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"I wonder how it's going back there.'Gordon asked motioning to TB1 who was now tailing TB2.

"I'm not sure. Scott is probably just cold from being in the water and tired from trying to keeping him and Alan afloat."

"What about Alan though?" Gordon asked with a frown. Virgil gave a sigh at his younger brother's face.

"I honestly don't know. He's probably cold and tired like Scott, but that fall on the deck… I … I don't gords sorry. Well know soon though." Gordon's frown seemed to almost increase as he nodded his head and looked out TB2s window. Virgil knew that Gordon was the closest to Alan out of the brothers. They were the terrible twosome. They always caused mayhem where ever they go.

"…but what it's worth" Gordon looked up at Virgil who was looking out the window 'I'm sure he'll pull through and be just fine" that seemed to perk Gordon up a bit as his frown turned into a smirk and he nodded, still keeping an eye on TB1.


Cliffhanger AGAIN! Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUHHH!

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