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Inside TB1 hanger

Scott had just shut down the engines of his bird when Virgil called over the comm link.

"Hey watch out you might get tackled on the way to the kitchen" Virgil said as Gordon laughed in the background.

"What do you mean?" Scott asked as he finished some checking of the systems before he left to enter the house.

"OH COME ON! You know Alans been ready to come home since he went back to Wharton (wrong spelling i think), also his training offically starts now."

"So what does that have to do with me being tackled?" Scott knew something was up.

"Alan messaged Gordon saying he was going to get to the dinner table before him." Virgil answered tryin to hide his smile from Gordon. Virgil had just completed his checking of TB2 and Gordon and him unbuckled themselves and headed for the hatch to exit TB2 and head into the house where the youngest tracy was waiting for them.

"Yea and hes not going to." Gordon said over his wrist watch to Scott.

"Well at least hes opened up a bit more." Scott said changing the subject seeing as it was a lil tochy for Gordon. He had just joined Virgil and Gordon in TB2 hanger on his way into the house.

"Your right. Ever since the 'incident' he was a bit clingy when we came back and so were dad and you." Virgil indicated to Alan.

"Well obviously, He was left on an island with a mad man that had his brothers and father trapped in a space station in space and he was on his own and thought we weren't gonna make it. Dad and you have a right to also be the 'mother hens' for one its and and you being the oldest and we almost lost Alan when he was hanging from that catwalk over the mole." Gordon stated

"Wow" Scott and Virgil said at once

"What?!" Gordon asked and turned to look at his older brothers

"You just acted like a normal older brothe for once." Virgil said ruffling up his hair.

"I'm SO proud." Scott said pretending to get all choked up.

"What ever, I'm the cool older brother unlike you two. Scott Mr. Army/elder brother/ over protective brother, John the laidback/ skyview/ simple brother, Virgil Mr. Orchestra/ artsy/ sophisticated brother, and ME the cool/laidback/fun/prankster/and i am just awsome."

"Wow Gordon how long you been thinking of that?" Scott asked

"Probably been working on it since the end of the mission. HEY come on and stop day dreaming or else we'll let Alan get to dinner before YOU." Virgil shouted to Gordon who had stopped during his little speech and was standing in the hallway. Not noticing his brothers walked around him and where now wait at the kitchen door for him.

"Hey!" He shouted

As gordon walked in he noticed the very 'quite' welcome. He said his hellos and how are yous' to Fermat & Tin-Tin.

"Hey wheres Alan?" Scott asked

"Yea it's to quiet and its almost dinner." Virgil stated

"He went for a j on the beach."Fermat said from his seat at the dinner table.

"He seemed a little bummed that you guys where here when Fermat and him got home, so i guess he figured he go for a run to pass the time." Tin-Tin stated after setting the last place mat

"Oh in that case 'I BEAT HIM' " Gordon stated sitting triumphantly siting in his seat next to Alans.

"Well he better get here before dad comes ..." before Scott could finish his statement Jeff Tracy walked into the room

"Hello, mmmmmm what smells so good?...Hey where's Alan?"Jeff asked

"He went for a run on the beach and said he'd be back before dinner. I also told him that if dinner was ready before he got back he'd have to wait til Breakfast or i'll just have him to the dishs depending on his acuse and dinner is ready now" Jeff's mother stated

"Well he's not here so I guess he gonna have to wait." Gordon said smirking

"Who are you kidding you'll slipp him some food later." Virgil whispered to Gordon siting right next to him

"What was that Virg?" Scott asked

"Nothing" he said helping bring the food out with his father.

"Well he should be back soon enough and he'll have to have a good explanation." Jeff said

"Okay, Lets say grace. Gordon it's your turn." His grandmother said

"Okay. ummm Thanks god for the grub AMEN." Gordon said smirking. Which recieved a squeeze on each hand from Virgil & Scott and a glare from his grandmother.

"Thank you lord for this food and another successful mission and that mum is with us always AMEN."

"Thats better." His grandmother said

Earning a laugh around the table.

As he jumped yet another log he failed to notice a vine on the top of it, which caught his foot as he leaped over the log. As Alan was about to land he noticed his foot was not on in front of him to keep him going. Thats when he realized he was going to face plant right on the Jungle floor.

To Alan the fall seemed to happen in slow motion but not for long...He lift his hand out in front of him so that he wouldn't land directly on his face. As he landed on his hands his left hand sliped causing him to land directly on his left wrist with full force & weight.


Alan heard the crack and knew what was to follow. A spasm of pain welled up in his left wrist which then sent shooting pain up into his elbow and up the rest of his arm. Alan bit back a cry by biting his lip. As the pain in his arm fadded the shooting,stinging pain in his wrist did not. The pain brought tears to his eyes. He had sprained his ankle once in gym but that pain was nothing compared to this.

As the pain subsidded a bit he sat up and freed his leg from the low vine. All the while nursing his wrist to his chest not to move it. He sat there for what felt like an hour but in fact had been about 5 minutes. The pain had numbed slightly.

'Maybe it is just sprained and the way I fell caused the pain' so inorder to test his idea he tried to rotate his wrist in a full circle sending shooting pain in his wrist again making him give a slight cry. 'Dam maybe not it's either fractured or broken.' Glancing at his wrist but not moving it to inspect it. Still nursing it and holding it to his chest. 'Probably just fratured pretty good. Great now traing is going to be put off for at least a month. That was a fourth of his summer. Well maybe if I just hide it. The only one to really notice would be Virgil Mr. doctor do good, or Gordon when they went fot a swim, he would deffinently notice him favoring his right arm more than his left, and Scott being Scott would notcie me acting different. Well at least he could hide it from John. Maybe this is going to be a little harder than I thought. Well traing is a little more important than a stupid frature. Okay then I'll act normal and i'll just have to remember to do light things with his left wrist.

Alan Managed to get up and 'walked' the rest of the unmarked trail. Not even half a minutes walk did he come up along side the pool. Alan could smell his grandmothers cooking as he approached. As he walked by the second pool on the upper deck up the stairs he could see everyone was already at the dinner table and eating.

'Looks like Gordon beat me' Alan smiled to himself

"Well here it goes" Alan said to himself as he aprroched the slidding doors to the kitchen/dinning room.

yay chapter two. lil info on this story lol dont need to read if u dont want to

I broke my left wrist before (twice actually) and i hide it. Well the 1st time i fell off a horse and my mother was like were going to the ER and i was like im fine im fine but sent me anyway and found out it was fratured. (3th grade)

2nd time went roller blading with a friend and fell and when i landed i fratured my left wrist again in the same spot or rele close to it. hide that for like a 1 1/2 week until my mum noticed i couldnt carry a gallon of milk lol (4th grade)

and i did the same with my ankle i twisted it and it like fratured and chipped a pice a bone and hide it for like a week i even went riding with it until my mum noticed it was swollen so bad it looked like a baseball.(5th grade)

Also ive broken my collarbone right in 1/2 that i couldnt hide cause my parents where right there(kindergarden) BUT all these times i didnt cry once

im a sophmore now and havent broken anything lol well i hurt my wrist but its fine now shhhhh thats between u n me