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Bella was snuggled against me, mumbling nonsensicalities in a contentedly adorable manner. I kissed the top of her head, then looked out the window; it was well past dawn, and I knew that she would be upset if I let her 'sleep in too late,' despite the fact that it was well after graduation and she no longer needed to get up early for school.

I waited a small while so as not to interrupt what seemed to be a very pleasant dream, and watched her as she shifted slightly now and then. Oh, how I envied her—so easily able to escape the ceaseless monotony of the conscious world, if only for a short time, with sleep, in dreams. Of course, I knew that the world often followed those who slumbered in their dreams, sometimes in the most bizarre and even frightful ways. Still…

But I hadn't worried much about monotony since Bella had stumbled—quite literally—into my life, so my cursed inability to sleep had become a blessing, an actual blessing, in that it allowed me to keep nearly constant, vigilant watch over my angel.


I smiled smugly. My suspicions had been correct; she was having a good dream, and from the way her face lit up, I could tell that it would be a wonderful morning when she awoke.

I let her sleep a little longer, till her dream ended and she desisted her mutterings, then gently shook her awake.


Her eyes fluttered open prettily and she smiled at me in a tired, blissful way that made my silent heart melt. My own, answering smile came easily as I brushed the back of my fingers down her cheek and neck, lingering at her collarbone. She blushed lightly, beautifully, and buried her face into my chest. Bella inhaled deeply before sighing, "Good morning."

I chuckled; she was so adorable. "Good morning."

I let the moment go on softly for a time, basking in her warmth and the peace that enveloped us. Then, I murmured again, "Bella."


"It's Saturday."

"Mm-hmm," she responded lazily, and she shifted closer. I let the information make it's way into her lovely, drowsy head before adding to it.

"Charlie's out fishing," I informed her happily, and was rewarded with the amazing sensation of her soft smile against the skin of my neck.

"He shan't return until one o'clock…which is in five hours or so…"

Her smile widened.

"Now…whatever shall we do with ourselves till then?" I teased.

She turned her head to beam up at me.

"Oh, I'm sure we'll think of something to do…" she said as her arms snaked around my neck.

I love this woman.

I leaned in to kiss her, but, shockingly, was halted by two warm fingers on my lips.

"…after I take a shower, of course; I feel disgusting."

But…! Well, this was unexpected. And inconvenient. Time to turn on the charm she so often and so rightly accused me of abusing.

"You don't feel disgusting to me," I said, wrapping my arms more securely about her. Bella wriggled in a half-hearted attempt to escape my clutches, but she knew that I alone held the power to relinquish my lovely captive.

"Edward," she complained, but I could see the mirth in her eyes.

"Every move you make only entices me further to keep you as my prisoner," I purred playfully, though the threat was totally sincere; each small movement made me explicitly aware of how I needed her. "Besides," I continued, "you showered yesterday, and that was quite all the separation I could bear."

She seemed to consider my words for a moment.


I took that as a 'yes', and lowered my mouth to hers for the second time that morning.

Again, though, my progress was halted, this time by a hand covering my mouth, clearly a sign of resistance.

"At least let me brush my teeth first," she requested.

She wanted to ruin my perfectly planned good-morning-kiss just for dental care? This took personal hygiene to an all-new and disturbing level.

"Bella, do you really think I care?" I mumbled, the words nearly indistinguishable. Fortunately, Bella knew me well enough to understand easily.

"I care."

Oh, bother. Well, if she didn't want me to kiss her mouth just yet, for fear of morning breath, fine; I would make do with what the situation provided.

So, I shrugged, heaving a sigh, and allowed a hint of mischief to creep into my expression. Then I began kissing the palm of her hand. Bella's eyes glazed over and began to close shortly thereafter. When the pressure of her hand—slight though it was to me—began to lessen, I used one of my own hands to hold hers as I worked my way slowly down to her wrist and the inside of her forearm. I could feel Bella's pulse racing, and I smiled, but kept going. I had gotten to the crook of her elbow when I noticed that she was taking in hardly any oxygen; I could even smell the deficit in her blood.

"Breathe," I commanded softly into her skin before continuing my journey upwards. She shuddered delightfully, and I knew that she had forgotten all that nonsense about taking a shower and making me wait to kiss her properly. Really, the idea was just cruel.

I reached her shoulder, just under her sleeve, and she trembled again, her breath coming in quick gasps now. I hoped she wouldn't start hyperventilating; it was unhealthy…though it was indubitably preferable to not breathing at all.

Increasing speed, my mouth jumped to her collar and ran eagerly up the expanse of her warm, pulsating throat before Bella finally pulled my head up for a real kiss. Not that the other kisses were fake, but…well. There's kissing, and then there's kissing. This was definitely of the latter category.

The kiss was beginning to get too passionate, which was mostly my fault(though Bella certainly helped it along), so I grudgingly forced myself to slow down. Not an easy feat—not at all.

Especially with Bella being so cooperative…but, no; I wouldn't push her if she really wanted to wait, despite how her body language so forcefully suggested otherwise…

All I wanted was to keep pulling her closer and closer, and she seemed perfectly willing to progress further-but, alas, that would not be wise.

Gradually, grudgingly, I released my hold on her, our lips meeting a few times more before separating completely.

Quietly, after a moment, I said, "Alright, love. You may go and take your shower, now."

Bella blinked a few times. She looked a bit frazzled.


Frazzled, dazed, and dazzled.

Adorable as always, and in true Bella fashion, she stumbled out the door…

…then came back, smiling sheepishly and red as anything, when she remembered to get her bag of toiletries and a change of clothes.

Ah, Bella.

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