I look over to Jiraiya-sensei who's now looking oddly proud and parental- its over in a split second and he's back to carrying that familiar, well-practised, pervy leer.

"In any case, you two must be going. This mission is of the utmost importance to Konoha. I cannot stress the consequences of failure enough."

I stand a bit straighter and give the obligatory "Hai"

"Come on kid, let's get your things together"

"Hai" This is too surreal... I really need to get out of here. Besides, some fresh air would do me some good (and the old people are weirding me out). Just as my hand touches the door-

"Uzumaki..." Shit.

Give me a fucking break granny, I thought we had to get going...

"Congratulations on your promotion."

Hmm... That's great... I'll just be go- wait. What!

The old man, Homura- he hands me a green vest that I easily recognise. After all, I'd coveted such things once and always though people like Dolphin-head and the rest of the academy wastes never deserved to wear it.

Everyone's staring...


"Err..." Eloquent


I'm a bit shocked to find myself actually thankful.

I mean, I deserve this, and much more... they owe me. So its more like 'Its about muthafuckin-timemasu'

"Come on kid, don't think cause you're a chuunin now you can ignore the great Jiraiya-sama."

Uh... Right...

Damn, chuunin.

Go me.


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