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"SCOTT!ALAN!" John yelled when he saw Scott and Alan get washed off the ship. "Virgil, Scott and Alan got washed over board." John said in a nervous tone.

"Hang on John, were on our way now." Gordon answered immediatley.

"What happened?" Virgil asked

"Scott was on deck when a wave crashed over the side and washed Alan off. Scott dove to catch him but was pulled in right with him. I haven't seen them resurface." John answered. All of a sudden alarms started goining off in TB1.

"What's going on John?" Virgil asked with a hint of fear.

"The line on the ship is the only thing holding her up right now. The weight is almost too much. If i release her, Alan and Scott may get taken down with her." John replied.

"I see 'em. There directly under you. There getting tossed around in the waves." Gordon yelled.

"John pull them up NOW! Something's wrong." Virgil told John

"Virg, I can't activate the wheel for Scott's safety harness from here. If I put TB1 on autopilot she may go down with the ship and us." John said

"Don't worry John, TB1 can handle the stress for a short time now get down there n get them out." Virgil instructed John

"F.A.B." John answered

"You think there ok?" Gordon asked Virgil.

"I'm not sure. I just have a bad feeling." He answered.


In TB1s hold

After John put Tb1 on autopilot, he ran down to the lower hold where Scott had gone out the hatch. As John approached the hatch he could feel the cold wind n rain coming into the hatch. He ran over and put on one of the other harness' as a precaution.

'If I fall in, things'll get alot worse.'

John went over to the open hatch to look out and see where Scott and Alan were. What he saw scared him. Scott was hanging on to the rope the best he could while keeping Alan on his back to help him float. From what John could see Alan wasn't moving.

The storm was getting worse. The winds had picked up and the waves were growing steadily bigger. Scott had to fight to keep himself and his baby brother above the freezing water.

Once John located his brothers he lost sight of them as a wave crashed over there heads. They resurfaced moments later. Scott holding on the best he could. John reached over and hit the button that would bring his brothers up.

Scott was slowly losing his grip when he felt the rope jig a bit then slowly pulled him out. When he looked up his eye met John's, who gave him a nod. Relief washed over him until he realized the extra weight he had a hold of.

As they rose, Scott put all his effort into holding Alan. Forcing himself to not let go. What scared him the most was that Alan was barely moving or gaving any indication that he recognised Scott had a hold of him.

Though the wind was swinging Scott and Alan back and forth but they remained steady all the way up. As they came up to the hatch John made a grab for Alan.

"I got him!" John yelled to Scott as he pulled him in. John laid Alan on the other side of the room, then went back to help Scott in. Once Scott was in he shut the hatch making sure it was closed and locked, as John rushed over to a side cabinet to grab thermal blankets for them.

"Hh..ey" Scotted panted out as he removed his harness.

"Hey yourself." John answered handing him a thermal towel.

"Ch-ch-check Al" chattered out. "He wasn't moving much." Scott had taken off his soaked jacket n clutching the blanket to himself and trying to retain as much heat as he could. He was more worried about Alan who laid motionless a few feet away.

"F.A.B" John brought over the thermal blanket for Alan.

Alan was shaking just as bad as Scott. What he noticed was that his breathing was shallow and his left wrist was at an odd angle.

"W-w-weell?" Scott asked walking over and kneeling beside him.

"His breathing is preatty shallow and his wrist is defiantly broken." John motioned to his left wrist. "Lets move him to the bed and get his jacket off, or else he'll neve get warm. John wrapped his arms under Alans knees and shoulders and lifted him up bringing him to the bed attached to the side wall.

TB1 was no TB2 but she had all the basic necessities. Including fold-away beds. John placed Alan on the bed.

"Hold him up while I take his jacket off." John asked "How're you doing?" He gave a questioning look.

"Better than Alan... I'm fine just cold and tired" Scott answered

As John got to Alan's left arm to pull his arm out he rolled his head on Scott's shoulder and moaned. John went and grabbed a brace out of the side closet and an ace bandage.

"Hold on to him for a minute." John gently touched Alan's wrist to see if it needed to be realigned. Seeing that it was only minor he started to wrap his wrist. Alan stiffened, then moaned.

"Easy sprout you're ok." Scott comforted as Alan moaned again. This time his eyes 1/2 open. John had finished with the brace on Alan's wrist and placed it in a sling.

"Hey Alan, leave the sling it'll help keep your wrist from moving around." Alan nodded his understanding. The shivering that plagued Scott was also affecting Alan but he hadn't stopped.

"I'll be right back I need to get us home. Keep him awake, Scott." Scott nodded his head and wrapped the blanket around Alan tighter.


When John reached the cockpit he hit the release button on the sinking ship. By what the controls read they had dropped 10 feet. Slowly descending closer to the surface of the angry ocean.

"TB1 to TB2" John asked.

"Hey John how is he?" Gordon asked almost immediatley.

"He was unconscious when I pulled him and Scott in but he woke up when i wrapped his wrist up and put a brace on it. but he's still shaking, so i've got him and Scott wrapped in some thermal blankets." John replied

"He may be in shock." Virgil answered

"That's what I was affraid of. I'm going to put TB1 on auto-pilot for most of the ride home to help Scott with Alan."

"F.A.B. John we'll go in front of you to help with the wind so you'll have less turbulence." Virgil told him

"Thanks Virg. F.A.B." John shut the communications down and put in the route home.



John ran all the way back to the bay where Scott and Alan were and what he saw shocked him.

Scott had pulled the oxygen kit out and had the mask on Alan's face with his head tilted back while rubbing his chest. His lips were slowly turning blue.

"What happened?" John asked worry written all over his face

"I don't know, he just st stopped breathing" Scott answered


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