Just wanted to clear up something, since a lot of you seemed upset.

I am NOT done with Edward Moments-not even close!

I'm just finished with the 'Watching' chapters, though I'll most likely have a flashback to it in a future short to let you know what happened with the security cams.

Maybe I'll post an Epilogue!

For now, though, I want to explore a few other things with Edward's perspective...

...such as:

-How Edward and Bella act during classes they have together

-How they spend time during summer vacation

-What they do in the meadow after Bella graduates...;D

-Maybe even how Edward rescues Bella from a dreadfully tortuous shopping excursion with Alice!

So, yeah. I'm not done yet.

That makes you guys happy, right?

A bientot, mes amis!

-La Saboteuse

ps: I'll probably replace this with the next chapter when I finish it.